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A Winner Is A Dreamer Who Never Gives Up #NelsonMandela

It’s only when you involve with the Asian, Black & Ethnic Minorities that you realise the challenges they face, the immense potential and talent they have that goes unnoticed. 

After seven years, 136 awards winners, 56  Special Recognition honours, 4000 welcomes, 4500 nominees and over 135,000 votes cast since the inaugural awards we’ve seen a remarkable increase in participation, an immense interest from diverse communities vying for this prestigious award since 2012.


Restaurants Award Winner LA MEDITERRANEAN – Presented by – Cllr. Peter Abraham Bristol City Council – Escorted by Paige Warren YEMI Miss Lincolnshire

La Mediterranean are a small family run food business based in South Ville Bristol that has a passion for good homemade Mediterranean cooking using only authentic ingredients. They have brought a unique type of food to the local area offering fresh Mediterranean cuisine. La Mediterranean now has clients from different areas that come to experience their food creations and excellent customer service.

Fast Foods & Takeaway Award  – Winner – FALVO ARTISAN PIZZA CO. WILTSHIRE   Presented by Mayor of Stroud, Cllr. Kevin Cranston was escorted by Macie Dawkins Young American Teen International.

Falvo Artisan Pizza Co Swindon  Renowned for authentic Neapolitan wood-fired pizza from a beautiful converted vintage Renault Estafette, using only homemade dough and fresh ingredients. Based in Swindon Wiltshire Falvo Artisan Pizza is one of a kind, something different. They support several charity events all free of charge and also donate to their cause and recently have been approached by a charity in regards to supplying the homeless in Swindon with our pizzas. Our uncle is our driving force, he sadly passed away and he was a fantastic pizzaiolo (pizza maker) and we have dedicated our business to him, our logo is a caricature of him, everything we do is dedicated to him.


 Enterprise Business Award  Winner – CAKE MY DAY – Presented by Ken Simpson Chair of FSB Bristol – Escorted by Kobi-Jean Cole Miss Great Britain

Georgiana Tamas is the of   “Cake My Day” Bristol. She started the company out of a passion for cake making and soon realised that only a unique approach would guarantee brand success. Cake-making is just an umbrella concept for Cake My Day they produce and provide art in sweetness… “Our cakes tell their own stories and open new horizons, they feed the soul, not just the body.”

Business Of The Year Award  – Winner – ASHLEY COMMUNITY HOUSING  – Presented by Mayor of Swindon Cllr. Junab Ali and Ken Simpson FSB Chair Bristol – Escorted by Macie Dawkins Young American Teen International.

ACH (formerly Ashley Community Housing) was established in Bristol in 2008 as a social enterprise specialising in integrating refugees through accommodation, support, and community-based training. ACH is now a leading provider of integration services for refugee and newly arrived communities in the UK. Since 2008 the organisation has successfully resettled over 2500 individuals from refugee backgrounds and is now one of the UK’s leading providers of refugee integration services. They provide safe, secure, and comfortable housing combined with culturally sensitive support, careers advice, and vocational training.

“Our unique approach focuses on building individuals’ resilience in the labour market, upskilling and supporting refugees into sustainable, higher-level employment in order to develop their independence and ease their integration into UK life. Our vision is for all refugees coming to the UK to be successfully integrated into our society.”

Entrepreneur Of The Year Award  Winner – ADIL AYUB  – Presented by – Vanessa Moon and of Moon Consulting -Escorted by Jade Sutton Young European International Teen Miss

Adil is a self-made entrepreneur who started on humble beginnings after his taxi driver father moved to Bristol from Reading, settling in the St Paul’s area of Bristol, not an easy place with a young man who wanted to experience the world. He took various small odd jobs and finally landed as an estate agent belonging to an afro-Caribbean family. He has seen setbacks but eventually through hard work and the determination to succeed Adil  set up his  own letting agent Lets Rent, in South Ville, Bristol

Today Let’s Rent are one of the leading residential Letting Agents and property management companies offering a professional and friendly service.


Music, Art & Culture Award Winner – LAWRENCE HOO  – Presented by – Cllr. Chris Watkins Mayor of Nuneaton and Bedworth and Rana Dildar Singh of RSVP – Escorted by Macie Dawkins Young American Teen International.

