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Now in our 10th year and as we continue building on the success of MTM 2020 Awards, we are delighted to offer our stand-out awards night for 2021, celebrating the essence of business and culture across our diverse, rich, ethnic and communities after a challenging  2020.  


MTM Awards Brand Ambassadors.

At the MTM Awards we have seen an incredible increase in nominations across the South West, nationally, and internationally.  This is down to the fantastic team of diverse individuals who year on year, support and engage with one of the UK biggest Awards initiatives for diverse communities.

MTM Brand Ambassadors are a key part of this success. This inspiring group of individuals have the opportunity to work with the MTM Awards, develop new networks, and champion diverse communities and organisations.


People that are well placed in business and communities,

  • They are enthusiastic, outgoing individuals with a considerable social media presence and a medium to large-sized network.
  • They promote our brand via personal social media accounts
  • They help to build awareness and sponsorship opportunities.
  • They help spread the word and engage with the award’s vision.
  • They advocate the MTM Awards and spearhead or vision.
  • They encourage and enhance diverse communities through recognition and self-
  • They are our role models across the country spreading our message of; celebrating the excellence & achievements of the Asian, Black & Ethnic communities.


The MTM Awards, develop new networks and champion diverse communities and organisations.

The ambassadors have played a great role in opening new avenues in the smallest of towns in the region.

The choice of MTM Ambassadors is competitive as we grow. 

This coveted title is open to past MTM Award Winners and embodies the crème de la crème who support, engage and create awareness of the MTM Brand in their regions.


MTM Awards chooses a brand ambassador to be the “face” of the brand. Ideally, the candidate is a tastemaker in their communities and should plan to use already established networks and relationships to market the brand via word-of-mouth marketing tactics, referring friends, posting about the brand online and will be expected to represent MTM Awards at specific events, where they may give a brand talk or give away brand products.

They promote our brand via personal social media accounts

  • They help to build awareness and sponsorship opportunities.
  • They help spread the word and engage with the award’s vision.
  • They advocate the MTM Awards and spearhead or vision.
  • They encourage and enhance diverse communities through recognition and self-
  • They are our role models across the country spreading our message of; celebrating the excellence & achievements of the Asian, Black & Ethnic communities.


You must be well versed on the role and the responsibilities that such a position will entail.

With the increasing influence of the internet and social media, the role of a brand ambassador has evolved, and there are now even more opportunities for those looking to represent a brand they love.

Trust and credibility are decisive in being an outstanding brand ambassador.

Brand ambassadors should anticipate face-to-face interactions being a major part of the position. Whether representing MTM Awards at a formal event or just talking to someone, a brand ambassador is constantly expected to engage with her community to generate brand awareness.


“As a past winner of the MTM Awards, I am honoured and delighted to have been selected as an Ambassador for this year`s event. This is five in a row and I am humbled to be entrusted with this role. As a role model for many young persons, I urge those in business and community work plus all companies, community groups and or organisations regardless of size or years of experience, to register for the 2020 MTM Awards,” Georgia Holmes, Best Model Award Winner 2014.


For more information and details on how to become part of the MTM Awards team contact 


 e: m: +447807802325








Emma_Beatty_MTM_Awards“As I entered the Bristol Marriott Hotel city centre, the energy in the lobby hit me. They often say your energy introduces you before you speak. Well, this is it, I said to myself, buzzing, empowering & diverse. People across communities gathered, shared and networked, it was like the release of a world premiere. Let me say that again, so it sinks in, it was empowering and world-class. The evening created a community spirit; one that bonded every one of us in the room. I can’t wait for more events like this that connect me to a community that is looking to rise together. Emma Beatty



MTM_Awards_Brand_ AmbassadorsI have been a part of the MTM Awards now for over 6 years when I was nominated and won the Best Model award back in 2014. Since then, I have seen the achievements from the ethnic and black minorities in the South West of England progress. It is great to see achievers from all ages across the board and I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the MTM Awards and supporting this prestigious event every year. “As a past winner of the MTM Awards, I am honoured and delighted to have been selected as Brand Ambassador for this year`s event. This is six in a row and I am humbled to be entrusted with this role. As a role model for many young persons, I ask those in business, community groups and or organisations and individuals aspiring to inspire to register for the 2018 MTM Awards,” Georgia Holmes, MTM Best Model Award Winner 2014.#georgia1990


MTM_Awards_The_Team“The love of supporting the MTM awards for me is that in this world there is too much intolerance, ignorance, division and hate. I hope that being an ambassador allows me to talk to people and show them that with unity and love we can make this world a better place for all, no matter what religion you practice, the country you are born in, your gender or the colour of your skin, we are all the same, we all want to be happy, safe and our children to grow in a world without judgment just because of who we are. From the platform of MTM, I love that we can show the people of the South West & the rest of the country that they are truly appreciated and valued for what they do. Whether that be from the local shop to years of dedication to charities or our public services. I would like to thank every nominee, winner and sponsors of the MTM awards for helping me and the team to try and make our home a happy, safe, fun and tolerant place to live”, Joe Hawkins #joehawkins


MTM_Awards_Brand_ Ambassadors“For me, the only way I can describe the #MTMs, Labels are for products, not people. MTM treats everybody as an equal. It boosts confidence in people as well, as well as networking and raising awareness for charitable causes. But mainly because no matter who you are, or where you are from you are treated like family.” #Plymouth based Nigel of #Hawkeye photography is #chief #photographer for the MTM Awards.



