The response for MTM 2016 has been phenomenal, with over 189 nominated for the 21 awards up for grabs.

Over 15,000 votes have been cast, which is a sign that the MTM Awards have attracted both local and National interests.

These are some of the nominee profiles for 2016:

Ms Ramla Said Omar (MTM Special Recognition International Award) 2016

Ramla Said Omar Mohamed is a disability activist and an inspiration to many women with disabilities in Kenya, her country of birth.
She is Founder and of the Al-Muqtadir Association and Chair lady of Mvita Constituency in Mombasa, organizations which encourage people with disabilities in particular to mobilize and exchange their personal and social experiences.

The structured empowerment programs that these organizations offer are designed to enable participants to enhance their knowledge and understanding of policies, best practice and challenges for improving access, opportunities and quality of life for people with disabilities in developing communities.
Equipped with a qualification and skills in Information Technology from the Mombasa Polytechnic institution (2002/3), Ramla trains youth and people with disabilities in computer skills and packages.

After the 2013 Government elections the new Member of Parliament in the Mvita Constituency formed a Committee to take charge of the Community Development Funds (CDF).

Ramla Said was elected by the community to represent people with disabilities issues in the Committee for a term of five years.
In 2013 the Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) organization in Kenya awarded Ramla the prestigious PWANI Human Rights Award in the ‘Person with a Disability of the Year’ category.

Later that year, the National Council for Persons with Disabilities in Kenya recognized her with a Certificate for her contribution in pioneering various socio-economic development initiatives for women with disabilities in the Mombasa County.

In 2013 Ramla was invited by the American Embassy in Kenya to participate in the US State Department sponsored International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) which seeks to build mutual understanding between the United States and other nations through carefully designed professional visits to the US for current and emerging world leaders.
Ramla holds a Certificate presented to her by the United States Department of State Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs for her selfless contribution in the development of people with disabilities in Africa.

To add to that in 2015 Ramla was awarded in South Africa at an event called Valhalarts – the Empower Women with Disability by exposing their profession and talents or making a change in the community and was nominated   an international Award for their first time.

Ramla Said will be joining MTM Awards on December 18th at the Bristol Marriott Hotel city centre for The Glittering Gala Evening as a Special Recognition Nominee – a first international recognition for MTM Awards…

Maliha Berridge –  Nominated For An MTM Empowering Women Award 2016…..

When I first started working for the police, there were many within the Asian community, who did not approve of me working with the Police especially as I am a Muslim.
Maliha was one on the first civilians to work at a front desk. This was an extremely challenging role, where I had to deal with a range of enquiries from members of the public from reporting crimes, visitors for people in police custody, giving advice and getting people to sign bail.
The following years, she worked at Police Stations across Bristol and South Gloucestershire.
She has had many varied and challenging roles but my most memorable times in the Force, were as a Special Constable working at Trinity Road, where I worked in St. Pauls, Easton and Barton Hill. There I began assisting victims who were from the Asian background and who had language difficulties. This allowed me great opportunities to assist on really serious cases, often attending Crown Court to assist victims.
“Through my work in the Police as a Specialist, I save lives and provide
victims of serious crimes a second chance of life. I also influences change in law
and practices. My work is National and International level as well as local. It means to inspire others to follow their heart and passion, to do what they believe in and to go for it regardless of any hurdles or barriers, as I have done so in my life.”

Ahmad us Samad Chowdhury JP – Nominated for the MTM Person of the Year Award 2016.

Ahmed Chowdhury, a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who has raised millions of pounds for charity and for other endeavours and has devoted much of his time to bridging the gap between communities.

“I wear many hats and am very lucky to have witnessed three historical happenings of the Bangladeshi community, I was a student during the pre-liberation struggle that started from Pindi-Dhaka to Dhaka, the post-independence beginning with no infrastructure  in the country, systems were all down, and the third was moving to UK on 6th September 1972 as an O’Level student, then the most exciting thing was our community was young and beginning to settle and have seen the community grow from strength to strength in the last four decades  years”

Since arriving in Britain in 1972 from Bangladesh, Ahmed has been working tirelessly to raise the profile of the British-Bangladesh community and improve racial integration for the benefit of increasing prosperity and wellbeing.

As one of the first to introduce authentic Indian cuisine to the West Country, he played a key role in changing British dining habits and helping to popularise the British curry as a unique dish, now more popular in the UK than fish and chips bringing much more to the exchequer than the steel and coal industry, employing over 150,000 people.

Following the success of his award-winning restaurants in Bath and Bristol, he has built a business empire encompassing newspapers, Bangladeshi TV Station-Channel S, property and knitwear.

MTM Special Recognition Award Nominee: Dr. Solomon Fubara MBE….

Dr Fubara is Nominated for MTM Special Recognition 2016 for supporting ethnic minority businesses in his city of Bristol where he has been instrumental in getting them to thrive. Dr Fubara, a father-of-five has over the years helped and supported the black and ethnic minority community open small businesses and assisted in the development and expansion of community and voluntary agencies.

In 2006, he set up the African Caribbean Chamber of Commerce, which under his voluntary leadership, provides support to import and export businesses. Over the last four years, Dr Fubara has been focused on Somali communities, helping them with start-ups through advice, counselling and business.

A professional Small Business expert, helping people to build new enterprises and develop and grow existing businesses. He is Business Coach, Business Counsellor, Management Trainer, and Researcher. He has assisted many local people to set up new businesses and helped existing businesses in there growth and expansion programmes.

Dr Solomon Fubara was awarded a Member of the British Empire (MBE) medal by the Queen of England in recognition of his work with the black and ethnic minority (BME) community in the UK.

Ego Salon & Academy – Nominated For An MTM Enterprise Business Award 2016.

Ego is the South West’s first Afro-Caribbean hairdressing salon with an academy dedicated to the art of Afro Hair.

The business is run by Tifanny Franklyn, a highly qualified hair & beauty expert who ensures a hairdressing service second to none as well as training for individuals, stylists, and small groups.

Beautifully decorated in a State of the Art setting, Ego Salon & Academy takes Afro-Caribbean hairdressing to another level. Nominated as a new business in the Enterprise Business Award category.

Mohammed Arif Khan – Nominated for the MTM Mukhtyar Singh Community Champion Award 2016.

Born in Azad Kashmir, Arif had his early education in Pakistan, at the age of 13, he moved to Walsall, briefly and later to Yorkshire and in 1974, moved to Bristol.

