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A Winner Is A Dreamer Who Never Gives Up #NelsonMandela

It’s only when you engage with the Asian, Black & Ethnic Minorities that you realise the challenges they face, the immense potential and talent they have that goes unnoticed. 

 Hosted By Georgia Holmes & Junior Sheikh




World Foods Mini Market Award – The Winner WAI YEE HONG SUPERMARKET  Presented by the Mayor of Taunton, Cllr. Hazel Prior-Sankey to Rosa Hui MBE, DL on behalf of Wai Yee Hong Supermarket

WAI YEE HONG SUPERMARKET  – Like many local medium-sized supermarkets in the South West Wai Yee Hong is a family-run supermarket in Bristol, providing quality oriental food and other goods to both wholesale and retail customers. Based in the purpose-built East gate Oriental City complex, Wai Yee Hong prides itself as the largest Chinese store in the region. This complex hosts the annual Chinese New Year in Bristol, where the community showcase cultural and traditional food, dance and music.

Restaurants Award – The Winner URBAN TANDOOR Bristol  – Presented by Cllr. Peter Abraham – three-time Lord Mayor of Bristol & Raja Rizwan of Raja Foods Limited Bristol.

URBAN TANDOOR Bristol has surpassed all trade expectations, with its ultra-modern approach of running a restaurant; their model has paid off, making it one of the best restaurants in the UK.
The restaurant offers an enjoyable, memorable dining experience where you will find cuisine from the gourmet homes and street stalls across India’s regions, all prepared by skilled chefs from those regions. What makes Urban Tandoor unique is their food preparation; they use less oil, no artificial colours and fresh ingredients so the cooking is always light and fresh.

Fast Foods & Takeaway Award  – THE GREENHOUSE KITCHEN  – Presented by Raja Rizwan of Raja Foods Limited and collected by Sophia Bovell for The Greenhouse Kitchen.

THE GREENHOUSE KITCHEN located in the heart of Swindon offers a range of Caribbean dishes prepared in authentic ingredients available for, takeaway, catering or delivery, the restaurant strives to be there for all hungry fans of spicy cuisine.



 Enterprise Business Award The Winner WEAVEALICIOUS – Jeseca Robinson Presented by Ken Simpson Chair of FSB Bristol

WEAVEALICIOUS – Jeseca Robinson – In just under a year since opening Weavealicious Hair Extensions has become Bristol’s most sought hair salon, Jeseca the owner has achieved so much. She has recently come back from China on her first business trip to meet her suppliers so she could find out everything she needed to know about her brand and her field. Her passion is next to none as well as her business acumen.

Business Of The Year Award  The Winner TARGET LETTERBOX MARKETING Taunton – Presented by Ken Simpson Chair FSB Bristol for the Mayor of Chippenham, Cllr Mary Norton

TARGET LETTERBOX MARKETING Taunton are Based in Taunton Somerset Target letterbox Marketing was launched in September 2013. “Dor-2-Dor Taunton offers a genuine and reliable Leaflet Distribution Letterbox Marketing solution. From design to print and landing on the doormat they aim is to get you more customers.”  This customer-oriented service,  give you value for money, exclusive and fast-growing.

Entrepreneur Of The Year Award  The Winner SEVEK SINGH – DIGPAL  – Presented by Cllr. Terry Pullen representing the Mayor of Gloucester – Winner SEVEK SINGH DIGPAL 

SEVEK SINGH DIGPAL  is the owner of Ashley Rodwell Insurance Brokers formed in 1983 as a partnership between Jeff Ashley and Peter Rodwell.  Sevek Singh-Digpal was an employee for Ashley Rodwell Insurance brokers for 17 years and has brought his wealth of knowledge and experience to the company and in April 2016, Sevek became the sole director of Ashley Rodwell due to his hard work, determination and outstanding relationships within the business.
“I believe Ashley Rodwell is fit for this award as they continually show excellent customer service, great work mentality and the upmost professionalism as well as giving that personal affect to all customers being a local broker.”


Art & Culture Award The Winner NIMEIRI H MEJAWER  – Presented by High Sheriff of Bristol Antony Brown Esq for the Lord Lt. Peaches Golding OBE  

NIMEIRI Hussein  MEJAWER    was born in Sudan and came to Bristol as a refugee. Cultural novelist Numeri Hussein’s work is based on rich experience in creative work; an artistic writer and cultural journalist, his many stories and literary materials have greatly contributed to cultural supplements in various Sudanese newspapers, before emigrating abroad, and he is still involved in the literary field as a radio producer/presenter of a community radio BCFM Bristol. He is one of the finest Sudanese cultural activists in Britain and MTM Art, Culture & Music Award Winner 2016.

