We are saddened to hear of the passing on of MTM Batook Pandya Lifetime Achievement Winner 2019 – AMJID ALI.MTM Batook Pandya Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Amjid Ali_MTM2019

On behalf of the MTM director Junior Sheikh, the chair of the panel, Allan Parris, the panel of judges, the board, MTM volunteers & brand ambassadors, we send our Warmest Condolences Thoughts & Prayers to his wife and daughter, brother & sister, the family, the Bristol Pakistani Community and the people of Bristol.AMJID ALI had a total of 25 years’ retail, business, and Islamic banking experience. His professional career in financial services began in Nov 1986 when he joined Midland Bank as a management trainee. The last 10 years of his career with HSBC was spent as UK Head and Senior Manager, HSBC Amanah the Islamic Financial Services Division of HSBC Group.  In this role, he and his team were recognised for their outstanding service and delivery of Islamic Financial Services in the UK and Globally.

Following advice from his medical team, he decided to take early retirement in June 2012 following a kidney transplant recent years he has been an Independent Management Consultant working across a range of Private, Public, and Voluntary Sector organisations. One of his key partnership roles was that of Project Lead, ‘Transplantation within the framework of Shariah (Islamic Law)’ for NHS Blood and Transplant. A pioneering initiative Amjid developed to engage Muslim faith leaders and community influencers to increase awareness and engagement amongst the diverse Muslim communities in the UK.

He was one of the core members of the Steering Group that drafted the Manifesto for Race Equality which led to the formation of the Mayoral Commission for Race Equality in Bristol.  He was instrumental in developing the selection process and along with 3 other community panel members appointed the  Commissioner for Race Equality.

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