He joined   Rolls Royce as an apprentice aircraft fitter as well as attending Brunel Technical College.

In 1990 he joined his brother Tariq Khan at Brunel Associates on Stapleton road Bristol.

Proven business success and a dedicated community leader, Arif is one of the best known Pakistani public figure in Bristol. He strives to ensure the local community is kept informed and involved in events and activities.

Arif brings the community together, he is very active working with the wider community and agencies such as the police, city councillors and attending house of lords meetings too.
He is the founder and Chair of Council of Bristol Mosques and an active member in multi faith group.

Irvin Campbell Nominated For The MTM UNSUNG HERO AWARDS

Irvin Campbell, an ex-user of SARI and a member of the Board of Trustees since 1998, has devoted himself to altruistic pursuits selflessly living his life in the service of others.

As a Black Caribbean man he went through many challenges and adversities, including racism and discrimination but instead of giving in and accepting societal injustice he now stands up, defending the vulnerable who faces similar difficulties. He has an in depth understanding of racism and its implications.

“We have nominated this individual as his incredible contribution to the community has been largely overlooked, we now seek to give him a fraction of the recognition he deserves.”

Using sports as a major tool in his passion, Irvin has helped young people off the streets through mentoring, giving them a role model, structure and solidarity in their lives. Irvin drew upon his extensive sporting background as a football referee and as a former football coach and manager.

Al Madina Halal – Nominated For The MTM World Foods Mini-Market Award 2016

Al Madina Halal Butchers is the brainchild of Yasir Iqbal, a Bristol based taxi driver who saw the need for an HMC (Halal Monitoring Committee) certified Halal meat & poultry products that the Bristol Muslim community lacked.

The response was good as Bristol lacked an HMC approved meat & poultry outlet and with the formation of the Halal Monitoring Committee in Leicester Yasir grabbed the opportunity of branding his new enterprise HMC approved.

What you need to know about Halal:

Adopting the most stringent guidelines that the Jurists have derived a principal from the Sharia that ‘Everything is permissible and Halal except those items which are clearly proven to be prohibited and Haram’.

Hence, the most important factors are for Halal are:

Non – stunning of the animal before slaughter.

Slaughter must be performed by a Muslim and must not be mechanically slaughtered.

A verbal recitation of Allah’s name thus ruling out the usage of blessed blades and pre-recorded recitation.

Finally ensuring that the minimal amounts of vessels are severed.

In 2013 the shop was refurbished and expanded, paving way for a bigger variety of groceries and world foods with emphasis on Mediterrean and African foods supplementing the range of Asian spices.

In 2014 Al Madina Fruit and Vegetable store opened specialising in all fresh produce and frozen vegetables.

Leisure Cafe Easton- Nominated For An MTM Fast Foods & Take Away Award 2016

A meeting point for Sudanese and North African communities of Algeria and Tunisia, Leisure Cafe is run by Abdullah who stepped in after the last owners failed to maintain this popular spot. Immigrating form Khartoum, Sudan Abdullah has been in the UK for just five years. He is one of the many refugee success stories in the region. Unlike what many including mainstream media propaganda, Abdulla is a perfect example of the potential the immigrant community has.

“ I would like people to look at us as a hard working community that has accepted the challenges of this adopted country and that we are here by circumstances and not choice and are ready to play a part in this country as long there is a fair playing field”

Pakeeza Halal Meat & Fish Corner Nominated For The MTM Fresh Produce Award 2016 

A brief about this award- MTM Fresh Produce Award is a merger of the former MTM Butchers & Fish Mongers Award with the Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Award- this is to make the award more competitive with a larger field of entrants as it is now the trend of many butchers & fish mongers to stock spices and fresh vegetables and vice versa with the Fresh Vegetable & Fruits outlets.

Before we move on with the Award nominee let’s look at the word Pakeeza or Pakizaa or Pakeezah.

Pakeeza simply means pure, the word was made world famous after the release of a 1972 Indian film, Pakeezah, written and directed by Kamal Amrohi, starring the immortal Meena Kumari.

Back to the nominee, Pakeeza Butchers started trading around 2008 as the prime Fish Bazaar in the South West. The shop was the brainchild of Amjad who moved on and sold to its current owners. The current management stepped in 2012 and gave the brand a total uplift. Pakeeza is known specialist of Bangladeshi fish and frozen vegetables and have recently introduced other Bangladeshi food products.

Ansar Mahmood the face behind Pakeeza is a hand on executive, having tried his hands first in the baking industry and later joining Pak Butchers at its inception to give the South West community the long awaited Halal butchers in the region.

Bristol Horn Youth Concern Nominated For The MTM Community Group Award 2016

Bristol Horn Youth Concern aims to work with young people and youth from deprived areas of Bristol providing advice and information on skills for employment based on the philosophy that it is the community itself who can best create sustainable solutions to its problems.

BHYC has made an  impact on the community and brought a difference to lives in these communities  by bringing  Better community cohesion, reduced anti-social behaviours, reduced youth crimes and empowered young people will go closer to employment market as well as high education perspective.

“Our driving force is when we see young participant’s active participation and development in these activities will be enormously recognised within their community as they will gain a positive reception from their local communities.”

DJ Style Nominated For an MTM Arts, Culture & Music Award 2016.

Over the last 22 years DJ Style has been an instrumental part of establishing the Hip-Hop and R’n’B scene in Bristol, rising from the underground into a permanent fixture in many nightclubs. The impact of his mixtapes & radio shows is evidence of his talent and skill, and the reason why DJ Style is highly regarded as one of the best in his field.
He has also put his talent into running his own club nights.

A Fairfield Grammar dropout, many did not expect the young Andrew Hartley to become one of South West’s finest DJs – DJ Style.

Starting his professional life as a co-founder of the award-winning group Real Deal Artists, Style dedicated himself to inspiring and encouraging young people across Bristol to get involved with the positive elements of hip hop, from graffiti art to breakdancing and MCing.

In 1989, DJ Style received the prestigious Best of British Youth award from the late Diana Princess of Wales for outstanding contributions to a community group he set up called Real Deal Artists. One of the award panellists was Jonathan Ross who was also supportive of the project. The group ran workshops throughout the inner city giving young people an insight into Hip -Hop culture through sound & visual media.

