Mast The Magazine was launched as a supplement of Radio Mast FM in 2009 to further bridge ethnic communities in the South West of England.

Mast The Magazine is already established as the preferred Asian, Black & Ethnic Minorities publication in the South West. Since its inception in 2009, the magazine has been at the frontline of inspiring communities, bridging cultures, and celebrating diversity. Mast The Magazine is renowned for promoting diverse businesses and communities.  We offer our audience a world-class state-of-the-art publication packed with socio-economic features, travel, entertainment, sports, and community events.

We are known to guide, educate and create professional advertorial for our clients and have since 2009 changed perceptions of these businesses in terms of marketing and digital presence. Before we stepped in, publications was a reserve of the wider community and the local publication at the time will only report incidents of tragedies and calamities unless it is a paid advertorial or story, Mast The Magazine changed lives for the Asian & ethnic communities in Bristol and the South West by giving them a magazine of their own.

The magazine was officially launched in October 2009 at a Radio Mast FM Diwali Road Show at the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke, South Gloucestershire. The first two releases were printed in the West Midlands but soon we were able to go into an agreement with a local publisher since the rest is history.




Our first edition was released in December 2009. A team of volunteers of a local community radio station – Radio Mast FM was taken by surprise when the founder of the station Big Q aka abdulhaQ announced on stage at the group’s annual Diwali Road Show- Little India Diwali at the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke, South Gloucestershire, South West of England – that he was officially launching a community publication to be run by volunteers and supported by the local community.

Little did he know that it was to be what he said to be.
Local photographer Mick Kirton who had set up a photo-booth stall at the roadshow was offered to be the official photographer, young Simone Dhillon one of the many performers at the roadshow was on the spot chosen as the face of the premiere edition, Junior Sheikh – station manager of Radio Mast FM was put in charge of the publication and radio presenter Rahi Perveen as the main reporter.
Just like that Mast The Magazine was born.

Mast The Magazine 2022 Editions…..

…almost there though loads of lost miles to make up … the team is back in person after the hiatus of 18 months plus since March 2020. We are happy that the MTM Awards are back and ready to celebrate its 10th Anniversary which was due in 2021 but because of restrictions both local and intertaional the milestone has been set for Saturday November 26th at the Bristol Marriott Hotel, often referred to as ‘The Home of the MTM Awards’. The magazine is back and featured on the front cover is Natalie Amber


Mast The Magazine 2021 Editions…..

..the effects of the pandemic taking its toll in the UK, in the South West community organisations and faith houses double efforts to supplement much needed supplies to deprived communites. As the restrictions are slowly relaxed both Mast The Magazine and the MTM Awards creep back to Making It Happen. The MTM Awards are held on July 31st at the usual Bristol Marriott Hotel with only a third of the numbers, mainly sponsors, finalist and award presenters- there was no entertainment – this was to reduced numbers and time of the ceremony. Mast The Magazine released one of their finest publication since inception in 2009 featuring 9 year old MTM Media & Entertainment Award Winner Namite Selvaggi from Terracina, Roma, Italy. 


Mast The Magazine 2020 Editions…..

..Covid strikes the world..production is limited…our sister organisation MTM Awards launched MTM Connect – to provide basics to families and Food Banks across the South West of England that were hardest hit by the effects of the pandemic…MTM Awards co-founder and Director – the brainchild of MTM Connect travelled the South West delivering Food Packages, this was made possible by a number of local businesses, supporters, friends and realatives in Bristol, Swindon and Plymouth. Both the MTM Awards and Mast The Magazine were no exception to the effects of COVID- the MTM Awards 2020 were postponed and after the early year publication of the magazine, everything stopped!


Mast The Magazine 2019 Editions…..

selected issues we share plus the MTM Awards souvenir brochure featuring legendary Apache Indian on the cover!



Mast The Magazine 2018 Editions…..

…. Bristol elects the first Black woman Lord Mayor in its 800-year-old history… Cllr. Cleo Alberta Lake…. 




Mast The Magazine 2017 Editions…..

…. participation from communities than those in the South West gave us an opportunity to get to work with more organisations..




Mast The Magazine 2015 Editions…..

……….after a successful rebranding of both Mast The Magazine and the MTM Awards.. it was time to look further than the South West…




Mast The Magazine 2014 Editions…..

……….after a lapse of  three years, we are back On The Road  with a Summer Road Show at the Swindon County Grounds supporting Diabetes UK 




Mast The Magazine 2013 Editions…..

…….the re-structuring begins…a new-look magazine and a digital edition are launched..




Mast The Magazine 2012 Editions…..

…….the year that the MTM South West Asian Awards were officially launched…

MTM Awards celebrating the essence of business and culture across our rich diverse ethnic communities; were launched by Mast The Magazine, a local publication servicing diverse communities, based in the South West of England, the United Kingdom in 2012.  The first award of its kind in the United Kingdom.

As MTM Awards celebrate the tenth anniversary the brand has seen an amazing 172 awards winners, 78 Special Recognition honours, 4950 welcomes, 6350 nominees, and over 178,000 votes cast since the inaugural awards we’ve seen a remarkable increase in participation, an immense interest from diverse communities vying for this prestigious award since 2012.

As initiators of these prestigious awards Mast The Magazine would like to thank all that have been on our journey since 2009 and all nominees, sponsors, supporters, suppliers, and the Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre, often referred to herein Bristol as ‘The Home of the MTM Awards’.


Mast The Magazine 2011 Editions…..

…and just like that.. we opened doors to include the other ethnic communities….


Welcome to our 2010 editions….

…and just like that the journey began…..simply click on the front cover and read……


Summer Edition 2018


Diwali LTD  Edition 2015 (autumn)


Winter Edition 2017




Spring Edition 2015

Spring Edition 2016



Summer Edition 2014

The South West has Talent

The first article in the inaugural Premier Edition 20029 was of young Simone Dhillon.


Young Simone, now 10 years of age started dancing at the age of 2. The only child of the Dhillons of Bristol, Simonw was enrolled at the Bristol School of Dance, for ballet, modern, tap and Bollywood. Simone prefers ballet as she feels it is elegant and fun.  At the tender age of six, Simone made her first stage appearance. At the time of writing this piece, Simone was 9.

We met Simone at the Little India Diwali Road Show, Willow Brook Centre Bradley Stoke,  her matured stage performance and confidence were sensational.


Summer Edition 2015


Spring Edition 2014