Digital & Creative Award  The Winner ABDULLAHI MURSAL  – Presented by – High Sheriff of Bristol, Mr Anthony  Brown Esq

Abdullahi Mursal, the people’s photographer is a freelance graphic designer who specialises in creating brand identity, websites and interface app design. He is one of the first graphic designers from the Bristol Somali community and the community’s preferred photographer. Mursal is deeply involved with the youth and often provides voluntary services to his community’s charity projects.

Music and Media Award The Winner ANDREW HARTLEY aka DJ STYLES  – Presented by H E Consul of Romania in Bristol Dr Razvan Constantinescu

ANDREW HARTLEY aka DJ STYLE – rising from the underground to permanent fixtures in clubs, DJ Styles has in the last 22 years been instrumental in establishing hip-hop and RNB in Bristol.  A Fairfield Grammar dropout, many did not expect the young Andrew Hartley to become one of South West’s finest DJs He started his professional career as founder of award-winning REAL DEAL ARTIST, Style dedicated his time inspiring and encouraging the young across Bristol on the positive elements of hip-hop, graffiti art and emceeing. In 1989 he received the prestigious Best of British Youth Award from the late Princess of Wales Diana


Fashionista Award The Winner CLEA ROSSITER    Presented by H.E Consul of Romania to Bristol, Dr Razvan Constantinescu and Sabrina North

Two years ago at the age of 14, Clea established her clothing line Priceless Clothing UK. Inspired by 90s hip hop, Clea set out making designs that used the Hindi translation of Priceless on urban streetwear fashion. Within 24 hours of Clea’s first design, and using only one Snapchat picture, Clea had over 30 orders from across Bristol already. She sourced the hoodies from a UK supplier, customised them from home and used a local printer to create her signature image using vinyl. With a loan from her stepdad and mum, she purchased a vinyl Sutter and heat press machine.  It took off!

Clea is currently designing a new collection and her aim is to make fashion accessible for all. Watching her mum struggle over the past 3 years with illness and disabilities has given Clea an understanding of the different needs we all have.

Hair & Beauty Award The Winner BIGGZ BARBERS Presented by Former Mayor of Gloucester, Cllr. Neil Hampson

The Barbers that changed Men’s Hair Styling in Bristol. Based on the Fishponds High Street, Ricky aka Biggz has created a cult-like following with this small business. He has changed the way people wear their hair and it is now a weekly trend to have your hair and beard groomed. Working with a team of great talent Biggz has not only grabbed the Bristol clientele, he now has people coming from far and wide to enjoy a Touch of Magic by Biggz.



Empowering Women Award The Winner  MONIRA CHOWDHURY Presented by Police & Crime Commissioner, Sue Mountstevens to Sabrina North for Monira Ahmed Chowdhury

MONIRA AHMED CHOWDHURY has been proactively working in the communities of Bristol and surrounding areas since her teens, she has worked as a community worker with a range of BAME communities both paid and unpaid, and been involved in both race equality and equalities work for several decades across Bristol, West of England and South West. As a race equality worker, Monira has fought against racial discrimination and harassment both for individuals and institutionally.  In a voluntary unpaid capacity, she has been actively part of developing the Manifesto for Race Equality since its inception 4 years ago, including being vice-chair of the steering group.

Monira has been chair of Aashyana Housing Association and now Aashyana Housing Advice Service since 2012, previously she was chair and vice-chair of the Avon and then Bristol Race Forum. As a BAME woman, over the decades she has been actively involved in several BAME woman’s groups including trying to set up a Bristol Black Women’s Network plus always trying to advocate for BAME women’s needs.

Community Group Award The Winner BABBASA YOUTH EMPOWERMENT PROJECTS Presented by – Sayidali Ashar Moulin of Community Union

BABBASA YOUTH EMPOWERMENT PROJECTS  was formed in 2010 by 4 young graduates in response to persistently high levels of youth unemployment, educational under-achievement, and low aspirations amongst young people (aged 16 to 25 and predominantly NEET) in the ethnically diverse and deprived communities of inner-city Bristol. Babbasa’s purpose is to support and empower the employability and entrepreneurial ambitions of young people living in our inner city and to address the barriers preventing them from achieving their real potential.

Babbasa’s model comprises three key activities: Experiential Training; Career-Orientated Event Management and Professional Mentoring.  Combined, these elements create a challenging and diverse 8-month Challenge Programme which culminates in young people who have successfully completed the programme being able to become self-employed, move into part or full-time employment or progress to further training or education. In addition to the successful completion of the programme, we also recognise the wider, positive ‘ripple effect’ impact these young people have as they go on to become role models within their respective communities and networks. – Babbasa helps young people to address the barriers they face and to grow into young adults with confidence and self-belief, using local links and partnerships to access specialist support where it is needed.