Bristol Pakistan Cricket Club – Nominated For An MTM Sporting Excellence Award 2016

The club formed in 1972 and it’s the original Pakistani club

We play in the BRISTOL AND DISTRICT CRICKET LEAGUE with 3 senior teams, two on Saturday and one Sunday and 3 youth teams under 11,under 13 and under 15

Started by Mohammad ASHRAF, his son SAJID is still a key player

Present chairman MAZHAR and committee of ARSHAD,SHAHID,AKBAR,TANVIR AND WASEEM

We won promotion of all the divisions throughout history,

winning the BRISTOL AND DISTRICT knockout cup in 2001

Since I became chairman in 2012 we’ve won promotion in the league twice and won the BATEMAN T20 TROPHY 3 years in a row 2012,2013 AND 2014 making history as first team in 100 year’s to achieve this.

C&W’s African Experience Restaurant – Nominated For an MTM Restaurant Award 2016

Enjoy Authentic African Cuisine

“Come and explore some of the tastes of Africa – authentic African Cuisine in a unique setting with warm and welcoming service…”

African cuisine is a generalised term collectively referring to the cuisines of Africa. The continent of Africa is the second largest landmass on Earth, and is home to hundreds of different cultural and ethnic groups.

This diversity is also reflected in the many local culinary traditions in terms of choice of ingredients, as well as in the style of preparation and cooking techniques.

In a continent that includes coastland, desert and rainforest, you would expect the cuisine to reflect the varied terrain.

Discover why it is said that in Africa, a day without peppers is a sad day. And, like any good meal, you wouldn’t dare leave out our specialty desserts and African brews.

Forget knives and forks, eating with your fingers are the way forward at C&W. Encouraging a truly hands-on approach, the food in this African eatery is designed to be enjoyed.

FeedthehomelessBristol – Nominated For The MTM Community Group Award 2016

Bristol based FeedthehomelessBristol was launched in February 2016.

FeedthehomelessBristol is about bringing the community together of Bristol to end hunger on the streets.

“We are all volunteers who spare a few hours each weekend to feed the homeless of Bristol. Some of us cook and some of us walk the streets of Bristol feeding the homeless. We don’t know if this could be used one day.”

The group have given hope to the homeless of Bristol that someone cares. They are members of the Bristol community who Just a willingness to help.

“We are patient, persevere and hardworking and We don’t stop.”

FeedthehomelessBristol is a group that allows anyone to help in any capacity and brings people together from all faiths and backgrounds. There is no criterion to join.

Jeevan Sweets Nominated For an MTM Fast Foods & Take-Away Award

Jeevan Sweets the only Sweets shop in the region that prepares homemade traditional Punjabi sweets and pure vegetarian dishes. I treated an Indian friend from Zimbabwe to Jeevan’s makhani dhal and he loved it, said it was the best he has tasted since visiting the UK. Dal Makhani is made of Red kidney beans and black gram cooked with plenty of butter and select spices to give you a dal which is rich, creamy and delicious, one of India’s most popular dishes.

“Open Since 2011, Jeevan Sweet’s is a family-run business that delivers the finest Indian Sweets (Mithai) prepared freshly on site as well as mouth-watering, authentic wholesome Indian Cuisine (both takeaway and dine-in). Recently we have expanded our seating area by popular demand.”

Eastville Fancy Goods Wholesale Ltd – Nominated For an MTM Enterprise Business Award 2016.

Eastville Fancy Goods Wholesale Ltd is a cash and carry wholesaler with a wide range of goods available from warehouses. Based in Stapleton Road, Bristol, Eastville Fancy Goods Wholesale is a business that supplies a large clientele of market stalls, retail outlets and fast food outlets that buy drinks.

What people say of Eastville Fancy Goods: “They have been around for a long time. A credit to wholesalers as they do so much trade from a small warehouse. Family run and you will not meet a nicer family. They supply drinks and confectionary to shops as well as smoking sundries. Toys, inflatables, hats, gloves, Christmas goods, hit lines and much more to street sellers, market traders and shops.”

“Great place to go. There minimum spend is £100 so not bad. I spend around £2000 every week…”

Malik’s – Nominated For The MTM World Foods Mini-Market Award 2016

The World Foods Specialist-African, Asian Afro Caribbean & English Foods

Malik’s was established in 1980 on Stapleton Road, the store is located just by the Easton Leisure Centre Bristol

As a premier Afro- Caribbean Food store Malik’s the store is reputed as the largest stockist of Caribbean fresh foods and spices in the region. The store enjoys and customer patronage nationwide and across the borders in Europe. They are well served on the net with an online clientele across Europe.

In a major refurbishment the store has done away with the OFF Licence image, this was a family decision that had been lingering for long but finally 2015 saw the change of Malik’s to a fully family friendly store.

Doina Pitrop – Doina Beauty Bar Nominated For an MTM Hair & Beauty Award 2016.

Doina is a freelance who has set up her Doina Beauty Bar in her house. She has her regular loyal clients and also a number of other clients. Doina Salon offer various services such as haircuts, styling, facial, make-up, body waxing, nail art and other beauty related services.

I wanted to make my salon experience unique and fresh by constantly introducing new styles and ideas educating myself about the best practises. I like to be the best in what I do”

“My key strengths are:  ambitious, communication, honest, confidentiality. I am a professional open minded person”

Gam Gam Barbershop – Barbers – Nominated For an MTM Hair & Beauty Award 2016

It’s hard to cherry pick individual stylists at GAMGAM, because they are all good. From the style innovators the stylists with an eye for knowing what suits you best, book (Khadar the classical cutters for one of those healthy, gorgeous cuts) to a lesson in how to style your hair the modern way or a cut fresh off the catwalk this salon has it all.

Gam Gam was opened in 2009 and to be at the top of your game in what is now a very competitive Barbers Hair Styling trade in Bristol is no easy feat.

“Winning an award is an incentive; it shows people appreciate the many good hours we put in to make people happy through hair styling”

Shiraz Persian Restaurant – Nominated For an MTM Restaurant Award 2016

The city of Shiraz is the located in the southwest of Iran on the Rudkhaneye Khoshk seasonal river and is the capital of Fars Province.

Shiraz is known as the city of poets, wine, gardens and flowers and is most likely more than 4,000 years old. Shiraz became a leading centre of the arts and letters, thanks to the encouragement of its ruler and the presence of many Persian scholars and artists.

