…celebrating excellence & achievements across our rich and diverse communities…

Welcome to the MTM Awards!

A decade of commemorating excellence and accomplishments across our vibrant and diverse ethnic communities. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the incredible support you have provided throughout these past 11 years. Together, let’s continue to foster growth and unity for many more years to come! 

Diversity signifies embracing acceptance, respect, and understanding of the uniqueness that lies within each individual. At our core, we comprehend and celebrate the richness of diversity present in various ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, physical abilities, religious beliefs, and ideologies among the nominees. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to celebrate and uplift the incredibly diverse talent that the UK possesses. Opportunities may be scarce, and deprived communities seek motivation and inspiration.

Engaging with Asian, Black & Ethnic Minorities opens our eyes to the challenges they face and the immense untapped potential and talent that often goes unnoticed. Together, we can create a more inclusive and thriving future for everyone. 


MTM Awards 11 Amazing Years Recap!

We were honoured to have you join us for the spectacular 11th Anniversary Glittering Gala Awards Evening at the Delta Hotel by Bristol Marriott City Centre on Saturday, November 25th, 2023

This momentous occasion was a celebration of the vibrant tapestry of business and culture within our diverse ethnic communities, following a challenging year.

In the year, 2021, aptly named the Year of the Green Carpet, prevailing uncertainties around UK restrictions prevented us from hosting the awards.

Despite this, we took the opportunity to recognise individuals dedicated to environmental causes by replacing the customary Red Carpet with a symbolic green one, paying homage to the South West’s commitment to environmental consciousness.

Our Glittering Gala Awards ceremony served as a unique platform for networking and rejoicing with esteemed business and community leaders. It was an unmissable event for those passionate about championing diversity.

Remarkably, all MTM Awards festivities, including the ceremony and after-parties, were seamlessly integrated under one roof, creating an immersive experience like no other.

MTM Awards initiated two impactful projects: the Period Poverty Action Projects by MTM and the Malaika Foundation by MTM in 2021.

The former strives to raise awareness, support communities, and distribute sanitary towels to underserved areas in Lamu, Kenya, in collaboration with the HURIS Foundation. The latter, spearheaded by our director Junior Sheikh in January 2021, is dedicated to providing educational support for children in impoverished communities.

Your generous support and donations are instrumental in realising our mission of “Education For All” and ensuring “Free Sanitary Pads For All!” Your contributions play a pivotal role in making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your phenomenal support over the past decade.

Your unwavering encouragement inspires us to continue this journey of recognizing excellence and achievements across our diverse ethnic communities.

Here’s to many more remarkable years ahead!

In the span of the last 11 years, we’ve had the privilege of acknowledging 209 remarkable award winners and bestowing 96 Special Recognition honours. With a grand total of 6000 warm welcomes and an impressive 9550 nominees, our awards have garnered over 246,811 votes since their inaugural ceremony in 2012.
This journey has been nothing short of a one-of-a-kind experience, witnessing a remarkable increase in participation and an immense interest from diverse communities vying for this prestigious recognition. We are honored to have played a part in highlighting and celebrating the outstanding contributions of individuals and groups across various ethnic backgrounds.
As we move forward, we remain committed to fostering excellence, supporting achievements, and celebrating the diversity that enriches our communities.
Here’s to many more years of inspiring accomplishments and the continued spirit of inclusivity and celebration!

…one of a kind experience…




MTM Awards has been at the forefront of promoting and honoring diverse businesses, community groups, and individuals who have excelled. Since its establishment in 2012, MTM Awards has provided a platform for grass-root communities, small and medium-sized businesses, and diverse community organizations to showcase their untapped talent and often overlooked achievements.
Over the past ten years, MTM Awards has celebrated 193 award winners and presented 91 Special Recognition honors. With 5450 warm welcomes and 8350 exceptional nominees, the awards have witnessed over 227,500 votes cast since the inaugural ceremony in 2012. 
The remarkable growth in participation and the immense interest from diverse communities striving for this prestigious award have been truly inspiring.
Not only have the MTM Awards recognised excellence and achievements, but they have also supported numerous charities in the UK and abroad. By raising awareness for these charitable organizations, the awards have given them an opportunity to promote their missions and amplify their causes.
Today, the MTM Awards stand as one of the largest awards of its kind in the UK, celebrating the excellence and achievements of the Asian, Black, and Ethnic Communities.
The Glittering Gala Awards Evening provides a unique and exceptional opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and celebrate with some of the finest in the South West, the United Kingdom, across international waters, and those on our doorstep.
After overcoming the challenges of the MTM Awards in 2020, and a low – key MTM Awards 2021, we were  thrilled to  offer our stand-out awards night for our 10th anniversary on Saturday, November 26th, 2022, at the Delta Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre. 
As we marked this milestone, we remain committed to further promoting excellence and achievements within our communities, fostering a spirit of inclusivity, and pushing the boundaries of recognition and celebration.
We look forward to another decade of inspiring accomplishments and opportunities to elevate diverse voices and talents.





