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Mast The Magazine was launched as a supplement of Radio Mast FM in 2009 to further bridge the South Asian Communities in the South West of England.

After an overwhelming response from the local community for Radio Mast FM, local community radio in Bristol, the team launched a monthly Asian magazine, Mast The Magazine which was received with great enthusiasm by the Asian community in the South West.

Since inception, we have supported numerous causes and projects creating awareness promoting community campaigns and showcasing all events of the Asian, Black & Ethnic Minorities.

We have been to events and places of worship where no other media house has endured to achieve. Our publication is community driven and supported from humble beginnings to a celebration of a decade showcasing the potential of these communities. 


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Launched in 2009 Mast The Magazine featured entertainment, culture, events & issues affecting Asians in the South West but soon found its way into Cardiff & Newport in South Wales.

The Magazine became the preferred social & entertainment Asian publication in the South West & South Wales and soon was on the press invite of most Asian music & culture events in the South West, South Wales, West Midlands and national events in London.

As our distribution expanded so did our content and size of the Magazine. Backed by the social networking media The Magazine was the medium that the community looked to for informative, educative and entertaining features and has served as a is a showcase of the South West to the world. 

In 2011 we became better inclusive and opened doors for all the ethnic communities, since then the magazine as created awareness o0f the many issues affecting the Black, Asian Minority Ethnic as many organisations and lobbyists prefer to label.

Re-branding in 2012, the Magazine launched the 1st ever MTM South West Asian Awards, Honouring the Best in the South West in business, art, entertainment, auto trade, catering, public service, community service, and lifetime achievement. This was the first event of its nature organised by the local community for the local community in the 60 years the Asians have been in the South West.

Mast The Magazine has made inroads into Mosques, Churches, Hindu Temples, Sikh Gurudwara and community centres. We are there when it matters for the Asian and Ethnic community however small our team is we are there when needed and when the other media groups are now where to be seen.

The Magazine is distributed Free and is available at most public libraries in the South West & South Wales and distributed through free subscription to selected business, service organisations, temples, mosques, Gurdwara, community centres and at leading supermarkets in the region. The magazine is also available at surgeries, selected colleges and universities in the region.

In 2014 the team opened doors for a would-be journalist to join the team as interns, thus giving an opportunity to the youth to indulge in hands-on journalism, with basic feature writing, reporting and photography training provided at no cost. Our team is young, creative and passionate assisted by a host of voluntary stringers nationally and internationally.

The photography crew are well equipped with the latest photographic equipment, including a mobile studio to cater to corporate and community events. Sacrifices are made to ensure publication and distribution.

Members are able to network and have an opportunity to enjoy a business talk for the many professionals that are lined up to share their expertise with the growing local business. Membership is open to all businesses.

As an organisation, we have refused to be used as ‘props’ and believe however hard the road ahead is we are ready to travel that ‘Hard Road’ and inspire communities, bridge cultures and celebrate diversity. We are a ‘peoples magazine and to mark a decade of hard dedicated commitment we thank all that have supported the magazine since inception and look forward to our 10th-anniversary celebrations to personally hour you all.

As we celebrate the Excellence of the Asian, Black and Ethnic Communities the group looks towards expanding distribution and enhancing the e-zine to give the brand a bigger exposure. We now cover events in the Midlands and the London area and our Winners Spring Edition has two versions namely Bristol & the South West and Swindon and National Edition.

Mast The Magazine – Inspiring communities  Bridging cultures Celebrating diversity