“An award is not only a great prestige or a mark of excellence but is also a tremendous boost for someone to strive and excel higher and aim for even bigger accomplishments in life. It is the ultimate token of recognition of purest of talents and highest of achievements.”


Please do not proceed if you are not prepared to attend.

The judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.



 After nine years 170 award winners, 78 Special Recognition honours, 4750  welcomes, 6350 nominees, and over 178,000 votes cast since the inaugural awards we’ve seen a remarkable increase in participation, an immense interest from diverse communities vying for this prestigious award since 2012.



  • Winners join the Roll of Honour of elite business, organisations and persons
  • You are recognised as the best.
  • You add value and credibility to your business or organisations.
  • Winning individual awards express pride in your achievements
  • Award winners motivate colleagues and staff
  • Award winners inspire trust in business. Inspire trust from your clients, in your business
  • Award winners generate business
  • Award winners create news & excitement in the media, including social media.
  • Award winners enjoy a lifetime experience of collecting an award.

There is no greater feeling other than winning an award in a room filled with unique diverse communities and collecting your award from one of the celebrity guests.

There is no greater feeling other than winning an award in a room filled with unique diverse communities and collecting your award from one of the celebrity guests.

Winners Benefits..


Winning awards can make a huge difference on both a personal and professional level.

When a job is done successfully, people seek recognition in some form or fashion. Getting a compliment or promotion, winning awards, or receiving a form of validation can act as a great motivator. Even in cases when people don’t win awards, competing can still be worthwhile. It can help people further their professional development, making them more determined and hard-working.


Awards can raise the credibility of your company or organisation its brand and products. And also increases visibility for your group. Awards raise the profile of a person in the community as it also opens great opportunities for people

Brand recognition and free PR – Being shortlisted as an award contender gives your organization free publicity from the awards organizer as well as the other nominees and possibly even the judges. And if you win, the publicity is even more far-reaching and impactful.

Instant credibility – Winning an award opens numerous doors and gives you instant credibility with potential customers.

Endorsements – Third-party endorsements are critical, and an award shows that an outside organization with no skin in the game thought something you have done warrants recognition. The rewards can be further amplified if you shout the results to the rafters and include any “badges” showing the win on your website, in signature files and on social media.

Increased morale – Winning an award provides intrinsic motivation and improved morale for those on the team. The nomination alone, which recognizes hard work and a job well done, is a celebration of the hours the team put into the project and can significantly and positively impact employee satisfaction and talent retention.

Talent attraction – When potential employees see your company recognized and your teams being celebrated, it can go a long way toward creating a new talent pipeline.

Networking -Throughout the entry of an award through to the awards evening, you will have a brilliant chance to network with other companies both big and small. This can increase your business name, increase contacts and even gain sales.

…and the winner is…

Imagine sitting in a room with businesses, community organisations and the biggest gathering of diverse communities. You look around the room and you can see all eagerly awaiting the awards announcements. You’ve spent time and effort preparing your written speech presentation and it is about time you’re going to find out if it’s all been worth it.

You watch as the host presenter comes up on stage and announces the next category. It’s yours. You hear those three little words “the winner is…” and glance around at your colleagues who are all biting their lips in anticipation and suddenly you hear your name announced, Lo and behold, you’ve won!

Heading up onto stage you get the same feeling you did when you were younger – that sense of achievement and pride makes you feel like you can take on anything. You are recognised as the best amongst the rest.

There is no greater feeling other than winning an award in a room filled with unique diverse communities and collecting your award from one of the celebrity guests.

MTM Glittering Gala Awards Evening is a Black Tie ticketed event.

Please visit the MTM Winners Gallery.

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