“When you have to go knocking on doors of mainstream media houses You experience the beauty of diversity. As it’s only when you involve with the Asian, Black & Ethnic Minorities that you realise the challenges they face, the immense potential and talent they have that goes unnoticed.” Cllr. Chaz Singh – Plymouth 



Mayor Tom_Aditya_MTM_Awards


“It is a great honour to be invited and to be part of the event. I express my huge appreciation to all organisers and to all those who work selflessly behind the scene. Salute all the award winners and the community volunteers. MTM Awards is a unique place to celebrate the contributions of all ethnic minorities in South West England. You have been showcasing it elegantly for many years. Let this event grow bigger and reaches out to all walks of lives. Best wishes and prayers”, Mayor of Bradley Stoke Cllr. Tom Aditya – 2019



The _Mayor_Swindon_Cllr_Eric_Shaw_MTM Awards 2016“As Mayor of Swindon, I am delighted to be invited to such a prestigious event as the MTM Awards and to be able to be a part of it. It is only right that we should recognise and celebrate both the contributions and the high achievements of our Asian and Ethnic Minorities. I’m certain that the evening will be a great success. Every good wish,” Mayor of Swindon, Councillor Eric Shaw 2016





Mayor of Taunton Deane Councillor Hazel Prior-Sankey_MTM_Awards“I congratulate and thank everyone from the Asian & Ethnic Minorities who have enriched our community by their hard work and creativity. I look forward to sharing in the public recognition of their outstanding contributions in our region at the Gala Evening on the 17th of December 2017”, Mayor of Taunton Deane Councillor Hazel Prior-Sankey




Mayor Bowles presents MTM International Award

‘I am very much looking forward to spending an evening with winners and others celebrating the achievements of our Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority Communities in the South West’, Mayor Tim Bowles -Mayor Tim Bowles was elected as the first Mayor for the West of England in May 2017.  His career has combined international business roles with public service in the region. Born in East Africa he has lived and worked in the Middle East and now lives in South Gloucestershire.


The Right_Honourable_Lord_Mayor_Bristol_Cllr._Jos_Clark_MTM Awards“As First Citizen of Bristol is a great honour to be able to attend and present an award at the 8th Annual MTM Awards. The awards celebrate business and cultural success across our many and varied ethnic minority communities and cultures. The Awards have grown from strength to strength over the last 8 years with new National and International categories introduced in 2016.  I am pleased to see that this year nominations have been received from Goa-India, Somaliland, Morocco, Tanzania and Kenya.  A large part of my role as Lord Mayor is visiting and recognising the hard work and value our communities offer to the City and the MTM Awards go a long way to showcasing how important our Black and Minority Groups Ethnic are to the cultural and professional life of Bristol”. The Lord Mayor of Bristol Cllr Jos Clark 2019 – 2020



MTM_BATOOK_PANDYA_LIFETIME_ACHIEVEMENT_Award 2018 p-resented by Deputy_Mayor_Bristol_Cllr._Asher_Craig“Diversity was never a word in my vocabulary until I became a young adult and both experienced & witnessed the injustice & discrimination that was happening around me. My home city of Bristol is more diverse than when I was at school & we are proud to wear that diversity on our sleeve – 91 languages, 187 countries of birth; 45 religions & faiths practised. The city and indeed the world is so much more intertwined & we all need to take time out once in a while to appreciate & celebrate our many cultures. The MTM Awards does just that by bringing together an array of worthy nominees from across the South West whose work in this space need to be shouted about and recognised.

Thank you MTM for raising the bar each year and shining a spotlight on the great work we all do in the name of “diversity”.  Deputy Mayor of Bristol Cllr Asher Craig.



The Right Worshipful The Mayor of of_Bath_Cllr._Gerry_Curran__ MTM_Awards“I am very pleased to be present at the 2019 MTM Awards and happy to support the good work of their chosen charity Dementia UK”. The Right Worshipful The Mayor of Bath (Councillor Gerry Curran) – 2019





MTM Awards_Rt_Worshipful_Mayor of_Calne_Cllr_Robert_Merrick_“I am looking forward to attending the MTM awards event in Bristol and being able to take part in the celebration with people achieving excellence from Southwest communities, as well as award winners from local, national and international business.” Calne Town Mayor Cllr Robert Merrick -2019




MTM Awards _Special_Recognition_Jasper_Thompson_Help_Bristol's_Homeless_presented by_Cllr_Ian_Boulton_ 2019 Cllr_Ian_Boulton_StapleHill_South_Glos“Joining friends and colleagues in the BME community for the MTM Awards is undoubtedly a highlight of this time of year.  The event provides us all with a unique opportunity to come together to celebrate entrepreneurship, individual talent and community spirit as well as learning a little about some of the exciting work that is taking place in our region and beyond.  I am looking forward to joining you all once again for the 2019 Gala Award Evening.” Cllr Ian Boulton, Staple Hill, Bristol.




