Together, we have embarked on a decade-long journey, facing challenges and obstacles along the way. It hasn’t always been easy, resembling a Hard Road To Travel, yet here we stand, celebrating our 10th milestone and looking forward to the adventures that await us in the next decade!

Thank you to our dedicated team of volunteers who have selflessly given their all. Your generosity in volunteering your time at the MTM Glittering Gala Award Evening  is truly appreciated. Your support of the MTM Awards enables us to fulfill our mission and serve  communities in nthe South West, the United Kingdom and those across borders and international waters,  every year.
Our Core Values:
1. Respect & Trust: We believe in the inherent positive intent of individuals, uphold their dignity, and recognize the power of teamwork in achieving our goals.
2. Integrity: We hold ourselves personally and collectively accountable, ensuring transparency and candor in all our actions.
3. Ministry of Service: We approach our work with a spirit of service, recognising the value of giving back to the community.
4. Creativity & Innovation: We embrace creativity and innovation, seeking new ways to make a positive impact in the lives of those we serve.
Once again, thank you for being an essential part of our team and helping us make a difference in the lives of others. Your dedication and commitment are truly inspiring!
Allan Parris Chair of Panel MTM Awards.

Allan Parris Chair of the MTM Awards Panel of Judges.

With over 30 years of experience as a teacher, recognizing, acknowledging, and rewarding excellence has become a daily part of my job. Being involved in the MTM Awards since its inception has been a true honour and privilege. Celebrating the often overlooked successes and achievements of minorities on a national and international level fills me with immense pride and joy.
MTM Awards stands as a leading player, renowned for its commitment to pushing boundaries and honouring diverse businesses and community groups. The world-class Glittering Gala Award Evening provides a platform for showcasing the extraordinary experiences of grass-root communities and nominees, highlighting their excellence and achievements in both business and community work, often showcasing untapped talent and unrecognized accomplishments.
Since its establishment in 2012, MTM Awards has played a unique and vital role as the only ethnic-focused awards ceremony of its kind in the United Kingdom. It brings together a multitude of diverse guests from the South West, across the country, and even spanning international waters.
Engaging with the Asian, Black, and Ethnic Communities through MTM Awards has allowed us to understand the challenges they face, witness their immense potential, and recognize the hidden talents that often go unnoticed.
Being part of an organisation that champions diversity, promotes excellence, and celebrates the achievements of minority communities has been a profoundly fulfilling experience, one that continues to inspire and drive me in my journey with MTM Awards.







Allan Parris Chair of Judging Panel MTM Awards
Judith Clark
Judith – Administrative Manager of the MTM Awards
Meet Judith, a dynamic and highly skilled Administrative Manager. With her exceptional organisational abilities and years of experience, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation and success of the MTM Awards group’s initiatives.
Judith brings the calmness and togetherness to the team. An experienced admin executive having worked with an international ad agency in Nairobi, Kenya,
Key Responsibilities:
Strategic Planning: Judith collaborates with the award group’s leadership team to develop and implement strategic plans to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Her insights and foresight contribute significantly to the group’s growth and impact.
Budgeting and Financial Management: With a keen eye for detail, Judith oversees budget allocation and financial planning for the award group’s activities. She ensures responsible financial management and resource allocation.
 Data Analysis and Reporting: As a data-driven manager, Judith analyzes performance metrics and prepares comprehensive reports for the award group’s leadership. Her insights contribute to informed decision-making and continuous improvement.
With Judith’s strong leadership, dedication, and passion for celebrating excellence, the award group thrives under her guidance, leaving a positive and lasting impression on all those involved. Her commitment to promoting diversity and recognizing achievements continues to inspire both the team and the communities they serve.







Allan Parris Chair of Judging Panel MTM Awards
Raffi Sheikh
Since my first volunteer experience with MTM Awards in 2012, I have witnessed some truly exceptional winners. However, as a team, we are well aware that there are many more individuals out there who deserve recognition for their excellence and achievements.
Every year, MTM Awards supports a charity, and in 2017, we took on our most significant challenge yet. I led a 10-day, 200-kilometre “Ivory Belongs To Elephant Walk” from London to Bristol, a memorable experience that exemplified MTM Awards’ commitment to Giving Back to communities.
Meet Raffi, a dedicated personal trainer based in London. Alongside Joe, he takes on the crucial responsibility of overseeing and coordinating all logistics during the MTM Award evening and pre-award preparations. Their expertise and hard work ensure that the events run smoothly and that the award nominees and guests have an extraordinary experience.
With Raffi and Joe’s contributions, along with the dedication of our entire team, MTM Awards continues to shine a spotlight on excellence, celebrate achievements, and give back to communities in meaningful ways.
Together, we strive to make a positive impact and inspire even more deserving individuals to reach their full potential.





