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Celebrating the essence of business and culture across our diverse, rich, ethnic and minority communities. MTM Awards invites you to celebrate the excellence & achievement of the Asian, Black  & Ethnic Minorities at one of the biggest gatherings of businesses & community achievers in the South West & beyond.



MTM Awards is already established as the premier Asian, Black & Ethnic Minorities event in the South West, nationally and across waters, welcoming over 3600 people across communities at the Glittering Gala Evening, over 1500 nominees making it to the nomination shortlist and over 70,000 voting online since inception in 2012. 



About Us..

MTM Awards is a leading player in promoting & honouring diverse business and community groups. We are renowned for changing perceptions and pushing boundaries, offering audiences a world-class Glittering Gala Award Evening and nominees an extraordinary experience of a lifetime to showcase their excellence & achievements in business and community work.

The concept of the MTM awards came about when we found a need to honour the South West Asian communities from the Indian sub-continent whose excellence & achievements were not recognised in any way in the region.  The inaugural awards were held in December 2012 with over two hundred nominated for the 23 awards in business, community work, and professional services.

In 2014 the awards opened doors to other ethnic communities and finally, in 2015 the awards were open to all BAME communities and named the MTM Asian, Black & Ethnic Minorities Awards. 2016 saw the introduction of a National Award For Excellence & Achievement and a Special International Recognition Award. This boosted participation and diversity for the awards. 

 MTM is the only awards in the United Kingdom that include all Asian, Black & Ethnic communities and provides nominees, guests and the business elite with the opportunity to engage with thriving local and national business, cultures and faiths spanning international waters, as well as those on our doorstep.

We provide a perfect setting for networking in a unique cultural environment at the Bristol Marriott Hotel based in the heart of Bristol. The venue is transformed into a glittering gala evening, the only awards ceremony of this type in the South West, welcoming a multitude of guests from diverse communities in the country and international waters.

We are unrivalled in that we receive a remarkable number of nominations to the awards each year.  The introduction of the National Award For Excellence & Achievement and the International Award in 2016 gave the awards a national and international participation.

Isn’t It About Time!

The Team

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Junior Sheikh. CEO and Event Organiser A graduate in global logistics and transport, Junior has been involved in radio broadcasting since the age of 12. He has been involved with the MTM Awards since its inception in 2012, taking over as the event organiser in 2013 and eventually as CEO in 2014. Junior has brought some great ideas to the awards since then and has been instrumental in getting more communities involved. He also runs an entertainment & sound hire company. He is the Heart and Soul of MTM Awards and its associates.

Big Q Career broadcaster who has a passion for media and entertainment, in 2012 he founded MTM Awards. The awards were created to Honour The Best of the Asian & Ethnic Minorities in the South West.

Raffi Event Coordinator A sporting enthusiast who has achieved the highest honours as an army cadet in the Bristol region. He is a product of Plymouth University. He was the organiser of The Great London to Bristol Ivory Belongs To Elephant Walk in 2017, a project to Save The African Elephant through creating awareness. He oversees the MTM Awards security and floor management.

 Joe is an electrical controls engineer in Bristol. Joe and Raffi have been in the army cadets together; Joe went on to pursue an army service as a private later. This will be Joe’s sixth season at the MTM awards as a floor & security manager.  Joe was also involved as a route Marshall for The Great London to Bristol Ivory Belongs To Elephants Walk 2017  He works with the Hilton as manager.

Kiddie Entertainment Manager Kiddie is a graduate of Hartpury University. He freelances as DJ with thedjbristol across the South West on Road Shows and is perfectly placed to manage the gala evening stage. He works with a finance group in Bristol.

Emma  Customer Relations Emma is an insurance consultant at Direct Line. She first started volunteering for MTM Awards in 2015. Emma is the first that you meet at the customer desk on the awards evening. Emma comes back in 2018 after missing the 2017 Gala. “I look forward to seeing you all again this year”.

Kirsten Hospitality Team Kirsten first volunteered for the awards in 2016 as one of the hostesses in the presentation team. She now oversees the hospitality team. She loves her football.


