MTM Glittering Gala Awards Evening!

Saturday, November 26th at the Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre!


MTM  Awards are a prestigious black-tie event, celebrating the excellence &  achievements of the Asian, Black & Ethnic businesses and grass-root communities honouring them for their achievements.

​MTM Awards provide a perfect setting for networking in a unique cultural environment in the heart of Bristol.  The evening promises a star-studded lineup of entertainment, exquisite dining, and celebrity guests, all present to raise the profile of the event to a global audience.  The award evening has been held in the Bristol Suite of the  Bristol Marriott hotel, city centre this has been the home of the MTM Awards since 2014.

The venue is transformed into a glittering gala award evening with a Red Carpet welcome drink, exquisite dining, and diverse entertainment, the only awards ceremony of this type in the South West welcoming a multitude of diverse regional, national, and international guests, plus those on our doorstep.

Attended by business and community leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, and media representatives, the MTM Glittering Gala Awards Evening ceremony offers you a unique opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and celebrate with some of the finest in the region and beyond.

Join us on Saturday, November 26th at 6 pm.

Food Brings Communities Together!

They Say Food Brings People Together!

“Food is an essential part of bringing people together, whether it’s a small gathering of friends having an informal meal at the end of a hard week or a more formal thing like tonight where we bringing lots of people together who never met each other. So food is an essential part of society,” Kevin Cranston – Mayor of Stroud MTM2018!

In a world in which there are over 7,000 estimated languages, there’s one that is in many ways universal – food!

Eating together essentially enables people to connect and the fun of eating different foods and enjoying different dishes, especially across cultures. Culture is a big part of food and food is a
big part of many cultures. Not only does cultural expression through food allow us to be exposed to new flavours, but it also gives us an understanding of how other cultures
may deviate from our own in their cuisines. By eating together, you can become more aware of each other’s cultural background and the food that comes with it. At the MTM Awards, our food presentation since inception has transversed the world, it is an experience like no other.

MTM Awards A Cultural Experience!

The Diversity Makes the MTM Awards  Special!

Discover the Inspiration behind Aspiring People of Diverse Communities, and Celebrate Cultures from across the world.

The MTM Awards Glittering Gala Award Evening is a Cultural Experience:

  • The music
  • The dancers
  • The performances
  • The Guests
  • The Nominees
  • The Food
  • The Languages
  • The Clothes  Worn at the Awards Night…

MTM Awards…Bringing The World To The South West!


Our Networking Is Unique!

MTM Awards – A RED CARPET AFFAIR TO SAVOUR,  this is where it all happens, communities of the world connect, at the MTM Awards you get to network with inspiring businesses, community organisations, and key influencers in the South West, across the United Kingdom and international waters. It’s unique, it’s magical, it’s only at the MTM Awards.

“As I entered the Bristol Marriott Hotel city centre, the energy on the red carpet hit me. They often say your energy introduces you before you speak. Well, this is it, I said to myself, buzzing, empowering & diverse. People across communities gathered, shared and networked, it was like the release of a world premiere. Let me say that again, so it sinks in, it was empowering & world-class. The evening created a community spirit; one that bonded each and every one of us in the room. I can’t wait for more events like this that connect me to communities  that look to rising together”

Join us at our Glittering Gala Award Evening for the 10th anniversary – #10&Beyond  at the  Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre as we celebrate the excellence & achievements of the Asian, Black & Ethnic Minority Communities!



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MTM Awards Are Different!

After  Party

….. and it does not end there as there’s Afters… it’s the Official After Party with some of the finest entertainment as you dance the night away.

The After-Party includes a free drink and gives revelers a chance to party late. No added fee to the After Party, your Award Ticket gives you unlimited entertainment……..and a gift bag to take home.

Celebrating 10 Years & Beyond!