LAWRENCE HOO is a poet. His work is influenced by various experiences of growing up in and around Easton and St Paul’s, Bristol where he is exposed to a medley of culture, identity and heritage. The impact of social imbalance…Lawrence uses poetry to educate, challenge and inspire. He has helped to give a voice to marginalised communities to create a positive change and create a safe, balanced and nurturing environment for our children.

Lawrence Hoo is a celebrated poet and activist. He is the author of Inner City Tales (2006) and Hoostory (2011). Hoostory was exhibited at Centrespace Gallery (2007), The Drum, Birmingham (2008), and Wilder Street Gallery (2011). Inner City Tales documentary was screened at Watershed (2006). Hoo uses his poetry to campaign against and challenges social imbalances, leading community creative writing courses and workshops. Hoo was Ujima Radio’s Poet in Residence (2016) and received a RISE Award for Arts, Community and Entertainment (2018), and now the MTM Award for Music, Arts, and Culture (2018). Hoo lives and works in Bristol. His new book is Cargo is due for release in 2019.


Media, Digital & Creative Award  – Winner RUBEUN GRACIAS(R42PROSTUDIO) – Presented by – Naheed Iqbal of Sairaz Events  – Escorted by Jade Dando YEMI Miss Wiltshire

RUBEUN GRACIAS(R42PROSTUDIO) provide a professional level service of media capture and event planning within the Goan and other community.R42PRO  work with multiple religious events across the UK. RUBEUN  provides training to college students interested in photography,  film and an online live tutorial on his YouTube channel teaching youth how to use Adobe software. He also counsels the youth when they are having a difficult time choosing between full-time education, full-time jobs or following their dreams. He has become an inspiration to the youth within his community as they look up to Ruben as a successful entrepreneur.


Hair, Beauty & Fashionista Award Winner FRANCLIN’S HAIR & BEAUTY SWINDON – Presented by – HE Consul of Romania, Dr. Razvan Constantinescu, and Naheed Iqbal – escorted by Jade Dando YEMI Miss Wiltshire Franclins provide Hair, Beauty and Spa services. We strive and aim to make our clients’ services as unique and as memorable with satisfaction as can be. “We are the difference in Swindon as we are known to be efficient, reliable, friendly, and always there to support all communities. Our salon provides a safe place for clients to relax and unwind as they go through their services, an outlet to escape the stress and the fast lane in life.”  Franclin serves many charitable projects in the Borough and abroad in Goa, India.

“My clients, staff, and family without whom Franclin would not be where it is today, we are a family of hair and beauty specialists. As long as we can deliver our clients will be satisfied and their satisfaction a loyalty is our team’s driving force.”

Barbers & Men’s Stylist Award Winner KARIZMA TURKISH BARBERS & HAIRDRESSERS YATE  – Presented by – Deputy Mayor of Yate Cllr. Karl Tomasin – Escorted by Paige Warren YEMI Miss Lincolnshire.


Rosa Hui Empowering Women Award Winner KATHERINE HENRY  – Presented by – Lord Mayor of Bristol Cllr Cleo Lake and Rosa Hui MBE, DL. Chair BACWG – Escorted by Hannah Golding Young European Queen of Queens

Katherine Henry is a mother who works full time for one of the top six legal firms in London.  In addition to her full-time job, she is a part-time fitness instructor, plus-size model and blogger, radio DJ and both a national and international pageant queen.
As a plus-size woman of colour, Katherine is proud to be an advocate for self-love, acceptance, diversity and equality. Through all strains of her work, she encounters many women who struggle with low confidence and self-worth. Each of her roles allows her to engage with these women, encouraging and mentoring them individually.  Plus size women, especially those of colour are under-represented within the modelling industry and in the media, Katherine campaigns to change that, giving women a voice and proving that we are just as relevant and valid in today’s society.

Community Group Award Winner BRISTOL BIKE PROJECT – Presented by – Chief Constable Andy Marsh and Hafiz Zaheer Shabir CBM Bristol Escorted by Domanique Savage-Ramsey Young European International Ms

Bristol Bike Project are a comprehensive community bike project, repairing and rehoming unwanted bicycles that aim to help people from all walks of life get out on two wheels and for it to be an inclusive and empowering experience. At the heart of their  Project is the  Earn-a-Bike programme, where BBP take donations of unwanted bikes, repair them with the help of volunteers, and rehome them with marginalised people across Bristol who really need access to affordable transport. We’ve empowered well over 2,000 people to become independently mobile through this programme since 2008.

