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This category has merged the Hair & Beauty award with the Fashionista award.

Though a popular category merger was necessary as they are not enough outlets of the two disciplines in the region to necessitate two awards. we may in the future look to split them again if we find a need.

The MTM Awards provide a unique opportunity to recognise & award organisations, business and persons in the Asian, Black & Ethnic Minorities that inspire communities and excel in business and community work.

MTM Awards nominations process allows nominees to share their application with others in their social network, providing your brand with something very valuable: social proof.

The nomination process is simple and straightforward, it is important you click onto the right award, provide nominee details including email and provide your genuine email contact as your nomination will be verified and only accepted if the details are correct.

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The Hair & Beauty Award

 Hair & Beauty Award

This award endeavours to show appreciation for those in the beauty industry that leave us looking and feeling fantastic; from salons to the talented individuals who work within them. Whether it’s a hair stylist that has transformed your hair from dull to dazzling, a beautician that has made you look and feel like a movie star, a salon that consistently provides an excellent environment, a talented newcomer to the industry or indeed somebody that has dedicated their entire life to it.

The 2017 MTM Hair & Beauty  Award was won by Biggz Barbers of Fishponds,  Bristol.

Fashionista Award

Fashionista Award

This award brings publicity to the fashion industry by recognizing outstanding designers as well as showcasing new and rising fashion houses.

The  MTM Fashionista Award 2017 winner is Clea Rossiter.

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