Blessed (Shubh) Deepawali(Diwali)….from all at MTM Awards  … …..Diwali The Festival of Light… The festival is celebrated by lighting diyas and candles to drive away from the darkness of Amavasya.Shubh_Blessed Diwali from MTM_AWARDS_thedjbristol_Big Q_Mast The Magazine... (2)
The word, ‘Deepavali’ means rows of lamps. This explains why Diyas are an integral part of the festival. The traditional Diwali Diyas or lamps have witnessed a makeover in the past few years. Erstwhile they were the sole creation of the potter’s wheel but today they are being handled by creative designers and craftsmen who paint and turn diyas into innovative shapes and patterns.
Wax-filled divas are very much in demand as they are more convenient to use than the conventional oil ones.
As we celebrate this auspicious occasion let us all try to be sustainable, do away with plastic pages, and plant a tree, wherever possible.
Happy Diwali!