MTM Awards: Celebration of Excellence & Diversity
Diversity is essential for effective celebration. At MTM Awards, we understand and embrace the uniqueness of each nominee, celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity within ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical abilities, religious beliefs, and ideologies. We actively work with People With Disabilities, advocating for their inclusion and equal opportunities in all activities.
Our social events aim to bring together various communities, introducing people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We are proud of our diverse guests, performers, and promoters, fostering an inclusive environment that addresses inequalities in the community.
Since 2014, we have actively engaged with a wide range of ethnic communities, including Romanian, Chinese, East Timor, Philippine, Thai, Nepalese, Portuguese, Brazilian, and recently, the Ukrainian community. Our doors are always open, welcoming new participants from all around the country, across international waters, and those in our local South West community.
At MTM Awards, we believe in celebrating excellence and achievements of the Asian, Black & Ethnic communities while embracing diversity across the board. Together, let’s continue to champion inclusivity and showcase the incredible talents within our rich and diverse society. 

MTM Awards: Celebrating South Asian Excellence & Achievements

MTM Awards were founded in 2012 to honor the South Asian communities in the South West of England. Mast The Magazine, a community-based Black Asian & Ethnic publication, recognised the lack of involvement of Asian businesses and community groups in local award incentives in Bristol. Despite their active roles in the city and running successful businesses and community-based organisations, these individuals deserved recognition and appreciation.
Our founder, Q Sheikh, a career broadcaster from Kenya, saw the urgent need to empower and inspire diverse communities across the South West. Recognising and appreciating these Asian businesses, community-based organizations, and positive role models would boost their potential.
Thus, the MTM Awards were born, founded by Abdul Q Sheikh and Junior Sheikh in 2012. Having worked extensively with grass-root Asian & Black Ethnic communities, businesses, and groups since 2004, the team behind Radio Ramadhan Bristol, Radio Mast FM, and Mast The Magazine had a deep understanding and excellent relationships with these communities across the South West.
“We understood the needs and wants of the Asian, Black & Ethnic communities, which guided us to tailor the MTM Awards to what they are now – inclusive, diverse, and one of the most sought-after awards in the UK and beyond.”
The inaugural MTM South West Asian Awards took place on Saturday, 1st December 2012. 
Over the past ten years, MTM Awards has celebrated 193 award winners and presented 91 Special Recognition honors. With 5450 warm welcomes and 8350 exceptional nominees, the awards have witnessed over 227,500 votes cast since the inaugural ceremony in 2012. 
Join us in celebrating the 11th-anniversary MTM Glittering Gala Award Evening on November 25th, 2023, at the Delta Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre, where the Red Carpet opens at 6 pm. Let’s come together to showcase the excellence and achievements of the South Asian community and continue empowering and inspiring diverse communities throughout the South West, the UK and across international waters. 