Shiraz the dark-skinned grape used primarily to produce stunning red wines originated in the city and is now grown throughout the world. The grape was used in the city of Shiraz to produce the famous Shirazi wine before being sent to Rhône, where it would make Syrah, a local French synonym and Shiraz the proper name of the variety.

“…this is a great place for newbies to Persian food. Though it’s often busy, service doesn’t suffer, and you’re made to feel one of the family…” 

Swindon Stars – CHENDAMELAM – Nominated For an MTM Arts, Culture & Music Award 2016.

Swindon Stars Kerala Drummers is a group of Malayalee’s based in Swindon, Wiltshire committed to promote this Traditional Art from Kerala.

The group started with 6 members and with rigorous and committed training; the group could put up their first stage show within four months in June 2010.

Thereafter in two years’ time the group performed at more than 75 stages all over UK, entertaining not only Malayalee’s, but also the whole UK residents.

Now the group grown to a total of 25 members, all skilled professionals, well experienced in different types of Drums and associated instruments.

Chendamelam (Kerala Drums). Chendamelam (Kerala Drums) is a traditional Malayalee Art form from South Indian State, Kerala, performed to entertain people all over the world.

Saranjit Kaur Nominated For the MTM Empowering Women Award 2016

As a British Sikh woman I am a mother to 2 children and the backbone of my husband in Plymouth, the South West, nationally and globally.

Saranjit has been Deputy Lady Mayoress where she experienced first-hand many of the barriers BAME women still have to go through.

“In the age of equality and social justice there is still inequality which many of us who are given opportunities in places of position and influence must carry on the fight to end these injustices against women not only in the United Kingdom but globally through social media campaigns and creating online awareness.  Women must carry and carry on. I am happiest when I am able to be one or one of thousand people.”

Saranjit’s driving force is to fulfil her role as a Sikh woman always forward thinking straight talking and never afraid to give a hand whenever I am called upon to. She would like to be perceived as honest, Upfront and supportive.

42nd St Grill Nominated For an MTM Restaurant Award 2016

42nd St Grill is owned by a Plymouth Greek family who also have another restaurant in Plymouth called Lanterns.

42nd Street Grill is based on the historic Barbican of Plymouth, surrounded with Victorian, Tudor and Elizabethan buildings.

The Greek family run business are no strangers to the restaurant trade having run several of them in Plymouth over the years, the fairly new venture is a big hit with locals and visitors alike, with them serving  traditional Greek, American and English food.

Abdullahi Mursal Nominated For An MTM Digital & Creative Award 2016

Bristol based Abdullahi Mursal is a two time Winner of an MTM Award in the Photography/Videography Award 2014 and 2015. He is now vying for his three in a row in this new Award.

Abdullahi Mursal is a freelance graphic designer specialising in creating brand identity, websites and interface app design. He has worked with companies of all shapes and sizes.

“I have brought Creativity and affordable pricing to the community. I am passionate to succeed and with the help of my family I have done well”

Abdullahi has Excellent interpersonal skills and creativity, very strong work ethic   Hard-working and talented. He hopes to open his first graphic design and photography studio in Bristol and London.

Shaheen’s School of Artistry Nominated For an MTM Enterprise Business Award 2016

Gee Shaheen Nominated For an MTM Hair & Beauty Award 2016

Shaheen’s School of Artistry is based at EGO Salon and Academy, in Bristol. The school was launched in September though Gee Shaheen the owner has been in the trade for over 5 years as a free-lance Make-Up artist.

“We are the first Ethnic and Asian makeup academy to be launched in Bristol that covers so many courses in one place.

We offer Makeup, Henna and threading training as well has bridal and styling of hair.  Our  courses are not only trained by qualified professionals they will be accredited as well; this in itself is unique selling point as well as being able to order their own pro kit from the amazing makeup brand Illamasqua as a discounted price.

Ruth Pitter – Nominated For an MTM Mukhtyar Singh Community Champion Award 2016

Ruth is a ‘Community passionist’

Ruth’s aim is to inspire and encourage others to be bold and to stretch themselves so they can gain self-worth from their own strengths and creativity; whether it be through volunteering, activism, endurance walking, theatre or other.

Working collectively through the Manifesto for Race Equality to drive Race Equality to address key issues in the BAME community, such as education, mental health, employment and criminal justice. This initiative has created a cross agency strategic approach to race equality in Bristol and is also involving communities so they can speak out about their own experiences and inform how policy is developed.

In 2005 she co-founded Breathing Fire, a Black Women’s Theatre Company in Bristol; it is the only Black Women’s theatre company in the UK. Since established, she has co-managed the company; it has given numerous women a chance to taking part in theatre opportunities that they do not often access through mainstream theatre.

Chaz Singh of Plymouth – Nominated for the MTM Mukhtyar Singh Community Champion Award 2016 & MTM Person of the Year Award 2016.

That man in the turban & ordinary bloke wanting to make people’s lives better.

Chaz Singh is Plymouths first elected Sikh councillor is the former Deputy Lord Mayor 2012-13 and was Labour Parliamentary Candidate for the General Election in 2015.

He has worked with Prisons, schools, local community groups and businesses. Chaz does not stop there, he is here, there and every way going that extra mile to bring community cohesion.

An excellent organiser and role model, Chaz speaks not only for the Sikh community but all communities.

He is one of the strongest voices of the Asian & Ethnic communities in the South West, never shy to speak openly on issues. Charismatic, eloquent and proud to be a Sikh.

 Abdul Salaam Choudhury – Bristol Bangladeshi Cricket Club Nominated For an MTM Sporting Excellence Award 2016.

Abdul is a local businessman and a committed community champion. He is an active member of the Bristol, Bath & West Bangladeshi community and plays a great role in community cohesion. He is passionate about sports- cricket is his chosen sport and has been an inspiration of the Bristol Bangladeshi Cricket Club.

Bristol Bangladeshi Cricket Club was formed in 2004. A group of cricket enthusiast got together to enjoy a little game of cricket and soon found that besides the Saturday afternoon fun, the assembly of cricket had good talent therefore a decision was made to form a club.

The club was founded in 2005 and has been playing Sunday league cricket of the 40 over format ever since. The 2009 and 2010 season has proven to be the most successful with the 1st team claiming consecutive Championship title honours and promotion as a result.