BBP’s  Earn-a-Bike programme supports anyone who would benefit from access to affordable, sustainable transport including those:

  • seeking asylum or with refugee status
  • with ongoing mental or physical health problems
  • with learning difficulties
  • who are homeless or in supported/sheltered housing
  • undergoing a substance abuse recovery programme
  • on probation


Mukhtyar Singh Community Champion Award Winner ANNDELORIS CHACON – Presented by – the Right Honourable Mayor of Bath Cllr. Patrick Anketell-Jones and Cllr. Tom Aditya Bradley Stoke Council – Escorted by Hannah Golding Young European Queen of Queens

ANNDELORIS CHACON works and volunteers to support, and inspire people to look at life in another way. Anndeloris has built trust and respect between the individual, the family and herself too, listen, help them to understand different aspects that face them, help them to find solutions, help them define the path towards their goals, and help them to smile.

She has brought a sense of self-worth and value to individuals so that they can face the challenges before them having visited and built relationships with different groups and organisations. Through Bristol Black Carers she is working with organisations to share resources and provide services that are needed by the different communities.

“We have more similarities than differences, we need not replicate the similarities but help each other to understand our differences.”

Paul Stephenson Unsung Hero Award – NASEEM TALUKDAR – Presented by – Lord-Lieutenant of City of Bristol Peaches Golding and Ramla Omar Al-Muqtadar Foundation Mombasa, Kenya – Escorted by Domanique Savage-Ramsey Young European International Ms

NASEEM TALUKDAR Founder Feed The Homeless Bristol and Plastic Pollution Awareness & Action Projects (PPAAP): Feed The Homeless Bristol is a diverse group of people from all walks of life and faiths, united by our desire to feed the homeless in Bristol. Twice a week, we provide home-cooked hot meals, hot beverages, companionship and other essentials directly to the needy on the streets. In the last 3 years, Feed The Homeless Bristol: has distributed over 15,000 home-cooked meals Each year to the less fortunate rough sleepers over the weekend as well as distributing hot drinks, Toiletries, Warm clothes and drinking water on the streets of Bristol & Western –Super –Mare

Plastic Pollution Awareness and Action Projects is a charity that works towards reducing plastic consumption and raising awareness of the negative impacts of plastic use. We are initiating a number of Action Projects that will directly engage with businesses and catering venues to promote the elimination and economically viable substitution of plastic products. Being the founder and director of the Charity, PPAAP- we are on a mission to eradicate single plastic usage within the catering sector and fast food business. We acknowledge the highest usage of plastic within the food industry and its time we find a better solution to the process and educate the employee that has been working in this sector as they have no idea about the plastic pollution impact.


Youth Empowerment Award Winner MELISSA IDA PETTY – Presented by – Mayor of Calne, Cllr. Glenis Ansell -Escorted by Domanique Savage-Ramsey Young European International Ms

Melissa Ida Petty is currently studying her Legal Practice Course and Masters in professional legal practise at the University of Law. From the age of 9 years old I  became an active volunteer for Mama Melissa Foundation where I have campaigned for several projects particularly education for girls in rural Kenya and Breast cancer awareness, fundraising money to support disadvantaged young girls in rural Kenya to have access to secondary education, in Embu, Kenya. She was one of the campaigners for the ‘Ivory Belongs to Elephants’ project, raising awareness to stop the ivory trade, which is endangering the African elephant.

Melissa collect ballet supplies (ballet shoes, leotards, tights and cardigans) from dance schools and donates them to Anno’s Africa. A project in Kibera (Kenya’s largest slum) where Anno’s Africa holds weekly after school creative programmes. Teaching children a variety of creative arts such as; ballet, drama, art and music.


Person Of The Year Award Winner FUAD MAHAMED – Presented by – Mayor Tim Bowles Combined Authority Mayor West of England – Escorted by Domanique Savage-Ramsey Young European International Ms

FUAD MAHAMED  started ACH back in 2008 out of a need for more supported housing to help newly arrived refugees integrate into Bristol. In the last, our vision as changed to encompass the need to make a systemic change to aid the BAME communities, by bridging the gap of inequality through housing and employment. ACH now work with 2,500 people a year, moving them out of the poverty trap that comes with low-skilled

Fuad is an advocate on behalf of the communities we serve and push for equality and inclusion for refugees and migrants in UK society. We have provided secure, culturally-sensitive and comfortable housing for our tenants, and also bought empty homes back into use through a partnership with Bristol City Council. Our housing allows refugees to move-on and starts their lives without worries of being homeless or living in dangerous situations.