MTM Awards’ Black-Tie glittering gala award evening offers a perfect setting for networking in a unique cultural environment at the heart of Bristol.
With a star-studded lineup of entertainment, exquisite dining, and celebrity guests, the evening raises the profile of the event to a global audience.
Since 2014, the Bristol Suite of the Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre has been the home of the MTM Awards, transforming into a glittering gala venue with a red carpet welcome, diverse entertainment, and delightful dining.
As the only awards ceremony of its kind in the United Kingdom, the MTM Glittering Gala Award Evening welcomes diverse guests from regional, national, and international backgrounds, gathering on our doorstep for this extraordinary celebration.
Embracing the universal language of food, the event takes attendees on a cultural journey, offering different cuisine experiences from places like the Stone-town of Zanzibar, beautiful Caribbean Islands, and the banks of the River Ganges. The MTM Awards’ food truly embodies diversity and rich flavors.
The entertainment is equally exceptional and diverse, featuring performances ranging from Mauritian Sega and Cuban Samba to Flamenco, Nepalese and Romanian dancers, and the mesmerizing sounds of the Tanbur, a musical instrument from the River Nile. Sweet Sounds of Honey Out of Somalia add to the unique and captivating experience of the MTM Awards.
The MTM Glittering Gala Awards ceremony is a must-attend event for those who believe in #celebrating #diversity, offering a rare opportunity to network and celebrate with top business and community leaders. Unlike any other awards show, the MTM Awards ceremony and after-parties all take place under one roof, creating an immersive and unforgettable occasion.
Join us as we celebrate excellence, achievements, and the rich tapestry of diversity that brings us all together.
The MTM Awards are a true difference-maker, providing an unforgettable experience that celebrates and uplifts the brilliance of our diverse communities. 
Junior Sheikh Founder Director MTM Awards
Junior’s dedication and passion for promoting excellence and achievements within small, medium businesses, and grass-root communities are truly commendable. As the director and co-founder of MTM Awards, he has successfully turned it into the South West and United Kingdom’s premier Asian, Black, and Ethnic Communities event, building bridges and creating awareness about the importance of diversity.
His love for the work at MTM Awards is evident, as it has allowed him to experience various cultures, learn, and share new ideas. Junior’s journey with MTM Awards has been an incredible one, and reaching the milestone of ten years is indeed something special. He looks forward to the next ten years and the stories that will be shared together.
Beyond MTM Awards, Junior actively contributes to Mast The Magazine, serves as a mentor, and runs a successful event company called Simba Productions.   His impact goes beyond just the awards, as he was instrumental in the radio training program for radio presenters at local community radio RSLs, Radio Ramadhan Bristol, and Radio Mast FM.
Junior’s interest in radio started at a young age, accompanying his father to the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation. In the United Kingdom, he developed a strong mentor-student relationship with Allan Parris, the school’s deputy headmaster, which continues at the MTM Awards, where Allan Parris sits on the panel chair.
As a graduate in logistics from Coventry University, Junior has pioneered charity and awareness campaigns, raising funds for the 2005 Pakistan Earthquake, creating awareness about the continued slaughter of African Elephants in 2017, launching MTM Connect during the lockdown to distribute food packages to the elderly and vulnerable in 2020, and introducing the MTM Environmental Excellence Award in 2021.
His commitment to community service extends to sitting on a number of local trustee boards, showcasing his dedication to making a positive impact. Moreover, through his company, Jambo Media & Productions CIC, he partnered with Q, the founder, to organise the 1st World Kiswahili Day Glittering Gala Swahili Evening and launch the 1st SJA Awards at the Westminster Central Hall, London, for people of Swahili Speaking countries in the world and those in the Diaspora.
Junior’s work and contributions have made him an inspiration to many young individuals from all communities, demonstrating the power of dedication, diversity, and making a difference in the world. His journey is a testament to the impact one person can have in promoting positive change and celebrating excellence in all its forms. 







– MTM Awards 10th Anniversary Junior Sheikh @ the MTM Awards 10th Anniversary!.jpg
Q Founder MTM Awards
The Man who changed radio presentation style in Kenya, a style that earned him the name, Big Q.
Q, a celebrated broadcaster from Kenya, has been a driving force behind the MTM Awards, a brand that originated over a cup of coffee when he noticed the lack of recognition for the local South Asian communities in award events in Bristol, despite their significant contributions to communities and successful businesses in various professional sectors. Partnered by Junior Sheikh, who played a crucial role in establishing community RSLs in Bristol at a young age, the MTM Awards was founded with this spark of inspiration.
Q is a graduate of the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication and the School of Journalism at the University of Nairobi. His journey in broadcasting began at the Voice of Kenya, later known as the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, where he produced and hosted the Breakfast Show and a popular request program, earning him the nickname “Big Q” from listeners.
Over the years, Q has been involved in various radio projects, including the 1987 All Africa Games Torch Relay Concert and the Battle of the Bands in Kenya. In 1993, he launched Capital Q Radio Productions, a semi-independent Hindi radio network, in partnership with the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation. He later served as a project consultant/head of programs for the first independent Islamic radio, Iqra FM, and was a radio consultant for Citizen Radio/TV station.
Q’s dedication to community service led him to launch several community radio stations, including Radio Ramadhan Bristol and Radio Mast FM. He also founded Mast The Magazine, the first full-color publication for the Asian, Black, and Ethnic communities in the South West. This laid the foundation for the MTM South West Asian Awards in 2012, which later evolved into the MTM Awards.
The MTM Awards are a celebration of excellence and achievements within diverse communities, shining a light on innovative businesses, community organizations, and individuals. Each year, the awards ceremony honors the essence of business and culture across rich and diverse ethnic minority communities.
Throughout his career, Q has used his platform to support charities and raise awareness for various projects. From hosting Christmas and Ramadan radio programs to organizing awareness walks, such as the Great London to Bristol Ivory Belongs To Elephant Walk in 2017, he has been dedicated to making a positive impact.
In 2021, the MTM Awards launched the Period Poverty Action Projects, providing sanitary pads to young girls from deprived communities in Lamu, Kenya. They have also supported charities like Prostate Cancer UK, Dementia UK, and the Plastic Pollution & Awareness Project.
Q’s lifelong journey has been a realisation of his dream to make others happy, and he credits the success of these endeavors to his family, dedicated volunteers, and supportive partners.
Together with Junior Sheikh, the CEO of Jambo Media & Productions CIC, he successfully organised the 1st World Kiswahili Day Glittering Gala Swahili Evening and launched the 1st SJA Awards at the Westminster Central Hall in London, celebrating people of Swahili Speaking countries worldwide and those in the Diaspora. His unwavering passion for creating opportunities and making a difference continues to inspire and uplift countless individuals and communities. 











