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This category has three awards up for grabs.

  • Enterprise Business Award
  •  Business of the Year.
  • Entrepreneur of the Year  Award

Bringing businesses together and recognising those that have strived to excel, improve staff, customer relations and explore new and innovative marketing strategies.

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We are on a mission to change perceptions and give exposure opportunities to small and medium businesses, provide a platform for talent in media, art, and music and showcase the potential of diverse communities. If you could get more exposure for your business with no extra effort or cost would you do it? Of course!

The MTM Awards provide a unique opportunity to recognise award organisations, business and persons in the Asian, Black & Ethnic Minorities that inspire communities and excel in business and community work.

MTM Awards nominations process allows nominees to share their application with others in their social network, providing your brand with something very valuable: social proof.

The nomination process is simple and straightforward, it is important you click onto the right award, provide nominee details including email and provide your genuine email contact as your nomination will be verified and only accepted if the details are correct.

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Enterprise Business Award

Enterprise Business Award

This Award is for businesses mainly small & medium including start-ups providing or offering a comprehensive range of goods or services at one location; these include travel & ticketing, letting agents, insurance brokers, money transfers and internet cafes.

The 2017 MTM  Enterprise Business Award was won by  Weavealicious Hair Extensions, Bristol.

Business of the Year Award

Business of the Year Award

This is one of the premier awards of the year. Successful nominees will need to show excellence and outstanding achievement in all aspects of their operations.

The 2017 MTM Business of the Year Award was won by Target Letterbox Marketing of Taunton.

Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Who is an entrepreneur of the year? This is a business genius that has proven success, strong growth or achievements in business. He has to have innovation, a clear vision and excellent leadership qualities.

The 2017 MTM Entrepreneur of the Year Award was won by Sevek Singh Digpal of Ashley Rodwell Insurance Brokers.

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