It’s Sunday, June 5th and all roads lead to the Queens Platinum Jubilee Biryani Street Party ..for MTM Award’s Young Achiever Finalist 2022 St Mark’s Road resident Subhaan Ali Tahir, 19, volunteered to bring a golden throne for photo opportunities and put a call out on social media for extra hands. “The Queen’s the Queen,” he says. “Her character is quite unique. Everyone’s got to love the Queen.” Subhaan was born on St Mark’s Road and their family business Mubarak Jewellers is a landmark shopping hub for weddings and ceremonies – the only Goldsmith of ethnic origin in Bristol.

Meanwhile, MTM Award’s Executive Director, Junior Sheikh, whose family came to the UK from Kenya in 2002, is organising the music and stage, supported by the founder of the MTM Awards and Mast The Magazine Q Sheikh who has put the guest list together and marketing the Big Day.  Junior thinks it’s “important to honour the Queen” but, more than anything, he adores St Mark’s Road. “Where else do you have a pub, mosque, and church right next to each other?” he says.

It all begins at 2 pm today June 5th and has loads to look forward to.

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