As a former refugee, Fuad has a personal reason for wanting the communities we work with to succeed. I know the problems and deprivation some areas in Bristol’s face and believes  ACH can work to make a real difference rooted in longevity.


 National Community Award For Excellence & Achievement Winner BRIXTON SOUP KITCHEN – Presented by – Cllr. Joanne Brown Mayor of Gloucester and Palvinder Chana President of Sikh Union Coventry – Escorted by Paige Warren YEMI Miss Lincolnshire

Brixton Soup Kitchen provides hot meals and hot drinks to the homeless and less fortunate and also help the homeless to be more Independent by volunteering and getting work. The organisation has served over 85,000 hot meals and hot drinks, we have fed over 250 families around the UK, and have got over 11 homeless into full-time education, we have got 6 homeless into full-time work.

“Our driving force is to be the change we will like to see in the world.”


National Positive Role Model Award Winner SATWANT SINGH GHATAURE – Presented by Asst. Chief Fire Officer Simon Shilton Avon Fire & Rescue  – Escorted by Kobi-Jean Cole Miss Great Britain

Satwant Singh Ghataure’s mission is to Inspire and encourage Asian youths and adults to recognize and understand that living in the diaspora they face continuing evolution and shaping of all aspects of their society as a result of influences exerted upon them by the cultural and racial diversity reflected in their adopted environment. Partake selfless service to all communities without expectation of reward and foster unity and togetherness with all communities to enable them to adopt living in this country.

INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE AND ACHIEVEMENT Winner EILA ELIZABETH PETTY – Presented by – the Sheriff and Deputy Mayor of Gloucester Cllr. Howard Hyman – Escorted by Paige Warren YEMI Miss Lincolnshire

Eila Elizabeth Petty founder and director of Mama Melissa Foundation, formerly known as Make a Difference UK founded in 2004 to support girls education in Mbeere South District Embu Kenya. Eila campaign for access to education for vulnerable girls in rural Kenya, and promotion of breast cancer awareness among black women both in the area in Gloucestershire and rural Kenya.

Eila has specialised in programmes that promote education among the disadvantaged population especially girls and relief of poverty both in England and Kenya. Eila has worked as a social worker with the South Gloucestershire Council for almost 9 years supporting disadvantaged children and families. Currently, she is participating in health promotion and prevention work, addressing the stigma of many illnesses, particularly cancer, providing psychosocial care, and enabling community empowerment through education programmes. She has been a volunteer for Terence Higgins Trust Bristol for a few years supporting and advocating for people living and affected by HIV/AIDS.

MTM Batook Pandya Lifetime Achievement Award 2018

Batook Pandya Lifetime Achievement Award – PEACHES GOLDING OBE – Presented by – Deputy Mayor of Bristol Cllr. Asher Craig Escorted by Kobi-Jean Cole Miss Great Britain

Peaches Golding OBE – Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of the County and City of Bristol is An award-winning business and community leader, Peaches Golding has chaired many local groups including Ofcom’s Viewer Panel for ITV West, was England’s first black High Sheriff and is widely regarded for her work representing diverse and disadvantaged communities.

Peaches Golding was born Lois Patricia Golding in Spartanburg, South Carolina, US, one of two daughters of Charlie Brady Hauser and his wife Lois Elizabeth Brown. After graduation Peaches worked as a teacher at the University of Ibadan and Loyola College in Ibadan, Nigeria, West Africa where she met her husband who was running a zoo in Nigeria for about 16 years later moving to London for a while before moving to Bristol.

Peaches made her start in marketing, first with her husband at a Cotswold park then with John Pontin at JT Design where she learned a lot about architecture, building and economic development, becoming the economical developer for Bristol and was involved with the UWE turning from a polytechnic into a university, Lloyds coming to Bristol and Hewett Packard.

In 1992 in Bristol, she established a marketing and communications business with clients including the Office for the Deputy Prime Minister, the Department for Education and Employment on its New Deal initiative, the Government Office for the South West, Training and Enterprise Councils in the South West and Business Link.

She was employed by Business in the Community, both as a consultant and an employee, over a period of 17 years as Deputy Director of the Race for Opportunity campaign, Regional Director and Director of Special Projects. She has served terms on a number of public bodies and private sector organisations including Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust where she is Chair of the Charitable Funds Committee (2013–present).

