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This category encompasses community organisations, community champions, women empowerment and our unsung heroes.

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MTM Awards is a leading player in promoting & honouring diverse business and community groups. We are renowned for pushing boundaries and offering audiences a world-class Glittering Gala Award Evening and nominees an extraordinary experience of a lifetime to showcase their excellence & achievements in business and community work.

Going after and winning, awards makes you more appealing to employers and clients, yes it does, but it can also greatly help you materially, and perhaps most underemphasized, it can permanently lift your confidence.

MTM Awards nominations process allows nominees to share their application with others in their social network, providing your brand with something very valuable: social proof.

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The Professional Award

Empowering Women Award

The awards recognise the achievements and bravery of women who work and campaign to support victims of abuse and also recognizes the achievements and inspiring stories of women who have been empowered to overcome amazing challenges and achieve success within communities at work or at home. Through this award, we have supported and helped women carry out this very important goal of the empowerment of women in business, community and the creation of social justice.

The 2017 MTM Empowering Women Award was won by Monira Ahmed Chowdhury.

Empowering Women Award

Community Group Award

The Community Award celebrates organisations that make a committed and proactive contribution to the enhancement and benefit of the community. How the organisation has worked effectively with other community groups. The impact of their actions in the local community and commitment to continue their work in the local community in the future.

The 2017 MTM Community Group Award was won by Babbasa Youth Empowerment Projects CIC.

 MTM Community Group Award

Mukhtyar Singh Community Champion Award

The Community Champion award celebrates persons who make a difference to the community, strive to promote community cohesion. This is a Champion of the community that shows commitment and proactive contribution across the board to the enhancement and benefit of communities.

The 2017 MTM Mukhtyar Singh Community Champion Award was won by Naseem Talukdar of FeedTheHomelessBristol..

Unsung Hero Award

The award is given to the person who has made a substantive yet unrecognised contribution to the community. A nominee must actively help others at any level on a voluntary basis. The work they do must not be part of their job or take part in their places of work, and they must not be a participant in the group they are helping.

The 2017 MTM Unsung Hero Award was won by Shiv Sama

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