MTM Awards Brand Ambassadors!

MTM Awards Brand Ambassadors play a crucial role in the success of the UK’s biggest Awards initiative for diverse communities. They support and engage with the Awards, helping to increase nominations across the South West, nationally, and internationally.

As an MTM Brand Ambassador, you have the opportunity to work with the MTM Awards, build new networks, and champion diverse communities and organizations.

To join the inspiring team of Brand Ambassadors, you can reach out for more information and details by contacting MTM Awards at or via phone at +447807802325.


MTM Awards Brand Ambassadors are truly exceptional individuals strategically positioned in both business and their respective communities. They are instrumental in identifying and unlocking new opportunities, even in the most remote areas within their regions and the country at large.

These Ambassadors are marked by their unwavering enthusiasm, outgoing personalities, and substantial social media presence, boasting medium to large-sized networks. They utilize their personal social media platforms as powerful tools to actively promote the MTM brand. This active promotion not only helps build awareness but also cultivates valuable sponsorship opportunities for the organisation.

Their dedication and passion drive them to spread the message and align with the core vision of the Awards, advocating for MTM and wholeheartedly advancing its mission. They are the vanguards, leading the charge in recognising and celebrating excellence and achievements within Asian, Black, and Ethnic communities. These dedicated individuals serve as role models across the nation, shining the spotlight on the accomplishments of diverse communities and championing their causes through recognition and empowerment.

The process of selecting MTM Ambassadors is highly competitive, a testament to the program’s rapid growth and impact. This prestigious title is exclusively open to past MTM Award Winners, the crème de la crème  individuals who actively lend their support, engage with the MTM brand, and tirelessly work to create awareness in their respective regions.

If you are interested in joining the ranks of MTM Awards Brand Ambassadors and contributing to their mission, you can reach out for more information through the following contact details:


Phone: +447807802325

Becoming an MTM Awards Brand Ambassador offers a unique opportunity to be part of a dynamic team, recognizing and supporting diverse communities while actively engaging with a growing brand dedicated to celebrating excellence.


The role of MTM Awards Ambassadors is pivotal in representing the brand. These individuals act as the “face” of the brand, embodying its values and vision. They wield their influence within their communities, leveraging their well-established networks and relationships to effectively market the MTM brand. Here are some key responsibilities and benefits of being an MTM Awards Ambassador:

Tastemakers and Word-of-Mouth Marketers: Ambassadors play the crucial role of being tastemakers within their communities. They engage in word-of-mouth marketing, actively promoting the brand through personal recommendations, referrals to friends, and discussions about MTM Awards.

Online Brand Advocates: Ambassadors also contribute to the brand’s online presence. They regularly post about the MTM brand on their personal social media accounts, helping to build awareness and garner sponsorship opportunities.

Representation at Events: Ambassadors represent MTM Awards at specific events. This may involve giving brand talks, distributing brand products, and fostering connections with a wider audience.

Advocates of the Vision: Being an MTM Awards Ambassador means advocating for the awards’ vision, spreading awareness about its significance, and encouraging engagement within diverse communities. These dedicated individuals serve as role models across the country, championing the celebration of excellence and achievements within Asian, Black, and Ethnic communities.

Positive Impact: For past MTM Award winners who believe in supporting, engaging, and creating awareness for the MTM brand in their region, becoming an MTM Awards Ambassador offers an incredible opportunity to make a positive impact. It allows them to continue their involvement with the awards and contribute to their community.

If you are interested in becoming part of the MTM Awards team as a Brand Ambassador, you can contact them for more information:

Email: Phone: +447807802325

By taking on the role of an MTM Awards Ambassador, you can actively contribute to the brand’s mission, share the importance of the awards, and help celebrate excellence within diverse communities.


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