Nominated For the MTM Art & Culture Award 2017 – Nimeiri Hussein MejawerMTM Art & Culture Nominee 2017

Nimeiri was born in Sudan in 1981. He has a degree in economics and Management- Sciences University of Omdurman, Sudan.  He is a UNESCO Academy of Arts Diploma awards winner of scientific literature in the Arab world (Tripoli).

Nimeiri is also a winner of the peace and development research in the ministry of Youth Sudan and winner of the short story contest of students in universities and colleges in Sudan.

He is an editor with Al-Khabar, Alwafaq newspaper in the cultural division as well as Alsafeer Magazine.

He is a member of the Sudanese story club, the Sudanese journalists ‘ union, the Sudanese writers union and member of UNESCO in Sudan

He has been a presenter at BCfm radio program Voice of Sudan for six years and is a member of the culture and social committee of the Sudanese Community in Bristol.

Egyptian publisher Awraq released his novel on the 2nd October 2016 novel “alnofos andad” which is the second novel after “Who Crushed The Ants” in 2014.

Nimeiri Mejawer has also published a short story entitled “Woman Remains” in 2006.

Cultural novelist Nimeiri Hussein’s work is based on rich experience in creative work; an artistic writer and cultural journalist, his many stories and literary materials have greatly contributed to cultural supplements in various Sudanese newspapers, before emigrating abroad, and he is still involved in the literary field as radio producer/presenter in the UK and is one of the finest Sudanese cultural activists in Britain.

He was The MTM Art, Culture & Music Award 2016.To walk life…
Don’t explain everything.
And don’t check everything.
And don’t analyse everything.
Smile then ignore,
It is not necessary to take everything into account.
God has mercy on the overlook for the survival of and.
Art is not a fault and ignorance is not stupidity and tolerance is not a weakness and silence is not a private….#NMejawer

Junior Sheikh Face To Face  Nimeiri Hussein Mejawer..