MTM Awards is a recognition celebrating the essence of business and culture across our rich diverse ethnic communities  The awards were created after we realised the need to recognise the important contributions of Asian Black  & Ethnic communities, who were otherwise disregarded or used as a tick box exercise with token gestures.

….where it all began….@ Radio Mast FM 2008….many were given the opportunity to learn the basics of radio presentation and production….they came in numbers and did what they had to do…2009 October…a local publication for the South West Asian communities was born…Mast The Magazine …a decade plus later it still is the only publication ‘NOW’ for the Asian, Black & Ethnic Minority Community…here too many were given an opportunity to learn and move on …some moved on and never pursued journalism. Some did and have manged to get into mainstream media…the feeling at Mast The Magazine. “We are proud to have shared our knowledge and expertise in a specialised field with many…2012 MTM Awards were born and 10 years on we have honoured hundreds and welcomed a multitude of diverse guests yet to be matched in the UK….MTM Awards, ‘The Biggest Awards of its kind in the UK’…..Join MTM Awards this November 26th at the Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre to ‘Experience Our Journey’.

On Saturday November 26th at the MTM Glittering Gala Award Evening, a perfect setting in a uniquely cultural environment, together we shall honour your nominees.