On the successful first Kiswahili Day Gala Evening at the prestigious Westminster Central Hall in London on the 7th of July 2023, celebrating the World Kiswahili Day!

The event was truly a historic occasion as Brother Nassir, also known as Nasri, became the first Taarab artist to perform at the Houses of Parliament in London, on the night before adding to the evening’s significance.

The grand launch of the 1st Sema Jambo Awards (SJA) by MTM was a highlight, recognizing outstanding achievements within the Swahili-speaking community, fostering appreciation and celebration of excellence.

The transformation of the venue with Swahili aesthetics, from the lighting to the table set-up adorned with KISUTU fabric, created an enchanting atmosphere, embracing the vibrant colors and patterns synonymous with Swahili traditions.

The concept of the DHOWS, the beautiful Arab sailing vessels crafted by Mohamed Mbwana from the Shungwaya Welfare Association, added a captivating touch to the event, showcasing the rich artistic heritage of Swahili-speaking communities.

The artistic expertise of Q and Huris Collection from Mombasa, Kenya, contributed significantly to the event’s visual appeal, making it a culturally enriching experience for all attendees.

It’s clear that the World Kiswahili Day Glittering Gala Evening was an unforgettable and momentous occasion, blending the beauty of Swahili tradition with the grandeur of Westminster London, leaving lasting memories for everyone involved.
Well done to all that made it happen!