Mukhtyar Singh Community Champion Award The Winner NASEEM A TALUKDAR Founder FeedTheHomelessBristol Presented by Mayor of Yate, Cllr. John Ford

NASEEM A TALUKDAR Founder FeedTheHomelessBristol – We feed the hungry lonely homeless on the streets of Bristol with HOME Cooked meals, Hot Drinks and provide basic essentials needed,

    • We Listen and Acknowledge their presence
    • We Build a better awareness of the reality on the streets to the society and government
    • We provide voices to the homeless
  • We bring food to the hungry stomach with care love and passion
  • We are building communications between the homeless and the society and responsible organisation

FeedTheHomelessBristol Creating better awareness and finding/learning ways to prevent further homelessness by identifying symptoms within family and friends and open dialogues and exposure to professional help.

Unsung Hero Award The Winner SHIV SAMA   Presented by – Cllr Mubashar Chaudhry

SHIV SAMA often referred to as The one-man show that has made a difference to communities Unseen, Shiv Sama works with lots of community organisations to organise Indian community events so that Indian people have an equal voice in their communities and are valued and respected along with all religions. Shiv works closely with and driven the South Gloustershire  Race Equality to represent and get equal opportunities in health, education, housing and Police service and also works with SARI(Stand Against Racial Inequality) to deal with hate crimes in the community.  He sits on Bristol Inequality and Diversity Trust to lend a voice to help BAME communities have a voice in Bristol.

“I am able to network within all communities and enable different people to understand what aims and objectives need to be undertaken to succeed in the plan for projects.  I bring to the forefront the problems and work hard with others to find the best viable solutions.”


Sporting Excellence Award The Winner BASHIR MOHAMUD   Presented by – Asst. Chief Fire Officer, Simon Shilton

BASHIR MOHAMUD has used the power of sports to bring the youth from the Somali community together. His regular coaching sessions and community well-being has lured many youths from this community off the street and onto different careers. Bashir has initiated many projects to assist the Somali youth in the BS5 area.

Young Achiever Award The Winner PEARL RITA   Presented by Mayor of Swindon, Cllr. Maureen Penny

PEARL RITA FERNANDES  has always had an eye to go into business from a very young age. Growing up in a family that had a successful business, it was always her goal that one day she would run her own business. A graduate in business management and communications, pearl got involved with the family hair and beauty salon where she managed to expertise with a beauty qualification as well as make-up artistry.

“As a make-up artist, it is my job to make someone feel special and look their best through this I’ve brought many people happiness especially on their wedding days which bring me great joy.” Pearl is involved with an organisation that helps people who have cancer to know how they can apply make-up which helps them face the physical challenge they might due to their condition. This has made a big difference with people and given them the confidence to try new things.

“ My dad being a heart patient I’ve always tried to raise as much funds for British Heart Foundation, I have  also volunteered in their stores as well as organising events for them to raise funds.”  

   Presented by – Lord Mayor of Bristol, Cllr. Lesley Alexander to Mazhar Iqbal for Abdul Raoof Malik

Abdul was born in Easton, Bristol. After experiencing a childhood of poverty and desperation, he was determined to break the chain and change his and his family’s future. He left school at 16 before completing his GCSEs and by the age of 17 using his families humble fortune equipped with skills of his weekend jobs he opened the first Halal butchers in Bristol, this was no ordinary Halal butchers, it was an upmarket, state of the art butchers, PAK Butchers.

“The drive to make a difference has inspired many in our community and my Community work is all about giving something back to those that make me”. Abdul’s biggest project has been one close to his soul, Easton Jamia Masjid, the local mosque that for many years had been lacking leadership and inspiration. On being elected as chair, Abdul has given the mosque a new look and placed the much-needed governance on a good path. Easton Jamia Mosque is one of the most inspiring buildings in the city. Abdul’s business brand has expanded in Bristol and Cardiff.

He is a past winner of the MTM Man of the Year Award and the Lord Mayors Award in Bristol.


National & International Awards

National Award For Excellence & Achievement The Winners SIKH UNION  COVENTRY – Presented by Cllr Ahmed Said Hansdot Gloucester City Council

SIKH UNION  COVENTRY was formed by students in the 1970’s initially as a Hockey club and later it covers a whole range of sports, recreational and fundraising activities in the Coventry area.