Target letterbox Marketing Limited Nominated For An MTM Business of the Year Award 2016

Based in Taunton Somerset Target letterbox Marketing was launched in September 2013.

“Dor-2-Dor Taunton offers a genuine and reliable Leaflet Distribution Letterbox Marketing solution. From `design to print and landing on the door mat our aim is to get you more customers.”

From one man band to Multinational Companies are the group’s typical customers, fast expanding Dor-2-Dor believe that customer service is their key strength and the Post Office as the main competitor.

This is a customer oriented service, estabilished, who give you value for money, exclusive and fast growing. The group hope to increase their turn over in the next 3 years thus creating more employment opportunities.

In March 2016 we introduced Voucherstamp.

Voucherstamp is a cutting edge business advertising platform, with a unique & focused printed voucher book that is distributed to over 40,000 homes every couple of months.

Dilawer Singh Potiwal Nominated For MTM Unsung Hero Award & an MTM Special Recognition Award 2016

Bristol based Dilawer has slowly creeped in community activities over the last three years. Now referred to as the most effective Sikh community activist in Bristol, in this he has organised much more activities linking Bristol’s Sikh community with the other communities.

Dilawer was born and grew up in India and is married with three children and living in Bristol, he runs a small transport service.

“1believe that if we all played our part and work together we would make our city a better place.”

He has strong sense of shared experience with a wide range of knowledge.

“I am culturally aware and I understand the wider and diverse communities of their back grounds, history and heritage. I can bring the community together.”

Georgina’s Nominated For an MTM Hair & Beauty award 2016

Georgina’s is an established human hair retailer in Bristol. The business comprises a retail shop, a hair salon and a training academy

Georgina’s  are located in the Easton area of Bristol and stock the full range of Afro hair products, wigs, weaves, and make up for darker skins and European Hair Extensions.

“Our salon and training academy is located over two floors of the building. Our speciality here is, you guessed it, hair extensions”

The primary method at Georgina’s is the weaving technique. “Clients come from all over the South West as we are well known locally for our weaves. All hair types are suited for this method of hair extensions.”

Fatima Layla Touati Nominated For MTM Hair & Beauty Award 2016

Bristol based Fatima Layla Touati professional name Glambylayla is a Professional Freelance Makeup Artist with more than 6 years’ experience of working in the Makeup industry specialising in Bridal Makeup parties, Teen Make-up, Fashion and other special occasions. She has held an event in London last year where she taught makeup to beginners for four hours and topped the day with free make-up giveaways.

“I would like to be a successful national/international Makeup artist as I am a fast, reliable service at affordable prices. I have good communication skills, patient and a good listener, just what clients need.

Layla is career driven, hardworking and as a freelance make- up artist her biggest assets is the quality of her work, pleasing a client always is her goal.

Peaches Golding OBE – Nominated For MTM Person of the Year 2016.

An award-winning business and community leader, Peaches Golding has chaired many private sector businesses including Ofcom’s Viewer Panel for ITV West and Ofwat’s Bristol Water Challenge Panel, and is widely regarded for her work representing diverse and disadvantaged communities.  In 2009, she was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for services to minority ethnic people in the South West.

In 2010, Peaches was appointed by the Queen as High Sheriff of Bristol, England’s first black High Sheriff since the post was created over 1,000 years ago. The High

Sheriff is the Queen’s representative in royal, judicial, civic and ceremonial activities within the county,

receiving the same level of courtesy and respect as would the Queen.

In the same year, awarded an honorary degree of Master of Business Administration by the University of the West of England.

In 2015 she was recognised by the Bristol Post and Bath Chronicle for her Outstanding Contribution to Business in its Women in Business Awards. Currently, Peaches is a Member of the Ship’s Advisory Council and Trustee of the SS Great Britain  since 2010.  She is a board member for the executive search and selection firm Moon Consulting where she is a Principal Consultant.

In 2016, Peaches was appointed as Independent Chair of Bristol Water’s Challenge Panel, tasked with ensuring customer’s views are at the heart of business planning early this year.

Peaches lives in Bristol with her husband Bob Golding. Their son Charles lives and works in London.

Mohammed Elshariff – Nominated For The MTM Community Champion Award 2016

For the past sixteen years Mohammed  has passionately being involved in solid, innovative and  inspirational community actions to promote active citizenship,  foster inter- communities and inter-faiths ’ dialogue and support the most disadvantaged people.

The works Mohammed initiated, led or contributed to have made massive differences in the life of thousands of people, many of them are deprived and socially isolated. He has devoted himself to the long term development of the inner city rea of Bristol which is one of Bristol most deprived areas.

Mohammed committed himself and worked for decades to ensure the integration of the most socially isolated, disadvantage communities into the social fabric of Bristol society .Mohammed has also inspired hundred other people to follow suite including his entire family and children in positive civil actions.

He has set up projects and worked with local organizations to empower residents such as In Your Own Language, Bristol Sudanese Association, Refugee Action and Bristol City Council race forum. As a chair of Bristol Refugee Interagency Forum (BRIAF) in 2003 Mohammed -as a volunteer- has led a multi-agency board to oversee the settlement and the integration of newly arrived communities into Bristol society with actions and projects.

Enam-Ul Haque Chowdhury – Nominated For an MTM Person of the Year Award 2016.

Enam-Ul Haque Chowdhury was born and studied in Bangladesh before arriving to the UK in 1986 to study Business Management at Luton University.

After completing his studies he moved to Swindon to gain business experience with his father in law at his restaurant (The Khyber Est.1962).

Realising his ambitions within the catering industry Enam opened his first restaurant in 1991- the Ganges Indian takeaway which became an instant hit with the locals in the area.  Inspired and beaming with confidence he opened the award winning Ganges Indian Restaurant in 1993.

Enam’s varied business interest includes catering, investment and property development in the United Kingdom and Bangladesh. He is founder of MIJ group Chairmen/ CEO of Genentech Developers (UK) Ltd.

An Executive Director of UK-Bangladesh Business Council (UKBBC), Life member of London Bangla Press Club, Deputy Chairman of Royal Wootton Bassett & District Conservatives, Honorary Vice President of Conservative Friends of Bangladesh, and Enam has assisted in various charitable and philanthropy related projects in U.K and Bangladesh.