In 2009, she was awarded the Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for services to minority ethnic people in the South West. In 2010, Peaches became the first black high sheriff since the post was created 1,000 years ago.  Peaches Golding took the ceremonial office of Bristol’s High Sheriff in March 2010 and in April 2017 became Her Majesty’s LordLieutenant of the County and City of Bristol.


ALI & KITTY Presented by  Deputy Mayor Bristol Cllr. Asher Craig – Ali & Kitty Mubarak pioneering traders of the ethnic community hub in Bristol, St Pauls, home to the world-famous St Paul’s Carnival. The pair have been trading for the last 50 years, a specialist in hair and beauty products. Ali & Kitty as the store was known changed hands just after the MTM Awards 2018, whereby Ali and Kitty took a well-deserved retirement.

MUNA TALHA Presented by Supt. Rhys Hughes of Avon & Somerset Constabulary –Muna a mother, a wife and a community activist. She is am very passionate about our community and worked very hard with my husband Mohamed ElSharif and other members to bring our community together. Muna has managed to bring the Sudanese women together and ensured their full participation in all community activities; I try to join in other community events also.

CREATIVE INNOVATION CENTRE TAUNTON Presented by  Cllr. Said Hansdot Gloucester City Council – THE CREATIVE INNOVATION CENTRE is a creative open space for activities around the development of enterprise, creativity, community and culture.  Situated in the centre of Taunton and built in the 1800’s our majestic hall houses 20-100 people and has a large coffee bar and utility area for food and drink.  We hold events such as conferences, workshops, exhibitions, meetings, small trade shows and markets, live music and other similar functions. We deliver events directly and work with a range of partners to widen our events.

KIZZY MORRELL  Presented by Cllr. Ian Boulton Staplehill and collected by Roger Griffth of Ujima Radio – Kizzy Morrell is a born and bred Bristolian who adores the City and everything it stands for. Kizzy’s passion is music. Having fun, bringing people together as well as understanding and sharing the many colours of the Black community. It’s all about embracing cultural diversity so that you can get a flavour for the world outside your own. In recent years Kizzy has been working with young people from all around the UK building confidence and self-esteem, alongside mentoring young budding artists from Bristol. Kizzy Morrell founded Bristol’s Studio 7 in 2000

RAY HACKETT Presented by Deputy Mayor of Bristol Cllr. Asher Craig – Roy was a leading organiser of the 1963 Bristol Bus Boycott, a successful black-led campaign to overturn the bar to the employment of Black and Asian bus drivers and conductors by the Bristol Omnibus company. With the support of local MP and cabinet minister Tony Benn, the campaign paved the way for the Race Relations Act of 1965. Roy was also the oldest member of the Bristol Race Equality Council (1965 -2005), which was the first of its kind in the country.  He chaired the committee of the legendary Bamboo Club.  Roy is still very active as a volunteer in Bristol including membership of the St Werburgh’s Community Centre management group. The Jamaican High Commissioner awarded him for his outstanding contribution to his community and in 1993 he received Maundy Money from the Queen at Bristol Cathedral.

TROPIC BEAUTY BRISTOL Presented by Junior Sheikh – Aleida an expert beautician and therapeutic masseur I have decided to bring the service, the smile and the business closer to the community; this has made a big impact. She from Cuba where she was a Salsa dancer later joining Bath College to specialise in beauty care. Aleida is passionate and welcoming and always keen to volunteer in community projects.

MTM International Special Recognition Award 2016 RAMLA OMAR Presented by Mayor Tim Bowles West Combined Authority Mayor and the General -Secretary of the Nepalese Community of Nuneaton Vinod Shrestha – Ramla Said Omar Mohamed is a disability activist and an inspiration to many women with disabilities in Kenya, her country of birth. She is Founder and of the Al-Muqtadir Association and Chair lady of Mvita Constituency in Mombasa, organisations that encourage people with disabilities, in particular, to mobilise and exchange their personal and social experiences.
The structured empowerment programs that these organisations offer are designed to enable participants to enhance their knowledge and understanding of policies, best practices and challenges for improving access, opportunities, and quality of life for people with disabilities in developing communities.

Special Recognitions are also awarded to other communities that work closely with the Asian, Black and Ethnic Communities…

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We are not all about smiles, sparkles, glitz, and glamour, we aspire to inspire communities. We are buzzing, empowering, and diverse. We are known to support communities in the UK and across international waters. We’re on a mission to change perceptions and give exposure opportunities to diverse communities.