Partnership at the MTM Awards 2017

Welcome to the MTM Awards Celebrating the Excellence & Achievements of the Asian, Black & Ethnic Minorities.

MTM Awards is seeking your group to partner the awards whereby your brand will be associated with the MTM Awards in all our newsletters, publicity campaigns, digital and print, links to the web and all social media platforms and on all nomination and voting campaigns and mailings.

Having your brand associated with the MTM Awards will enhance your already renowned brand with the thousands who participate in the awards, opening new avenues for your product.

MTM Awards is already established as the premier Asian, Black & Ethnic Minorities event in the South West, welcoming over 3000 people across communities at the Glittering Gala Evening, over 1000 nominees making it to the nomination short list and over 60,000 voting online since inception in 2012.

MTM Awards is a leading player in promoting & honouring diverse business and community groups. We are renowned for changing perceptions and pushing boundaries, offering audiences a world class Glittering Gala Award Evening and nominees an extraordinary experience of a lifetime to showcase their excellence & achievements in business and community work.

MTM Awards were created in 2012 to Honour The Best of South Asian businesses and communities in the South West of England.

In 2014 the awards opened doors to other ethnic communities in the region, this increased participation and diversity for the awards.

2016 saw the awards introduce a National Award for Excellence in Business and Community to include the participation of cities other than those in the South West.

This gave the awards a national outlook with calls across the country to expand the awards to different regions and the capital.

Special Recognitions are awarded to businesses and communities other than the Asian, Black & Ethnic that work closely with these communities.

Now in its sixth year and building on the success of MTM 2016 Awards, we are delighted to be able to continue to offer our stand-out awards night for 2017, celebrating the essence of business and culture across our diverse, rich, ethnic minority communities.

There are 20 awards spread over six categories up for grabs in 2017. All six categories are popular and competitive with nominations in the hundreds each season. (Please see attached partnership brochure for details of all awards)

2016 the awards saw an increase in nominations thanks to MTM Ambassadors across the region who visited many business and community premises that are  not digital conscious and introduced them to the awards, its benefits and rewards for business and community. This boosted nominations and brought on board newer brands and organisations. A big thank you to our sponsors and supporters.

This year we are expecting a surge in nominations from each if not more of the popular categories. This could exceed the 100 nominee mark per award in most awards.

Nominations opened to the public via our website on July 20th and close on September 20th. All nominations are boxed and vetted by the panel and questionnaire sent through by email. Upon completion of the questionnaire those that meet the award criteria are eligible for voting.

Voting begins on September 28th and ends on November 15th with the Press evening taking place on November 29th. The winners know of their fate at the Glittering Gala Evening on December 17th at the Bristol Marriott hotel when the awards are handed out to winners by celebrity guests and Mayors from different cities.

Every season of the awards we support a cause, in 2016; Ivory Belongs to Elephants has been our chosen charity, creating awareness on the plight of elephants in Africa especially the East African region.

For the 2017-2018 season MTM Awards are working closely with this cause and have partnered the Ivory Belongs to Elephant team for The Great London to Bristol Ivory Belongs To Elephants Walk that starts at the Natural History Museum, Kensington and finishes in Bristol in over ten days to join us at the Glittering Gala Evening on Sunday, December 17th at the Bristol Marriott hotel.

The awards enjoy exceptional electronic and print media coverage locally and internationally, this has now become a trend as finalist invite London media houses for the diaspora communities.

Please find our MTM Awards pack for your perusal and feel free to get in touch for further details.

We are able to tailor a partnership to suit your brand.

Many Thanks

Sue Sheikh

Sales & Marketing