Three_Time_Lord_Mayor_Cllr._Peter_Abraham_MTM_AwardsBristol_Cllr_Peter_Abraham_MTM Awards 2018 -“What a joy it is for me, having been present at the very first MTM Award Evening, to once again be witnessing a splendid night which showcases the ethnic diversity of the Greater Bristol Region and I warmly greet and thank all those who have contributed to this very important event”. Cllr Peter Abraham Three Time Lord Mayor of Bristol




_Sophie_Hirst_Dementia_UK_MTM Awards“Dementia UK provides specialist dementia support for families via the Admiral Nurse Service.  When things get difficult our nurses work alongside the entire family giving them one to one support, expert guidance and practical solutions. The expertise and experience our nurses bring is a lifeline to those facing dementia, allowing families to live more positively and to face challenges with more confidence and less fear.  Admiral Nurses also offer a helpline to anyone in need of advice, open 7 days a week. Sophie Hirst Dementia UK




Police & Crimes Commissioner - Sue Mountstevens_MTM Awards 2017“I am delighted to be attending the MTM awards again this year. It is always wonderful to be part of this fantastic event and celebrate the successes of tonight’s nominees and winners. Congratulations to all involved.” PCC-Sue Mountstevens- Avon & Somerset Constabulary.





MTM Awards _Avon_&_Somerset_Stephen_Curran_Bristol“Happy to be part of this great initiative, looking forward to the event”, Stephen Cullen is an Assistant Chief Constable for Avon and Somerset Constabulary. Steve has spent his working career working for the Police and has held a number of roles as rising through the ranks.  Steve leads Neighbourhood, Partnerships and Response policing across the diverse communities of Avon and Somerset. Steve is a champion of inclusion and diversity, including adopting the role of Chief Officer Lead for LGBT+, all underpinned by our Force’s values of courageous, caring, inclusive and learning.




Mayor _of _Taunton_ Francesca _Smith _MTM_Awards“Wishing everyone good luck for the forthcoming MTM awards, I am sure it will be a wonderfully glittering event.  Really looking forward to attending”. Mayor of Taunton Cllr. Francesca Smith- 2019





The Right Worshipful the Mayor or of Gloucester_Cllr Joanne Brown - 20188“On behalf of the Members and Officers of Gloucester City Council, I am pleased to offer our congratulations to all the nominees of this prestigious event celebrating the excellence and achievements of the Asian, Black and Ethnic minority communities.  Thank you to the organisers and sponsors of the MTM Awards for showcasing such an outstanding event.  Gloucester is proud to celebrate the very wide diversity of our people and continues to welcome warmly people of all ethnic origins and backgrounds.  I wish everyone much success.”-The Right Worshipful the Mayor of Gloucester Councillor Joanne Brown – 2018

MTM Awards Assistant _Chief_Fire_Officer_Bristol _Simon_Shilton Simon Shilton said:

 “I am extremely honoured to be part of the MTM Awards on behalf of Avon Fire and Rescue Service. It recognises some of the best the region has to offer when it comes to diversity in both business and the community, something we are proud to be a part of. As a Service, we have been working tirelessly to ensure we represent the communities we serve, be that through our Yes You Can campaign, which encourages a diverse workforce, or our risk reduction work in the community with groups across the area. We love the diverse nature of Bristol and surrounding areas and what it offers, such as St Pauls Carnival which celebrated its 50th anniversary and something we hope to be part of again. But we can always do more, and we will. Our Diversity, Inclusion, Cohesion and Equality team work extremely hard in making sure we connect with all members of the communities were serve and that we are constantly improving the service we offer.”

 “Finally, congratulations to all the winners; you help make Bristol one of the best cities in the UK.”

Simon Shilton was appointed Assistant Chief Fire Officer for service delivery support in January 2017 and is a champion of inclusion. He has been in the fire and rescue service for 25 years working with diverse communities and projects in the Bristol and West Midlands.

MTM_Awards_2018_Red_Carpet_Mayor_Kevin Cranston Mayor of Stroud 2018“Although it has only been going for 7 years the MTM awards are already firmly established as a major prestigious event in the region. So I was honoured to receive the invitation to present an award at this year’s MTM Gala Evening, the more I have found out about the event the more privileged I feel. It is great to be able to join in the celebration of successful individuals, businesses of various sorts and a wide range of high achievers. Succeeding in business in a time of austerity and all the uncertainty about the future of our country is harder than ever. I congratulate everyone who has been nominated for an award. It will be a very tough task for the judges to decide on the winners.” Kevin Cranston Mayor of Stroud 2018

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