Nomination for the MTM  Unsung Hero Award Mohammed Arif Khan

Born in Azad Kashmir, Arif had his early education in Pakistan, at the age of 13, he moved to Walsall, briefly and later to Yorkshire and in 1974, moved to Bristol. He joined   Rolls Royce as an apprentice aircraft fitter as well as attending Brunel Technical College. In 1990 he joined his brother Tariq Khan at Brunel Associates on Stapleton road Bristol.

Proven business success and a dedicated community leader, Arif is one of the best known Pakistani public figures in Bristol. He strives to ensure the local community is kept informed and involved in events and activities.

Arif brings the community together, he is very active working with the wider community and agencies such as the police, city councillors and attending the house of lords meetings too.He is the founder and Chair of Council of Bristol Mosques and an active member of multi faith group.

He is also the fundraising manager for “Andalusia Academy” and has help to secure large amounts
of funding to assist in the project and make it a success.

When there is an issue arising in Bristol he is the first to stand up and face the challenge and
bring the community together for a resolution whether it’s local, national or even international
level he has delivered so naturally, he is a “Community Champion”.

Arif finds personal satisfaction from genuinely helping others and advising members of the local community on various issues … such as immigration, housing and other aspects of living within the community.

Along with other members of the community, he was involved with the extension of Easton Jamia mosque in Easton as well as Hazrat Bilal centre in St. Werburgh’s Bristol, both projects are now complete and in use.

Speaking to MTM, Arif said, “Community work does affect my professional schedule but I have always found time to assist the community, people have always walked in the office for help but you at times are tied with time but have to find time to assist. Obviously as they walk with great hope I have always found time and ways to go out of my way to help. I grew up seeing my father help a lot of people I guess it’s in our genes”…

Arif is an accredited member of the responses team of the faith community’s response to major emergencies. He works closely with the local council and the Avon & Somerset Constabulary when it comes to local issues.

He has  been in involved in community activities for the last 26 years in various capacities and hosted VIPS including Prince Charles, diplomats, local civic and parliamentarians at community events in the West, in short, community activities is this community leader’s passion.

“I would you like to be perceived as an upright and honest and above all a servant of my local communities without exception or discrimination whether you are Asian, Malaysian, Afro- Caribbean or Caucasian, you would be treated with equality”   

“To be personally thanked by many members of the Bristol community is a very humbling feeling …. A feeling I cannot get enough of.”