We thank  all the  international finalist that joined us at the MTM Awards Glittering Gala Award Evening 2019 in  the City of Bristol.

NAJMA MOHAMMEDNajma Mohammed We4She_Kenya_MTM_Awards_2019

Najma Mohammed is  the Founder of We4she  a Community based organisation that aims at empowering the girl child to achieve her maximum potential. This by partnering with local schools in the County of Mombasa  to distribute sanitary towels in an effort to reduce deliberate absenteeism caused by menstrual related issues. The organisation also engage the girls on menstrual health management, taboos associated with menstruation, early pregnancies and provide a safe space where girls can open up and talk about issues affecting them .

WeForShe stands for men and women joining efforts to empower the girl child. This is in line with our objective of normalising the menstruation agenda and call for collective responsibility towards this cause.There are 96 public primary schools in Mombasa County for instance with over 20,000 girls using sanitary towels.

“I have managed to retain over 3500 girls in  school and reduced cases of school drop outs and early pregnancies. This has also led to higher enrolment in schools due to the mentor-ship programs.I would like to be perceived as someone who is passionate about the development of her community with focus on girls and women.”

DIANAH KAMANDEDianah Kamande__Kenya_Nominated_For_An_MTM_International_Award_For_Excellence_&_Achievement_2019

Dianah has worked with widows and  survivors of gender-based violence and Orphans. Her work is to champion for their rights and ensuring that they are economically empowered to become independent and productive members of our society. “Sustainable Development Goal 4 is what I work hard to achieve when it comes to Orphans. I rescue Orphans and take them to school to ensure they get good and quality education.”  

Women in Kenya have realised the importance of breaking the culture of silence on Gender Based Violence. They can now come out publicly and speak about violence melted on them and they are able to get help.

in 2013 Ms Kamande founded Come Together Widows and Orphans Organisation  where widows, survivors of gender-based violence and orphans now have a platform to explain their situation, think about solutions after which the organisation puts everything into writing and presents to the Government through the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs.

On December 12th 2018 she was honoured   with Head of State Commendation by H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, a special day for Dianah as it was also independence day. 

NAFISA KHANBHAINafisa_Khanbhai_Kenya_Nominated_For_An_MTM_International_Award_For_Excellence_&_Achievement_2019

Nafisa wears many hats and very passionate about humanity service. She has been active in humanity service for the last 23 years serving in Kenya in collaboration with National Council for Persons with Disabilities, Society of the Hearing Impaired, International Clubs, Stoma Care Group, APDK Nairobi and Mombasa, and the County Government of Mombasa.“My journey in humanity service started when I joined Leo Club of Mombasa under Lions Club in 1996.” 

She has achieved success  in sensitising the public about disability, such that they  now see acceptance and an all – inclusive society. Discrimination is decreasing and people living with disabilities are accepted in all sectors in the society including the government. In her Mombasa County disabled people are no longer living on hand – outs or being too dependent on others; they are becoming more and more independent.

“My driving force is my mantra that is I say to myself everyday “Disability Is Not Inability”. I do not believe in giving up. I always try to do all my work myself. I very rarely take assistance from the others be it at home or in the public domain.”

Nafisa has  launched two books  “Unbroken Wings” a  biography and  Dropped to the World Adopted by Fate” a story of a friend that is adopted and faces challenges.

INTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL VOLUNTEERSNafisa_Khanbhai_Kenya_Nominated_For_An_MTM_International_Award_For_Excellence_&_Achievement_2019

International Technical Volunteers ensure that girls from various affected communities have gone back to school despite facing challenges like female genital mutilation, droughts, forced marriages, early unwanted pregnancies.

The group  has organised  capacity and mentor ship training programs for youth groups and disadvantaged groups. This includes farming activities, engaging in small and medium enterprises and other self sustainability and reliance programs such as  carpentry ,masonry, painting, plumbing and fitting and brick making. This has enabled many users back to work in a country where the rate of unemployment is in its highest.

“We have achieved reduction of drugs and drug abuses by the youth whom we have engaged in various voluntary community works making them busy and productive.”

“We would like to be perceived as a world class organisation in terms of innovation, research, technology and humanitarian activities readily giving solutions to problems facing societies around us.”