In 2008, Sikh Union Coventry was invited to participate in the sponsorship and organisation of an Eye Camp in India,  the first Sikh Union eye camp took place in March 2009, and was attended by seven members of the club who travelled at their own cost to support the project. Almost 700 needy patients attended in the township of Phillaur in the Punjab District of India. The project was a total success. In 2011, plans for the first water borehole project for Kenya was launched by Sikh Union Coventry in a partnership with three other organisations, Sikh Union Nairobi, Lions Club of Fairlop London, and Ramgarhia Youth Association Nairobi (RYA)

The inauguration of the Sikh Union’s first joint water borehole project was September 2012, this water borehole provides clean water and benefits approx. 3500 people from the surrounding villages had to travel 5 to 8 kilometres daily to fetch water from a river  (normally not clean). In June 2013 Asha Sadan and Mary Bhavan Orphanage project was launched. Asha Sadan, which is based in Noida, New Delhi currently accommodates 25 girls ranging from the ages of 3 to 16-years-old. These girls have experienced various forms of trauma (mental, sexual, and physical abuse) and come from disreputable family backgrounds that have been crime-ridden and unstable.  The orphanages are run by Catholic nuns purely on a voluntary basis.

The Sikh Union also organise Vaisakhi Sports Day is held annually at the War Memorial Park in Coventry and the Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji Charity Walk is held annually on the streets of Coventry, We are often supported on these events by the renowned Sikh marathon runner Sardar Fauja Singh, who is well over 100 years old.


INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE AND ACHIEVEMENT The Winners Shaashale Group Somaliland   Presented by Mayor of Swindon Cllr Maureen Penny

Shaashale Group Somaliland

INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR ENVIRONMENT & CONSERVATION The Winner Jim Justus Nyamu Kenya   Presented by Mayor Tim Bowles – West of England Combined Authority

Jim Justus Nyamu



 ESAM AMIN – Presented by – Cllr.  Ian Boulton

Esam is a human rights activist who has founded the Bristol Free Voice media project, which uses audio for migrants to tell their experiences, produced films and media projects about asylum seekers and Kurdish history. He is an active member of Bristol Defend the Asylum Seekers Campaign, most recently going to London to protest the detention and deportation of Kurdish asylum seekers.

As a proud member of the Bristol Kurdish, Community Esam has organised events for Kurdish New Year and has also been involved with The Bristol Cable and sharing with them articles and news about the Kurdish community and all migrants in Bristol. Esam volunteers as a chef and interpreter in Borderlands Charity and interpreter and barber with Bristol Refugee Rights.


IRVIN CAMPBELL – Presented by – Superintendent Rhys Hughes of Avon & Somerset Constabulary

Irvin Campbell, an ex-user of SARI and a member of the Board of Trustees since 1998, has devoted himself to altruistic pursuits selflessly living his life in the service of others. As a Black Caribbean man, he has faced many challenges and adversities, including racism and discrimination but instead of giving in and accepting societal injustice he now stands up, defending the vulnerable that face similar difficulties. Using sports as a major tool in his passion, Irvin has helped young people off the streets through mentoring, giving them a role model, structure, and solidarity in their lives. Irvin drew upon his extensive sporting background as a football referee and as a former football coach and manager.

Irvin channeled his experience in a most admirable way, by forming teams out of the people he has helped. This was an emphatic success and has led to three members playing for Bristol City FC. Irvin was the first Olympic Wrestling Coach in the country to take Wrestling into the schools and make it into a nationwide programme; he made Downend School a centre of excellence for Olympic Wrestling and managed the largest female squad of women wrestlers outside of London. For three years he was the National coach and manager to the England Women Wrestling squad which travelled all over Europe competing, producing one European champion and three British champions.

These achievements were done singlehandedly and with no recompense, Irvin did what he did without the expectation of reward.

UP OUR STREET – Presented by – Cllr. Hibaq Jama Up Our Street publishes a full-color quarterly magazine, which is delivered to 14,000 homes in Easton and Lawrence Hill. It is well-read and a respected source of local news, making it an ideal way to reach residents of these neighbourhoods.

Mohammed Abdi – BRISTOL SOMALI YOUTH VOICE  – Presented by – Nazma Ramruttun MTM Empowering Women Award Winner 2014.

Mohammed launched Bristol Somali youth voice in September 2014 an organisation that mentors and promotes young people, offering young people different platforms, like sports activities, workshops, trips and other volunteering opportunities, to showcase their energy, skills, leadership, and creativity. In the last 3 years, BSYV has implemented a wide range of activities include sports activities; awareness programs; youth conferences about drugs, radicalisation for young people to explore their talents, skills, creativity, and leadership.

