Saranjit Kaur Nominated For the MTM Empowering Women Award 2017

As a British Sikh woman, I am a mother to 2 children and the backbone of my husband in Plymouth, the South West, nationally and globally.

Saranjit has been Deputy Lady Mayoress where she experienced first-hand many of the barriers BAME women still have to go through.

“In the age of equality and social justice, there is still inequality which many of us who are given opportunities in places of position and influence must carry on the fight to end these injustices against women not only in the United Kingdom but globally through social media campaigns and creating online awareness.  Women must carry and carry on. I am happiest when I am able to be one or one of thousand people.”

Saranjit’s driving force is to fulfil her role as a Sikh woman always forward thinking straight talking and never afraid to give a hand whenever I am called upon to. She would like to be perceived as honest, Upfront and supportive.

“My aim is to be the 1st Sikh Lady Mayoress of Plymouth one day and work closely with my husband Councillor Chaz Singh of Plymouth in the numerous community projects that he undertakes not only in Plymouth but in the South West and beyond and see him, my husband become  Member of Parliament one day, as I am confident Chaz will serve the entire community as a voice of the voiceless.”

“I don’t do the work I do for the awards but in my opinion BAME women are not acknowledged enough for their hard work and contribution. Organisers take note with awards under my belt I would be more visible and be included in inspiring women to get more involved.”

Saranjit has been part of Turban Awareness Day and Langar week in Plymouth.