MTM 10 Years & Beyond!

SEASON 11 …celebrating excellence & achievements across our rich, diverse ethnic communities…


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Experience the grandeur of the Glittering Gala Award Evening at MTM Awards, a prestigious black-tie event that pays homage to the excellence and achievements of Asian, Black, and Ethnic businesses, as well as grassroots communities. Held in the heart of Bristol, this unique cultural gathering provides the perfect setting for networking and celebration.
The event promises a star-studded lineup of entertainment, exquisite dining, and the presence of celebrity guests, all contributing to elevating its profile to a global audience. Since 2014, the Bristol Suite of the Bristol Marriott hotel has been the esteemed home of the MTM Awards.
Upon entering the venue, you’ll be welcomed with a Red Carpet experience and a refreshing drink, setting the tone for a night of glamour and diversity. The evening showcases diverse entertainment, making it a one-of-a-kind awards ceremony in the South West, attracting guests from the region, nation, and across international borders.
Business and community leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, and media representatives will grace the occasion, presenting you with an exceptional opportunity to network, share ideas, and celebrate with some of the finest individuals and organizations in the region and beyond.
Mark your calendar for Saturday, November 25th, at 6 pm, and join us for an unforgettable experience at the MTM Glittering Gala Awards Evening. Be part of an event that celebrates the outstanding achievements and contributions of diverse communities, bringing people together in a spirit of unity and excellence.
MTM Awards A Cultural Experience!

The Diversity Makes the MTM Awards  Special!

The MTM Awards is more than just an awards ceremony; it’s a captivating cultural experience that celebrates the essence of diversity. It stands out due to the inspiring stories of aspiring individuals from diverse communities and the recognition of various cultures from across the world.
At the Glittering Gala Award Evening, you’ll be immersed in a rich tapestry of cultural elements:
– The Music: Enjoy a captivating soundtrack that represents the diversity of musical expressions from different cultures, creating an enchanting ambiance throughout the event.
– The Performances: Be amazed by mesmerizing performances showcasing various art forms, dance styles, and talents that reflect the beauty and uniqueness of different cultural traditions.
– The Guests: Interact with a diverse array of guests, including distinguished personalities, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and artists, all coming together to celebrate unity and excellence.
– The Nominees: Witness the acknowledgment of exceptional individuals and businesses from Asian, Black, and Ethnic communities, each representing a story of achievement and inspiration.
– The Food: Delight in a culinary journey featuring a fusion of flavors and dishes from diverse cultures, tantalizing your taste buds and offering a gastronomic exploration.
– The Languages: Experience the beauty of languages from across the world as attendees interact and celebrate in their native tongues, fostering an environment of cultural exchange and understanding.
– The Clothes Worn at the Awards Night: Admire the stunning array of outfits adorned by the guests, reflecting the vibrant traditional attire and modern fashion trends from different cultures.
Together, these elements create an unforgettable MTM Awards experience that celebrates the richness of cultures, embraces diversity, and fosters unity among people from all walks of life. Join us for a night of inspiration and celebration of the diverse tapestry that makes our world so wonderfully unique!

MTM Awards…Bringing The World To The South West!


Food Brings Communities Together!

They Say Food Brings People Together!

“Food is an essential part of bringing people together, whether it’s a small gathering of friends having an informal meal at the end of a hard week or a more formal thing like tonight where we bringing lots of people together who never met each other. So food is an essential part of society,” Kevin Cranston – Mayor of Stroud MTM2018!

Absolutely, food has a unique way of bringing communities together and fostering connections among people from different backgrounds. Whether it’s a small gathering of friends or a larger event like the MTM Awards, sharing a meal creates a sense of togetherness and belonging.
Food’s universality transcends language barriers, as it allows people to connect and enjoy various flavors and dishes from different cultures. It becomes a means of cultural expression and provides an opportunity to understand and appreciate the diversity of cuisines across the world.
The MTM Awards, recognizing the significance of food in cultural exchange, has curated a food presentation that takes guests on a delightful culinary journey. Through this experience, attendees can embrace the richness of various cultures, celebrating the unique flavors and traditions that each brings to the table.
By partaking in these shared culinary experiences, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of each other’s cultural backgrounds, promoting mutual respect and appreciation. Food truly becomes a bridge that unites people, fostering an inclusive and harmonious atmosphere at events like the MTM Awards.
Our Networking Is Unique!


The networking experience at the MTM Awards is truly one-of-a-kind and magical.
As you step onto the red carpet, you’ll feel the vibrant energy that surrounds the event. It’s a gathering where communities from around the world come together, creating an empowering and diverse atmosphere.
At the MTM Awards, you have the incredible opportunity to connect with inspiring businesses, community organizations, and influential individuals from the South West, across the United Kingdom, and even international waters. The event serves as a platform for building meaningful connections and collaborations.
DELTA Hotels by Marriott Bristol, City Centre,  becomes the epicenter of this empowering and world-class networking experience. The evening is filled with a sense of community spirit, uniting everyone in the room and fostering a shared sense of purpose. You’ll be part of an event that celebrates excellence and achievements within Asian, Black, and Ethnic Minority Communities.
As you participate in the Glittering Gala Award Evening this November, you’ll be joining a movement that looks to rise together and uplift each other.
It’s an event that leaves a lasting impact, connecting people from diverse backgrounds, and paving the way for even more transformative gatherings in the future.
Join us for a memorable and enriching experience at the MTM Awards’ Glittering Gala Award Evening, as we celebrate the collective achievements and strengths of communities that shape our world! #10&Beyond awaits you at the Delta Marriott Hotel Bristol City Centre.

MTM Awards Are The Difference!

We celebrate incredible people from all walks of life who selflessly help others and make the lives of the people around them better….

We shine a light on communities  by sharing their stories, and today we are asking you to tell us about unsung heroes you know, by nominating them for an award.