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 Mast The Magazine was launched as a supplement of Radio Mast FM in 2009 to further bridge the South Asian Communities in the South West of England.

Mast The Magazine is already established as the preferred Asian, Black & Ethnic Minorities publication in the South West. Since its inception in 2009, the magazine has been at the frontline of inspiring communities, bridging cultures, and celebrating diversity. Mast The Magazine is renowned for promoting diverse businesses and communities.  We offer our audience a world-class state-of-the-art publication packed with socio-economic features, travel, entertainment, sports, and community events.

We are known to guide, educate and create professional advertorial for our clients and have since 2009 changed perceptions of these businesses in terms of marketing and digital presence. Before we stepped in, publications was a reserve of the wider community and the local publication at the time will only report incidents of tragedies and calamities unless it is a paid advertorial or story, Mast The Magazine changed lives for the Asian & ethnic communities in Bristol and the South West by giving them a magazine of their own.

The magazine was officially launched in October 2009 at a Radio Mast FM Diwali Road Show at the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke, South Gloucestershire. The first two releases were printed in the West Midlands but soon we were able to go into an agreement with a local publisher since the rest is history.




2019 was our 10th year.

In 2009 we launched our Premier Edition just before Christmas and what a journey it has been. First and foremost we thank all communities that have supported the magazine since, our advertisers and supporters, the host of volunteers, photographers, reporters, stringers(local, national and international), and above all our design and publication team without whose support we would have been done years ago, Thank You all.

The concept of Mast The Magazine was conceived as a supplement to the already popular Radio Mast FM, the first Asian community radio for the Southwest and South Wales. Launched in October 2009 at the Radio Mast FM Little India Road Show at Willow Brook Centre Bradley Stoke by its founder Big Q, Junior Sheikh and with the support of Rahee Perveen, a volunteer radio presenter on Radio Mast FM and local photography enthusiast Mick Kirton.

The team trekked the motorways attending various Asian events and locally shuttling between community centres capturing all if not most of the Asian and Ethnic events.

Credit to all that joined the team as we grew along, though I have a special mention for Junior Sheikh as he was at university in Coventry and made regular trips to cover the big events. Today the brands are under his belt and he brings to Magazine wider participation and also looking to make the publication more online friendly. In this edition to mark those great years since inception, we are including many national events and features yet maintaining that distinctive Southwest touch.

With hints of plenty of sunshine on the horizon and with the start of the month of Ramadhan we hope our readers will have plenty to celebrate about. Please do enjoy all the pages and give yourself time to look twice at MTM Awards supplement as there are good tidings for all small and medium-sized businesses, community organizations, our community champions, and unsung heroes.

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The South West has Talent

The first article in the inaugural Premier Edition 20029 was of young Simone Dhillon.


Young Simone, now 10 years of age started dancing at the age of 2. The only child of the Dhillons of Bristol, Simonw was enrolled at the Bristol School of Dance, for ballet, modern, tap and Bollywood. Simone prefers ballet as she feels it is elegant and fun.  At the tender age of six, Simone made her first stage appearance. At the time of writing this piece, Simone was 9.

We met Simone at the Little India Diwali Road Show, Willow Brook Centre Bradley Stoke,  her matured stage performance and confidence were sensational.