Patrick Hart – Nominated For The MTM Mukhtyar Singh Community Champion Award 2016

Bristol based Patrick (Pat) is  a broadcaster for both TV & radio and runs a community radio station (BCfm radio) who look after over 180 volunteers,. Pat has run the station voluntarily for over 5 years and his mission to is help to bring thecity together through using the power of TV Radio and the media to educate and inform each other.

“I believe that through BCfm Radio and our One Love breakfast show we have helped to  bring the city together and showcased our BME communities . Through our broadcast arm e-com media we are bringing to the TV screen shows about our communities that help the wider population to better understand our heritage and culture.”

Peri Peri Grill Bristol Nominated For An MTM Fast Foods & Take Away Award 2016
Peri Peri Grill was launched in 2014, the year they were Winners of an MTM New Business Award and in 2015 they won an MTM Fast Food & Take- Away Award.

Peri Peri Grill offer a freshly prepared flame grilled menu, to order, just as the health conscious customer likes it, prepared with the highest quality, authentic herbs and spices unique to the Peri Peri Grill franchise as well as a full southern fried chicken menu, Pizza menu made with a freshly prepared Italian sauce and topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese and to top off a range of premium milkshake to tantalise your taste buds.

“We are a community based family business whose passion is to offer a personalised, professional service resulting in three awards over the past two years. We have a pleasant seating area as well as the option to takeaway and provide a free delivery service within a 3 mile radius. We are located on the Kingswood High Street with ample free parking available at the rear car park as well as at the South Road car park opposite.”

Sairaz’s Hair & Beauty Salon Nominated For an MTM Hair & Beauty award 2016

Sairaz’s Event Management   Nominated For an MTM Enterprise Business Award 2016

Naheed Iqbal    Nominated For an MTM Entrepreneur of the year Award 2016

Naheed Iqbal popularly known as Sairaz (her brand name) is the hardest working enterprising woman of the Pakistani community. She has shown excellence in her business etiquette and community work.

Starting from humble beginning in Easton and later moving onto Fishponds road Sairaz Salon is one of the premier salons for Asian bridal packages.

Sairaz beauty salon and boutique is Bristol’s premier eyebrow threading salon along with all the services one would expect from a top end salon.

The Salon later expanded to the Galleries Bristol and until mid this year had an outlet at the Clifton Triangle.

Jonathan Trueman Nominated For an MTM Enterpenuer of the Year Award

Urban Universe Design (UUD) Nominated For an MTM Arts, Culture & Music  Award

Urban Universe Design (UUD) is a graphic design and media/marketing consultant company founded in 2015 by Jonathan E. Trueman. Jonathan developed his idea for the company after seeing his family run their own successful businesses. Driven by his strong business mindset and desire to work for himself, he began training in the design field. Using his creative skills and his love for art and design, he started devising logos, flyer and website designs for a friend, who then became his first client. After a successful first project, Jonathan began to draw ideas together for the formation of UUD.

Hanna Ahmed Nominated For an MTM Special Recognition Award 2016

Hanna is the Secretary of Bristol Somali Forum, an umbrella organisation that represents almost all of Somali-led organisations in Bristol based in Easton.

“I’m very passionate about community work, a good team player and since elected on management team of the BSF I have united our community under BSF umbrella.”

She would like to be perceived as someone who is passionate to make a difference for her community and her goal is to make the Somalian community more united and strong.

“I am glad that I have been nominated, that alone is an honour, when you make a difference, it has to be recognised that is how you inspire people. I believe that I am one of the driving forces of BRISTOL SOMALI FORUM” .

Suad Abdullahi Nominated For an MTM Special Recognition Award

Suad Abdullahi is a community organiser who supports people into employment, training and education. She is also a public speaker and activist on issues relating to education, skills and active socialism/citizenship and an activist on gender related programmes.

Suad has served the Bristol communities since 2004 with a long history of community engagement, development and support.

Her motivation is Equity and equality in accessing services; she is a strong negotiator, positive thinker and a motivator.

“As a Community activist and motivator , In the next 1-3 years I want to be able to become a strong motivational leader who is working across regions, motivating and encouraging BME communities to be part of public life.”

“I am not sure why I want to win awards but it might help me become more determined in my role.”

PeeKaKee – Nominated For The MTM Enterprise Business Award 2016

PeeKaKee is based in Bath, South West England and was launched in April 2015.

They create custom made, personalized, beautiful clothing and accessorises for special occasions (christening, wedding, birthday), using embroidery and excellent quality materials.

“We try to give life to our client’s suggestions and create for them unique and exquisite products.”

PeeKaKee is a stand out specialist business that has no local competitors as their main competitor is based in Romania. They enjoy custom mainly from Christian Romanian and other communities

“Our strength is Confidence, Flexibility, Empathy, Positivity, Patience, Proactive and Respectful to all our customers. We are workaholic and go to great lengths to please our clientele and first time buyers. This has helped our business grow”

Dr Razvan Constantinescu – Nominated For an MTM Special recognition Award 2016.

Bristol based Razvan is the Honorary Condualr for Romania in Bristol. Whether through his  paid work or charity and voluntary activities, Razvan  works tirelessly across various communities to bring my contribution to this and to make our communities stronger and safer.

Razvan work mostly with the Romanian community which he represent in the media and with other communities, by linking them and empowering them.  He  also initiated the first ever direct Bristol-Bucharest regular flight helping the Romanian community and business community with direct travelling arrangements and also founded the first ever permanent Romanian Orthodox Church in Bristol.

“I believe passionately in individuals’ and communities’ potential to address challenges like disadvantage, extremism and social exclusion but for this to happen, they need resources, empowerment and self-belief. Making this happen, is what keeps me motivated and driven.

Monira Ahmed Chowdhury Nominated For an MTM Empowering Women Award 2016.
Passionate about serving and supporting local communities (of interest & geography) and about ensuring the provision of inclusive public & voluntary services; looking forward to working with the diverse communities across Bristol (both geographical and of interest) to ensure that they can access Bristol Mental Health services.

Nominated For MTM Mukhtyar Singh Community Champion Award

Bristol based Suldan Mahdi is a traditional leader of the Somalis in the UK, Europe, America, and Australia. The Suldan’s responsibilities include listening to the needs of the Somalian community.

These needs can often be from the poorest amongst the community, which is why; under his guidance the community were able to build a secondary school in Borama area in Somalia for those unable to afford education. The Suldan is a great motivator of the Somalian community having conducted many charity events to raise money for the constant droughts that hit East Africa. Although, this help is provided to places out of the UK, it helps the Somali community as Somalians across the world are all connected. He has arranged and guided the Borama community participate with the local community in Henley thus twinning the two cities.

