Community Awards category questionnaire

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The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather essential information to enable the panel to evaluate you or your organisation. This form must be fully completed; failure to do so will result in you or your organisation being withdrawn from the MTM Awards – Season 11. Please ensure you fully complete and submit your questionnaire ONLINE by SUNDAY 24th September 2023. , along with any background information you feel will help us to understand you/ your organisation better e.g. links to brochures, press articles, you tube etc. We do not use this information for any third-party marketing and clear all records after each competition is completed.
1. Mukhtyar Singh Community Champion Award – Honouring Extraordinary Contributions to Communities Embracing the Essence of Community Champions: The Mukhtyar Singh Community Champion Award celebrates those extraordinary individuals who go above and beyond to uplift and unite their communities. They are true inspirations and positive role models for minority ethnic communities. 2. Peaches Golding Community Group Award – Uniting Communities for a Better Tomorrow Step into the world of transformative community initiatives with the Peaches Golding Community Group Award! This prestigious accolade seeks to recognise outstanding organisations that have made a significant impact in fostering social cohesion, understanding between diverse faith and ethnic groups, and bringing communities together. 3. Paul Stephenson Unsung Hero Award – Honouring Extraordinary Community Contributions Embracing the Essence of Unsung Heroes: The Paul Stephenson Unsung Hero Award celebrates the unsung champions of our communities, those who work tirelessly on a voluntary basis and make a significant impact without seeking recognition.