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Discover the Inspiration behind Aspiring People of Diverse Communities with the MTM Awards..

As we embark on this extraordinary journey celebrating a decade of excellence, join us in reliving some of the most memorable moments from the MTM Awards.

The MTM Glittering Gala Awards Evening is more than just an event; it’s a unique opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and celebrate with some of the finest individuals from the South West, the UK, across international waters, and those in our local community.

MTM Awards Chosen Charity

Since 2021, MTM Awards’ chosen charity has been the Period Poverty Action Projects by MTM in partnership with HURIS Foundation Kenya, as we aim to create awareness, support communities, and provide sanitary towels for deprived communities.

 Together, let’s continue to celebrate excellence, inspire change, and look forward to a future beyond our wildest dreams.

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Read More...Dr Paul Stepheson OBE

In 1962, Paul arrived in Bristol and made history as the city’s first Black Social Worker. Recognising the need to combat racism, he founded the West Indian Development Council, a group dedicated to campaigning against racial discrimination in Bristol. This initiative emerged in response to the ban on employing Black people on the Bristol buses. The Council’s campaign brought attention to the prevalent racism in the city.

Remarkably, within just six months, their relentless efforts paid off, and the Bristol campaign achieved success as the ban on employing Black people was lifted.

Paul Stephenson did not stop his fight against racism and continued to take a stand against discrimination in various forms. In 1964, he bravely refused to leave a pub that refused to serve Black people. His refusal resulted in his arrest, but the magistrate recognized the inherent racism in the decision and consequently, the pub manager lost his job.

Paul Stephenson and Batook Pandya are celebrated as ‘the People’s Heroes in Bristol and the South West.’

In recognition of their outstanding contributions and impact on the community, they were both inducted into the MTM Awards Hall of Fame during the MTM Awards 10th Anniversary Glittering Gala Award Evening.

To honour their legacies and achievements, MTM Awards introduced awards named after these two influential figures. The MTM Batook Pandya Lifetime Achievement Award was named after the late Batook Pandya MBE in 2014, while the MTM Unsung Hero Award was named after Dr. Paul Stephenson OBE in 2016.

Their enduring commitment to fighting racism and promoting equality continues to inspire and uplift the community, leaving a lasting impact on Bristol and beyond.

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MTM Batook Pandya Lifetime Achievement Award Winner 2016 Dr Paul Stephenson OBE 




You can strive for excellence in any endeavour you pursue. Achieving excellence is not an easy task, as it requires dedication, time, and effort. If it were effortless, many people would achieve it, but true excellence stands out precisely because it demands hard work and commitment.

Patience is a crucial factor in the journey toward excellence. Progress and improvement often take time, and it’s essential to stay focused and persistent even when faced with challenges or setbacks. Patience allows you to maintain a positive Mindset and continue working towards your goals.

Understanding is another key element in the pursuit of excellence. To excel in any field, you must thoroughly comprehend the subject matter or the skills you are trying to develop. Understanding provides the foundation for creativity and innovation, allowing you to push the boundaries and think outside the box.

Creativity plays a significant role in achieving excellence because it allows you to explore new perspectives and approaches. By thinking creatively, you can come up with innovative solutions and ideas that set you apart from others. Creativity helps in adapting to unique situations and finding ways to improve and refine your work continually.

In summary, excellence is attainable, but it requires patience, understanding, and creativity. Stay persistent in your efforts, deepen your understanding of your field, and embrace your creativity to push the boundaries and reach new heights of achievement.

Remember that the pursuit of excellence is a journey rather than a destination, and by continually aiming for improvement, you can make remarkable progress in anything you do.

Discover the Inspiration behind Aspiring People of Diverse Communities with  the MTM Awards

 MTM Awards Video Gallery


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 MTM Awards Video Gallery

…one of a kind experience…

…please subscribe to our YouTube Channel MTM Awards and enjoy the full versions…

With 193 deserving award winners, 91 Special Recognition honors, 5450 warm welcomes, 8350 esteemed nominees, and over 227,500 votes cast since our inaugural awards in 2012, we have witnessed a remarkable surge in participation and interest from diverse communities vying for this prestigious honour.

MTM Awards is about ‘Bringing Communities Together.


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