MTM Awards The Team - Raffi Sheikh
Emma Hawkins

Emma is an exceptional individual who has been a pivotal part of the MTM Glittering Gala Award Evening for many years. Her dedication and organization skills have been instrumental in handling over 500 plus  guests, 50 VIPs, and MTM partners at the welcome desk.

With her support since 2014, the event’s flow of guests has always been smooth, even during busy times with long queues. Her commitment and passion in volunteering pre- and post-event have made her a valuable asset, and we are proud to have her on our team. Additionally, as an insurance executive, Emma’s expertise and leadership extend to overseeing the award presentations on the big day.

MTM Awards The Team - Emma Hawkins
Joe Hawkins
Joe and Raffi truly are the dynamic dream team behind the MTM Awards’ success. Their creative talents shine through in the stunning Red Carpet and impressive backdrop that showcase the sponsors and partners. Joe’s multitasking abilities are evident as he not only manages the AV crews for staging, lighting, and sound but also ensures impeccable security arrangements.
Beyond their professional contributions, Joe’s background as a former army personnel, serving his country with pride, adds to their remarkable story. Their friendship began at the local army cadets in South Gloucestershire, and their camaraderie has endured ever since. Joe’s dedication to the MTM Awards since 2014 and his recent marriage to Emma in 2022 exemplify his commitment to both his personal and professional life.
Together, Joe and Raffi play a crucial role in making the MTM Awards an unforgettable event.
Dija Sheikh

Khadija, affectionately known as Dijay, is an indispensable figure in her role as our esteemed catering consultant for the MTM Awards. Each season, she plays a pivotal role by providing her expert guidance and advice on the diverse and delectable cuisines that grace our event. Her collaborative spirit extends to both the hotel staff and the dedicated team responsible for the preparation and presentation of these culinary delights, ensuring that our guests are treated to an authentic and enjoyable dining experience.

Deejay’s culinary prowess and her innate genius cooking  have made her the go-to person for catering not only at the MTM Awards but also for Team MTM as a whole. Her exceptional ability to harmoniously combine a variety of cuisines results in dining experiences that are truly exceptional, connecting people through the universal language of food.

One of her most recent achievements was the creation of a remarkable menu and her guidance in the preparation for the Kiswahili Day Glittering Gala Swahili Dinner, hosted at the prestigious Westminster Central Hall. This event was a testament to her skill and dedication, as it showcased the cultural and culinary richness of Swahili cuisine.

Khadija has been an integral part of the MTM team since 2012, and her expertise extends far beyond the MTM Awards.

Her voluntary commitment to the MTM Awards has consistently elevated the dining experiences for all attendees throughout the years, leaving a lasting and delectable impression on our cherished guests.

She works full-time with United Airlines at London Heathrow, where her passion for excellence continues to shine.


Dijay @MTM Awards
Kiddie Sheikh

Kiddie’s unwavering commitment to the MTM Awards, dating back to its inception, is nothing short of commendable. His calm and calculated demeanor has consistently proven to be a valuable asset, allowing him to effectively handle any issues or concerns that may arise during the event. With a keen eye for detail and a strong sense of responsibility, Kiddie promptly brings such matters to the attention of key figures like Raffi, Joe, or even the founder, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Beyond his event management skills, Kiddie’s passion for sports shines through, a passion rooted in his rugby background and evident in his enthusiasm for events like Glastonbury. This vibrant personality adds a unique and energetic dimension to the MTM Awards. As a dedicated sports teacher in Swindon, Kiddie’s commitment to serving the community extends well beyond the awards ceremony, making him an invaluable asset to the broader MTM community.

Kiddie and volunteers like him are the true backbone of the MTM Awards, playing a pivotal role in creating a profoundly positive impact on the event and offering invaluable volunteering opportunities to hundreds of individuals. Their unwavering dedication and passion have been instrumental in the ongoing success and growth of the awards ceremony over the years, solidifying their status as pillars of the MTM community.

Sue Sheikh
Sue @MTM Awards



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10th years of an amazing 193 awards winners, 91 Special Recognition honours, 5450 welcomes, 8350 nominees, and over 227,500 votes cast since the inaugural awards we’ve seen a remarkable increase in participation, an immense interest from diverse communities vying for this prestigious award since 2012.