CONGRATULATIONS To All The Finalists & Winners of MTM Awards 2020!

….celebrating the essence of business and culture across our rich and diverse ethnic communities…..



…partnering the MTM Awards offers you the biggest and best opportunity to showcase your brand and boost your CSR.



MTM Awards

…awards are not made of crystal, acrylic or wood,  they are made of hard work, commitment, and sacrifice.

…..An award is not only a great prestige or a mark of excellence but is also a tremendous boost for someone to strive and excel higher and aim for even bigger accomplishments in life.


MTM Award Winners...

….it is only when you involve with the Asian, Black & Ethnic Communities  that you realise the challenges they face, the immense potential and talent they have that goes unnoticed….


#10 years  & Beyond…inspiring communities celebrating…bridging cultures and celebrating the excellence & achievements of the Asian, Black & Ethnic communities…




Period Poverty Action Projects by MTM raising awareness, supporting, educating & providing sanitary towels for communities……

Diversity is acceptance, respect, and understanding that each individual is unique.

We understand each nominee, embrace and celebrate the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical abilities, religious beliefs, or other ideologies.

Our Glittering Gala Award Evening is a perfect setting in a uniquely cultural environment at the Bristol Marriott Hotel Bristol, we are the only awards ceremony of this type in the United Kingdom welcoming a multitude of diverse guests from the South West, national, across international waters and those on our doorsteps.

2021 is our 10th year and building on the success of the MTM Awards, we are delighted that we were able to hold our stand-out awards night for MTM Awards 2020, on July 31st after a  long-awaited return of the MTM Awards at the Bristol Marriott Hotel bringing closure of MTM Awards 2020.

.MTM provides guests with the opportunity to engage with thriving businesses, communities, and cultures, spanning international waters, as well as those on our doorstep.


Our Chosen Charity for 2021 – 2022 is Period Poverty Action Projects & The Angel Trust

Period Poverty Action Projects – creating awareness, supporting communities & providing sanitary towels to deprived communities.

The project is partnered by HURIS FOUNDATION FAZA  Mombasa Kenya – +254780447070 


Donations Are Welcome!

MTM Awards #10 & Beyond!


The Angel more...

..the story of Angel…..

Angel Wanjiru is a 17-year-old girl living with a condition that Doctors termed life-threatening at birth known as Congenital Hydrocephalus…By six months old she had three major operations to try and reverse to effects of her condition but unfortunately by the time two metal plates were inserted her head had swollen to the point of no return.

Her incredible resolve and spirit have meant she has never given, having ambitions to become a musician and motivational speaker championing young people with disabilities. Angel came to the attention of The MTM Awards in 2019 receiving a nomination for The Founders Award. Angel and her mum came to the UK to attend the Awards and left a lasting impression on all who meet her. Angel took home the Award pipping renowned UK Artist Apache Indian and AIM Academy.

 At the start of 2021, MTM Awards Brand Ambassador Mariam Omar of BBC Africa informed MTM Awards that Angel had not been able to attend school for a few months. This had a detrimental effect on her health and wellbeing and the MTM Awards team started to talk to see how we can help.

Angel’s condition means that she can’t attend public schools in Kenya, and was attending a private school that understands her needs and nurture her talents, ensuring she is not bullied and can be educated in a safe and friendly environment. With all this in mind, MTM Awards decided to use our amazing network of support to get Angel back in school and support her through her education.

George Ferguson, Bristol’s first elected Mayor, who has supported MTM Awards since we launched in 2012 made the first donation and we managed to get Angel back in School. MTM is now in the process of setting up the Angels Foundation to support her through to her A-Levels and then open up support to other disabled children in East Africa and beyond to get an education and have the best possible opportunities in life.

Donations Are Welcome.


MTM Awards Categories 2021 Nominations Are Now OPEN!

At the Black -Tie Glittering Gala Award Evening you enjoy every privilege of a diverse world-class award ceremony.

You walk the Red Carpet to a welcome drink.
You get to meet and network with nominees, judges, celebrities, business leaders, influential public figures and community leaders.
You are chaperoned to your table where you enjoy premium waiter service
You enjoy plated exquisite dining, and unlimited soft drinks in the ballroom.
Our entertainment programme is diverse and unique.
We have celebrities presenting the awards.
To top up the evening you get to join us for the After-Party.




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