Shahedur Rohman

We are proud to welcome Shahedur Rohman as our latest addition to the team. Shahedur a radio personality in Gloucester will be our Brand Ambassador for the Gloucestershire area.

Shahedur works as a litigation solicitor for one of the large firms in Bristol and is eager to be joining the MTM team as a brand ambassador. Before becoming a devoted father of two, Shahedur had spent years as a volunteer DJ with community radio in Gloucester (Gloucester FM) and Bristol (Radio Ramadhan Bristol) where he truly learned about the strength and value of community.

 Shahedur balances his time with his family, his work as a solicitor and training as an OCR/Ninja warrior athlete. 

Shahedur is a firm believer in diversity and inclusion and believes that everyone regardless of their race, colour or creed deserves recognition and the MTM Awards is the platform to do so. 




Abdulsamad has been conducting youth events and participating in football events since the age of 13.

He runs a local football team for the youth in Mombasa, Kenya, Belfort FC. In 2017 he joined forces with Project Hope Organisation in his local city to create awareness of the dire state of the environment and lack to essential medical facilities for the under privileged.

Besides his busy college calendar Samad spends his weekends coaching the young and volunteering in charity homes of the physically challenged. He has joined Al-Muqtadir Association as an intern and hopes to start an international campaign to help the youth of Mombasa, which will get the young off the drug dens and crime in the city.



“My dream is to promote the youth and communities with these sporting events as it brings us together as one.”