Who Is A Brand Ambassador


Brand Ambassadors are:

  • People that are well placed in business & communities
  • They help to build awareness and sponsorship opportunities. 
  • They help spread the word and engage with the award’s vision.
  • They advocate the MTM Awards and spearhead or vision.
  • They encourage & enhance the BAME communities through recognition and self-
  • They are our role models across the country spreading our message of; celebrating the excellence & achievements of the Asian, Black & Ethnic communities.

 The choice of MTM Ambassadors is competitive as we grow.  

This coveted title is open to past MTM Award Winners & embodies the crème de la crème who support, engage & create awareness of the MTM Awards in their regions.

MTM recognises the challenges most Asian, Black & Ethnic Communities overcome to get ahead in business & profession, hence we initiated the awards as an incentive to motivate these businesses and community heroes. Since the introduction of dedicated MTM Ambassadors, we have made great inroads across the region.

Through this outreach, the MTM Ambassador has involved many more businesses & community motivators giving the awards a bigger and wider reach.

This position is voluntary.

“As a past winner of the MTM Awards, I am honoured and delighted to have been selected as an Ambassador for this year`s event. This is three in a row and I am humbled to be entrusted with this role. As a role model for many young persons  I those in business and community work plus all companies, community groups and or organisations regardless of size or years of experience, to register for the 2018 MTM Awards,” Georgia Holmes, MTM Best Model Award Winner 2014.

Brand Ambassadors..

Georgia Holmes

I have been a part of the MTM Awards now for over 4 years when I was nominated and won the Best Model award back in 2014. Since then, I have seen the achievements of the ethnic and black minorities in the South West of England progress.

It is great to see achievers from all ages across the board and I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the MTM Awards and supporting this prestigious event every year.

“As a past winner of the MTM Awards, I am honoured and delighted to have been selected as Brand Ambassador for this year`s event. This is three in a row and I am humbled to be entrusted with this role. As a role model for many young persons, I ask those in business, community groups and or organisations and individuals aspiring to inspire to register for the 2018 MTM Awards”,

Georgia Holmes, MTM Best Model Award Winner 2014. #yemimrswiltshire.

Nigel Barrett

“For me personally, the only way I can describe the #MTMs, Labels are for products, not people. MTM treats everybody as an equal. It also boosts confidence in people as well, as well as networking and raising awareness for charity causes. But mainly because no matter whom you are, or where you’re from you are treated like family”. Nigel Barrett.

Plymouth based Nigel of Hawkeye photography is the chief photographer for the MTM Awards.

Karam Bharij

Sayidali Moullin

“As I entered the Bristol Marriott Hotel city centre, the energy in the lobby hit me. They often say your energy introduces you before you speak. Well, this is it, I said to myself, buzzing, empowering & diverse. People across communities gathered, shared and networked, it was like the release of a world premiere. Let me say that again, so it sinks in, it was empowering & world-class. The evening created a community spirit; one that bonded each and every one of us in the room. I can’t wait for more events like this that connect me to a community that is looking to rise together” Sayidali is a winner on an MTM Special Recognition Award.

Paulette Clark

Esam Amin

Jedora D’Cunna

Bibi Paramjit Kaur

I have always strived to connect with diverse communities. Having successfully established a Punjabi school for the Sikh community in Bristol and my continued voluntary work with our Gurdwara I was appointed the President of the Sikh Gurdwara(temple) of St. George Bristol. I was the first woman president in the history of the South West Sikh temples and one of the very few in the UK. I was nominated for an MTM Empowering Women Award in 2016 and was honoured with the award. In 2017 I was offered the Brand Ambassador position and since I have enjoyed connecting communities, especially our Sikh community with the awards team. I urge more people to come out and participate in the awards and they signify our excellence and good work. Bibi Paramjit Kaur is Winner of the MTM Empowering Women Award 2016.



The Panel

The chair of the panel is Allan Parris. Allan has been on the chair since inception in 2012.

..the panel..

Chair Panel of Judges- Allan P.
“As an educator, I have been associated with MTM and the awards event from the start. Initially, I presented the Young Achievers Award but my role has evolved to be part of the panel that oversees the award winners following voting.”
Allan is a gentleman to work with. From inception in 2012, Allan has given the awards this time on a voluntary basis.

Secretary to the panel Judith

Ben S.

Agnes Y.

Hfz. Shabir Z.

Georgia H.


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