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SEASON 11 …celebrating excellence & achievements across our rich, diverse ethnic communities…



Over the past 11 years, our journey has been an extraordinary odyssey, marked by the recognition  of acknowledging 209 remarkable award winners and bestowing 96 Special Recognition honours. With a grand total of 6000 warm welcomes and an impressive 9550 nominees, our awards have garnered over 246,811 votes since their inaugural ceremony in 2012.

This remarkable voyage has been nothing short of a singular and unparalleled experience, witnessing a significant surge in participation and an overwhelming interest from diverse communities vying for the prestigious recognition we offer. We take great pride in having played a pivotal role in spotlighting and celebrating the outstanding contributions of individuals and groups hailing from various ethnic backgrounds.

Looking ahead, our commitment remains unwavering. We are steadfast in our dedication to fostering excellence, supporting achievements, and continuing to celebrate the rich tapestry of diversity that enriches our communities. The journey continues, and as we embark on the years to come, we eagerly anticipate witnessing more inspiring accomplishments and nurturing the enduring spirit of inclusivity and celebration.

Here’s to many more years of this one-of-a-kind experience—a celebration of excellence that unites and uplifts us all!


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 MTM Awards


Making A Difference!

The MTM Awards, initiated in 2012 by Mast The Magazine in the South West of England, serve as a distinctive platform to honor and celebrate the accomplishments in business and culture within diverse ethnic communities. Notably, these awards are the first of their kind in the UK and hold a special significance for the communities they represent.

The awards ceremony, a grand event held at the Bristol Marriott Hotel (now Delta Marriott Hotel) in Bristol city center since 2014, is a highlight every November-December. The unique custom-made hand-crafted Bristol Blue Flame is the coveted prize that winners receive, symbolizing their excellence and contribution.

As of the 2023 awards, there are 5 categories, making a total of 15 awards, and an additional 5 Special Recognitions presented to communities beyond the Asian, black, and ethnic groups. The introduction of the Environmental Excellence Award in 2020, falling under the Open Category alongside National & International awards, reflects the commitment to acknowledging contributions in environmental sustainability.

To be eligible for an MTM Award, nominees must have made a significant difference between January 1 and midnight of the Glittering Gala Award Evening. Nominations are officially submitted through the MTM Awards online nomination form.

The MTM Awards panel, composed of specialists in respective categories, plays a crucial role in the selection process. They shortlist nominees based on the MTM Awards Questionnaire and online voting. The final winners are then selected by the full panel after thorough verification and counting of the votes. The names of the winners are revealed exclusively at the Glittering Gala Award Evening, adding an element of suspense and excitement to the event.

Winning an MTM Award is more than just a recognition; it brings prestige and significant boosts to the success of the winners. Over the years, the awards have evolved to become more inclusive, supporting grassroots artists, suppliers, and volunteers, while actively promoting sustainability among all participants.

As the MTM Awards Season 12 unfolds, it’s evident that the initiative has experienced remarkable growth, with 193 award winners, 91 Special Recognition honors, 5,450 welcomes, 8,350 nominees, and over 227,500 votes cast since their inception in 2012. The awards continue to play a crucial role in celebrating the talent and achievements of contenders from diverse communities, contributing to a more inclusive and vibrant cultural landscape.

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