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10 AmaZing Years ….celebrating the essence of business and culture

across our rich and diverse ethnic communities…..


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…awards are not made of crystal, acrylic, or wood, 

they are made of hard work, commitment, and sacrifice.


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…partnering with the MTM Awards offers you the biggest

and best opportunity to showcase your brand and boost your CSR.



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….it is only when you engage with the Asian, Black & Ethnic Communities

that you realise the challenges they face,

the immense potential and talent they have that goes unnoticed…

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#10 years  & Beyond..

….inspiring communities …bridging cultures and celebrating….

the excellence & achievements of the Asian, Black & Ethnic communities…

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Period Poverty Action Projects by MTM

creating awareness, supporting, educating & providing

sanitary towels for girls’ in deprived communities……






MTM Awards a beacon of celebration,.

The inaugural event of the MTM Awards took place on a memorable Saturday, December 1st, at the prestigious University of the West of England. The occasion witnessed a gathering of diverse communities from the South West and South Wales, creating an atmosphere of inclusivity and wonder.

A highlight of the event was the presence of the newly elected 1st Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson, who played a significant role as the chief guest, adding a touch of prominence to the proceedings. This marked the beginning of a strong bond between George and the MTM Awards, as he continued to show immense support for the awards over the years.

George’s unwavering involvement resulted in him becoming one of our dedicated advocates, attending most of the Glittering Gala Award Evenings since 2012. His consistent presence and support further solidified the awards’ impact and importance in the community.

As we reflect on these ten amazing years, we cherish the numerous achievements and milestones that the MTM Awards have accomplished. Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate many more years of celebrating excellence and diversity in the United Kingdom and beyond, with the South-West of England remaining at the heart of our focus.

The MTM Awards will continue to be a beacon of celebration, honouring the rich tapestry of talents and cultures that make our communities thrive.


After 10 AMAZING YEARS, MTM Awards stands as a beacon of celebration, honoring the essence of business and culture within the rich and diverse ethnic communities in the United Kingdom. Launched in 2012 as the brainchild of Mast The Magazine, a dedicated local publication serving diverse communities, these awards became the pioneering platform of their kind in the country.

Throughout the past decade, MTM Awards have played a pivotal role in acknowledging and commending the remarkable contributions of individuals, businesses, and organisations that embody the spirit of diversity and excellence in the South West of England. The commitment to showcasing the achievements and impact of various ethnic communities has left a significant and lasting impression on society.

As the journey enters a new phase, MTM Awards are poised for further growth, recognition, and appreciation, celebrating the incredible tapestry of talents, cultures, and innovations within their reach. Each passing year has seen a continued effort to elevate the voices and accomplishments of those making a positive difference in the community, establishing a legacy of pride and unity.

Looking back over the past ten incredible years, MTM Awards have marked a remarkable journey filled with celebration and recognition, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of diversity and excellence in the United Kingdom. With a bright future ahead, they continue to inspire and uplift, fostering an environment of inclusivity and admiration for the achievements of all.


MTM Awards 10 & Beyond!



Experience the MTM Glittering Gala Award Evening!

A black-tie glittering gala where you enjoy the privileges of a diverse world-class award ceremony.

Walk through the majestic hotel doors and the Red  Carpet to a welcome drink.

Network in a uniquely cultural environment with nominees and guests, engaging with thriving businesses, communities, and cultures.

You’ll be chaperoned to your table for premium waiter service and enjoy plated exquisite dining and unlimited soft drinks in the ballroom.

Experience a diverse entertainment program and have the opportunity to Meet & Greet celebrities and VIPs with photo opportunities to cherish.

Dance the evening away with your friends at the After-Party at no extra cost.

Take home an MTM Awards souvenir and cherish this one-of-a-kind experience.

One Of A Kind Experience….

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Diversity is about acceptance, respect, and understanding of each individual’s uniqueness.

10 AmaZing Years ….celebrating the essence of business and culture across our rich and diverse ethnic communities…..