GURDWARA NIRMAN SEWAK JATHA  Bristol Presented by – Cllr. Mhairi Threlfall – Bristol City Council

Since 15 April 1970 the Nirman Sewak Jatha Gurdwara owned the Gurdwara on Summerhill Road has recently completed a large-scale renovation of the building to secure its future and historic features – both as a place of worship and as a community facility which will bring local people together. As is a tradition of all Sikh Gurdwara, this place of worship provides Langar to all communities that come to the temple. They are in the lead in organising events such as Prostrate Cancer Talks, International Women’s Day and a Turban tying day for the many who are interested to know about the Sikh turban and its culture. The name Nirman Sewak Jatha was chosen by a group of Sikhs in 1968 to meet together to look at ways of celebrating religious Sikh festivals.

SWINDON HINDU TEMPLE & HERITAGE CENTRE  – Presented by – Cllr. Mubashar Choudhury – Bristol City Council

Swindon Hindu Temple is a registered charity organisation in Swindon. Its main objects are to promote Hindu culture, religious studies, and performing arts. The temple facilities for and actively coordinates social care, social interaction, friendship and goodwill among people in the wider community. This is the first of its kind in South-West England to organise community events like Holi festival, free hot meals during Christmas, and Rotary club fundraising events where 1000’s residents across the religion participate.  Swindon Hindu Temple also organising blood donation camps, raised thousands of pounds for Sri Lankan and Nepalese floor relief work.

“Out centre is not just a prayer centre but bringing all the communities with a human touch.”


SAYYID ALI ASHAR MOULIN -Presented by – Cllr. Afzal Shah councillor of the Easton Ward Bristol

Bristol-based Sayid Ali Ashar Moullin is a community organiser mainly focusing on the Somali community in Bristol and London. Sayyid’s talent is in reaching out to the South West’s diverse migrant communities and helping to bring people together to create a better working world for themselves and their families. Although Sayid is from the Somali community in Bristol, he has worked across ethnic groups to bring hundreds of workers into the trade union and get them a better deal and more support at work, at home and when life gets complicated. Sayyid has assisted charities and community organisations across the UK.


Esnas Turnbull – Organisation: Save The Mind UK presented by Junior Sheikh

Esnas is the founder of the Utulivu Women Group in Reading and  Swindon. She is also the founder of Save The Mind UK dedicated to helping victims and survivors of domestic abuse and violence. we strive to improve the lives of survivors who need help with walking past the pain and dealing with the trauma, because of prolonged domestic abuse, in a better way.

Her organisation supports The Unspoken women who are going through domestic violence but are afraid to come out for so many reasons,  The Spoken are those who have come out but are still waiting for help, The Unsurvived is the staggering number of women we have lost due to domestic violence and abuse and  The Survived, which is the category Esnas falls into are those women heroes as they stood for what they believed in. Esnas has been supporting women through workshops, seminars, conferences, phone conversations and this has brought much change in many that she has been supported through SMUK.

“If as empowered and informed as I was, I still was subjected to domestic abuse for years, then how about many who can’t speak for themselves?”

MTM Batook Pandya Lifetime Achievement Award

ROSA HUI MBE, DL Presented by Mayor Tim Bowles West of England Combined Authority

ROSA HUI MBE, DL incredible contribution to the wider community especially striving to integrate the Chinese Community in the City is a legacy in itself. She dedicated her working life to helping others in ensuring they get the support they deserved. As a former patient herself (brain hemorrhage,), Rosa has had extensive contact with the local health services as well as ongoing support for her condition.

The pioneering surgery that she received at the time no doubt saved her life, whilst the ongoing care has helped to extend her life expectancy well beyond the initial 10 years that the doctors had projected. Rosa has worked for and in the Chinese community for over 27 years and has reciprocally utilised both, the community’s and her experiences to promote healthier living and to improve access to health services.

She moved to Bristol to train as a nurse, but the sight of blood put an end to this career. It was during her career break that Rosa that assisted a small project that supported Chinese women in distress and hardship. This later became a group, battling through social taboos and peer pressure, as well as several bouts of pneumonia and brain hemorrhage, Rosa moved on. Rosa has been involved in a number of national health initiatives, where she represented the views of the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities as well as the wider community in the South-Western region.

MTM AWARDS supported by …

“The love of supporting the MTM awards for me is that in this world there is too much intolerance, ignorance, division, and hate. I hope that being an ambassador gives me the opportunity to talk to people and show them that with unity and love we can make this world a better place for all, no matter what religion you practice, the country you are born in, your gender, or the colour of your skin,