“The difference I bring to the community is that I serve the Somali community whether their plea is big or small. We then conduct meetings to see how we can combat the problem, often attempting to get other communities on board.”

Pride Hair/Beauty Salon Nominated For The MTM Hair & Beauty Award 2016

Pride is a well-established unisex hair and beauty salon in Bristol was launched in 1986.

“As professionals in hair and beauty for over 30 years, our friendly team has expertise in all aspects of Afro/Multi-cultural as well as European hairdressing for both ladies and men of all ages. We offer a full range of hair and beauty services in our modern spacious salon for our diverse clientele.”

As well as Bristol, clients travel from many areas around the South West of England to have their hair treated and styled at Pride.

The team at Pride is trained to the highest standards and concentrate on finding out what is important to each individual in order to deliver the best service possible. We offer a free consultation service to each client before treatment is commenced to establish and ensure that the best products are used to achieve the desired style.

Franclin Dias – (Franclin’s Hair & Beauty Salon – Swindon – Nominated For an MTM Hair & Beauty Award 2016

Franclin Hair & Beauty is a mother & daughter team along with others who provide an excellent service, especially in Asian bridal looks. “Your happiness is our satisfaction, we are Professionals in Threading for over 25 years,offering eyebrow threading, pedicure, manicure, nails, facials.” …the Salon was opened in 2011. A customer review …. “Had my eyebrows threaded and nails done well I can say I was really pleased as a new customer.

Nominated For The MTM Art, Culture & Music Award 2016 – Nimeiri Hussein Mejawer

Nimeiri was born in Sudan in 1981. He has a degree in economics and Management- Sciences University of Omdurman – Sudan and is a UNESCO Academy of arts diploma Awards winner of first place in the contest of scientific literature in the Arab world (Tripoli).

Nimeiri is also winner of the peace and development research ministry of Youth Ministry Sudan and Winner of the short story contest of students in universities and colleges.

He is an editor with Al-Khabar newspaper in the cultural division as well as ALWAFAQ newspaper and ALSAFEER Magazine.

A member of the Sudanese story Club a member of the Sudanese journalists ‘ Union member of Sudanese writers Union Member of UNESCO in Sudan

He has been a presenter at BCfm radio program Voice of Sudan for six years and is a member of culture and social committee of the Sudanese Community for five years.

Naveeda Asif -Nominated For The MTM Unsung Hero Award 2016

Bristol based Naveeda has been a chair person for Khaas charity organisation for 3 years and a trustee for 2 years and other various charity events.  She has organised female only religious Milad( Islamic celebration to mark Prophet Muhammad’s birthday) event for 5 years supported by friends and family and is involved in funds drive events to assist in the refugee crisis that has besieged the world.

“I have made positive changes understanding the needs of the community and making it a better place, providing users of Khaas courses to enhance skills, giving knowledge and guidance and opportunities to socialise with others. I have seen people gaining confidence and knowledge by coming to weekly groups.”

Naveeda has been bringing communities to together through special events organised throughout the year. She enjoys   sharing her knowledge and experience with others.

“My son who has autism, is my driving force he gives me the inspiration and ‘buz’ to do more than just doing a 9 to 5 job. I don’t get paid for what I do, but the personal satisfaction gained is priceless. Having a disabled child is difficult but since I have been doing charity work it has given me so much strength and energy and I always want to do more.”

Paramjit Kaur from Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara- Nominated for the MTM Empowering Women Award 2016 & MTM Special Recognition 2016.

Paramjit became the first female President of a Gurdwara in the South West.  In the age of equality Paramjit demonstrates that being a woman should not hold you back.
In the short time she has achieved this milestone she has started the Punjabi language classes in the Gurdwara.  Not content with the one set up in Bristol she set one up in Gloucester too.

She was instrumental in the hosting of the Bapu Surat Singh #Art4Justice exhibition which saw people from all different communities attend.
Paramjit strives to represent women and encourages them to stand forward so that their voices are heard.

Paramjit’s driving force is the spread of the Punjabi language and culture and the attainment and success of the students that she teaches in all aspects of their life.

Taj Brassiere Indian Nominated For an MTM Restaurant Award 2016.
If you’ve been to our restaurants, you’ve seen – and tasted – what keeps our customers coming back for more. Perfect materials and freshly cooked food, delicious Chicken tikka masala, Basmati rices, Tandoori breads and drinks make us hard to resist!

The Taj Brasserie offers a new and exciting “Fine Dining” Indian experience.
A sumptuous and spacious restaurant that offers the ultimate Indian Experience, the hand painted murals and rich décor featuring calming Blues and Greens, will transport you to India.
You will find that the Taj Brasserie offers far more than traditional ’curry house’ dishes. The restaurant offers an exceptional menu; all our dishes are made with exotic spices cooked using traditional cooking techniques and prepared by chefs that originate from India to offer our customers mouth-watering menus.

Nomination for the MTM Batook Pandya Lifetime Achievement Award for Rosa Hui, MBE DL

Nominated for her, Rosa Hui’s incredible contribution to the wider community especially striving to integrate the Chinese Community in the City. She dedicated her working life in helping others in ensuring they get the support they deserved.

As a former patient herself (brain haemorrhage, 17 years ago), Rosa has had extensive contact with the local health services as well as ongoing support for her condition. The pioneering surgery that she received at the time no doubt saved her life, whilst the ongoing care has helped to extend her life expectancy well beyond the initial 10 years that the doctors had projected.

Rosa has worked for and in the Chinese community for 26 years and has reciprocally utilised both, the community’s and her experiences to promote healthier living and to improve access to health services.

Rosa has been involved in a number of national health initiatives, where she represented the views of the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities as well as the wider community in the South Western region.

Bristol Somali Forum (BSF) – Nominated For The MTM Community Group Award 2016

BSF is an umbrella organisation dedicated to promote the unified voice of the large diverse Somali population in Bristol (UK).
BSF has been established to bring to serve as a common platform of the many other Somali organisations in the region.
The objective of BSF is to support, empower and inspire the Bristol Somali community and environs. This we have achieved through advice, counselling, mentoring the youth, training and community participation.
BSF has also assisted the community with workshops, culture events and family matters.