H.E ROY FERNANDESNafisa_Khanbhai_Kenya_Nominated_For_An_MTM_International_Award_For_Excellence_&_Achievement_2019

For over a decade, H.E Roy Fernandes has worked in the Dubai Ruler’s Office, helping expats living in the UAE to resolve a variety of issues pertaining to Immigration, Police, Legal, Municipality, and many more. As a descendent of Goa, and being the only non-UAE National in the department, it was difficult for him to develop his network within the Government at first but with his charming personality he has over the years been recognised as the-go-to individual with a kind heart to help and serve.

H.E Roy Fernandes has climbed the ladder one step at a time and in 2015, he was recognised by H.E Maradona, General Secretary IIMSAM, United Nations for his efforts and skills to employ him as an adviser, and eventually promote him as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations. At age 33, he is also the youngest to attain this esteemed designation which in itself has been a major highlight in his career.

H.E Roy Fernandes continues to influence the lives of the lesser privileged children across the world while he always lends his helping hand to those in need in the UAE. “Winning an award gets me one step closer to changing more lives across the world”

ASSOCIATION ERRAHMA – HALIMA ANNAGIL Association Errahma_Halima_Annagi___Nominated_For_An_MTM_International_Award_For_Excellence_

Since its inception in 2002, Association Errahma has focused on finding ways and means for empowering and including girls and children with disabilities to end all kinds of discrimination, exclusion, stigma and stereotypes of which they were victims.As a result, it turned out that the only way out of this labyrinth is the education, learning and training of these young girls and children with disabilities in order to to enable them to take charge of themselves. 

The organisation have created two childcare centres, three classes for girls and children with disabilities excluded by the public and private education systems because of their vulnerability and disability in three rural communes namely the communes, Azilal, Bni Ayate and Bzou, while ensuring access to paramedical services: kenesitherapetie, speech therapy and motor and psychomotor education as well as school transportation.

“Our driving force is our belief in the capacity of these weakened social layers weakened by the sight and behavior of society, to create a fundamental change in a world in perpetual change where no one will be left behind .we believe in an egalitarian world inclusive and tolerant.”

 GUTEALL JANE LUCASGUTEALL_Kenya_Jane_Lucas___Nominated_For_An_MTM_International_Award_For_Excellence_Award

GUTEALL began with the executive director, Jane Lucas, Jane is a born again Christian. After suffering from domestic violence, Jane fled the UK with her two children. When she returned home to Kenya, she realised that  many women had it worse than her. This prompted Jane to launch GUTEALL, a project to help persons affected by domestic violence. The charity started six years ago with no funding or donors, Jane had to use her personal money to start a few programs.Slowly but surely, other organisations and people started to recognise GUTEALL.

Genesis Umbrella TEmpower All, otherwise known as GUTEALL is a charitable organisation that was made to rehabilitate and help all members of society. “As a charity, we pursue our slogan closely, ‘Leave no one behind’. We offer many different programs that facilitate for all members of society. For example, sign language training, rehabilitating ex-prisoners, culinary arts, vocational training, feeding children, knitting nannies, youth programs and many more!”

So many children go without a meal for days and weeks but GUTEALL has decided to step in and feed as many as possible.

Charity is meant to be done for public benefit, relief and to provide assistance to people in times of need in any part of the world, especially those who are victims of war, natural disaster, hunger, disease, poverty, medical aid and other fundamental needs. GUTEALL has started off by feeding the hungry, helping the poor, providing medical aid and hopes to become even bigger and international.



Nasra Ahmed Sharif, a mother of 3 and has been  a social worker for 15 years. She faced many obstacles from her very conservative community as it was taboo for a woman then to work,married at the age of 17 to a man 40 years older, an arrangement she could not say no to, having come from a poor family. She got out of the relationship and turned ‘Whistle Blower’ to assist those married young and those pushed into forced marriages.

“Over the years I have observed so many changes in my community, 15 years ago no woman was allowed to stand and share her ideas in front of the community but now so many have come out to fight for women empowerment,  disabled persons were locked in houses as families felt embarrassed to let them into the public eye, today many have been employed in both private and public sectors.”

Nasra has implemented an “in school facilitation program”, this is an on going program where she and her team visit local schools in her city to advice girls on the importance of education and effect of early and forced marriages.

They recently launched “A PWDs Talent Day, an X-Factor style talent hunt for the physically challenged where the disabled showcase their talents and had an opportunity to network with the community.