Sayid Ali Ashar Mullin – Nominated For an MTM Special Recognition Award 2016

Bristol based Sayid Ali Ashar Moullin is a community organiser and an organiser for Community. Community is the modern trade union for a changing world which represents workers in companies, charities and community organisations across the UK.

Sayid is married with three children, two daughters and a son.

Sayid started volunteering for the union when he was working at TNT Post’s depot in Bristol. He supported his fellow workers with issues they were facing at work and was particularly keen to make sure that migrant workers knew their rights and were treated fairly.

Sayid’s drive and talent was spotted by the union and he was seconded from his TNT Post job to work for Community as a full-time organiser. After a successful secondment, Sayid was taken on full-time by the union.

Sayid’s talent is in reaching out to the South West’s diverse migrant communities and helping to bring people together to create a better working world for themselves and their families. Although Sayid is from the Somali community in Bristol, he has worked across ethnic groups to bring hundreds of workers into the trade union and get them a better deal and more support at work, at home and when life gets complicated.

We care Bristol Nominated For An MTM Community Award 2016.

The founder is an ex-law lecture Shazia Malik who was taken back by the Syrian crisis last year, so She packed her bags and decided to help people in need. She is the founder of we care foundation it’s a very small NGO but it’s something close to her heart because she likes to oversee the projects so the promises given are met.

“We started off with calibrating with local mosques mainly Easton mosque and with the assistance of Abdul Raoof Malik we took a convoy to Calais last September. We did a collection on a Friday and by Monday we were in Calais giving the needy brand new cookers so they survive”

Since Then She had travelled solo (self-funding) on the Balkan route to fill gaps that major NGO’s couldn’t justify. We have opened our home to Syrian families (interviewed on sky news)

We Care Bristol has raised over £5000 from Bristol and beyond to Send 2 40ft containers of food and carefully selected clothes, clean toys, shoes and 100s wheelchairs.

-sent raised over £4000 to send 1000 brand new shoe boxes filed identical toys, sweets and treats to Syrian children /orphans for Eid 2016.

– partnered with the local council to personally collect and purchase then donate furniture and furnish and decorate home for Syrian families arriving via the UK resettlement programme in Bristol to a good standard home- on going

-Explore and assist the families with job opportunities.

Nominated Mercia Lions club Coventry for prestigious MTM National Excellence Award  for service to Coventry community and internationally in India, Kenya and Pakistan.

Mercia lions club was formed by Sikhs and Hindus in Coventry in 2013. Some of the members emanated from Kenya where they were well involved in community service.
The club was formed to uphold Lions international mission and vision statements as follows:

Mission Statement”

To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs.

Vision Statement

To be the global leader in community and humanitarian service.

Members joined the Lions for two reasons.  Firstly, because they have a social conscience; they want to make a contribution to the welfare of their community; from the person in need down the street, to those afflicted by disasters across the country and the world.  Secondly, they join to share their aspirations and successes in various ways with like-minded companions.

Sherrie Eugene Hart Nominated for the MTM Empowering Women Award 2016.

Sherrie is a Broadcaster, Sign language interpreter and Educator Mentor, inspiring young people to achieve their full potential by passing on knowledge that she has acquired over the last 30 years.

She is a TV programme producer with special emphasis on culture and human interest and has a radio show focusing on Women’s issues called Real Women.

“In a relaxed atmosphere we are able to discuss issues from being a refugee or an asylum seeker, to being bomb attacked in Syria, to healthy eating for expectant mums”.

Sherrie’s objective is to open doors for aspiring film makers who want to follow in her footsteps in the media world, especially young women who she has mentored. Also to continue to develop her media projects involving community stories with national and international interest.

“To be able to see the fruits of my labour though the eyes of someone I have mentored would be icing on the cake.”

Sophia Bovell – Empress of Soul Nominated For an MTM Arts/Culture and Music Award

Sophia provides excellent music in and around Wiltshire. She sings from Sade to Motown so blissfully. Sophia has a great drive and determination for music.

Sophia as she describes herself, “Conspicuously unconventional is how I am and I would not change being this way. I am a Musician, mainly vocals, some violin. Read notated music, 3 range octave (voice) with a love of jazz, blues, Motown, soul, and much much more. “She sounds like Sade…” I hear people whisper”

VAS- Voluntary Action Swindon – Nominated for the MTM Community Group Award 2016

 Voluntary Action Swindon is a charity that helps other charities. We support the local voluntary and community sector through advice, training, and administering forums, events and coalitions.

What We Do: Voluntary Action Swindon can help your charity or community group secure funding. In the last year, we helped more than 85 local organisations to raise more than £350,000.

Setting up a charity involves several considerations, right at the start before you do anything. VAS can offer free advice and support to parties that are setting up a new charity and advice on how your charity should be run.

From Emergency First Aid to Employment Law, VAS offers a range of training courses for the local voluntary sector.

Hanad Mohammed Abdullahi Nominated For An MTM Young Achievers Award 2016.

“I believe that I have brought a different atmosphere in Lawrence Hill more than anything. Playing football with your friends is a fabulous thing, but playing football competitively with you friends, with that added spice of winning a tournament is what brings the community together. Lawrence Hill is together more than ever.”

Hanad’s driving force is Empowering young people and making them believe they can achieve anything they want and need, while making them realise there are opportunities out there that will enhance and develop them both as a person and professionally.

“There’s nothing I love more than bringing people together and seeing them happy. In the past year I explored number of ways of doing that, and football gave me all the answers I needed. Football was a beautiful way of bringing people from all ages, races and genders together socialising.”

Saida Mughol Nominated For an MTM Special Recognition Award – National

Saida is a singer and community Passionist who sings under the pseudonym of Seema Sargam based in Reading.

She has taken her singing to the heart of communities across the UK and holds regular singing classes with Asian dementia and handicapped patients in nursing homes, regular Karaoke evening sessions at Hexham Centre in Reading to encourage budding singers to improve their singing skills and has held dholki classed at the Pakistani Community Centre for Muslim women.

Singing is Saida’s passion performing  at charity functions such as: Tanzanian Association, East African men’s club, East African Railways and Harbours Association, Punjabi Retired Gentlemen’s  Club, British East African Muslim Association, MTM Awards ceremonies, Celebrating Independence Days of India and Pakistan to name a few.

“My singing is a ways of giving back to communities, bringing joy to those that need it and assist various charities across the country achieve their goals.