BEING Nominated for an Award is a prime opportunity to show the world what you’ve been up to and just how awesome your work is. An award is a form of honour, a kind of recognition aimed to felicitate one’s excellent contribution in a chosen field. An award is not only a great prestige or a mark of excellence but is also a tremendous boost for someone to strive and excel higher and aim for even bigger accomplishments in life. It is the ultimate token of recognition of purest of talents and highest of achievements. We are unrivalled in that we receive a remarkable number of nominations to the awards each year.

Special Recognitions are awarded to businesses and communities other than the Asian, Black & Ethnic that work closely with these communities. 


Guide to the MTM Awards nomination process 2018.


As always every year nominations are accepted only online but this year we have MTM ambassadors scouting businesses, organisations and persons of excellence who have achieved in their respective field. The ambassadors have been out and about since the launch and you have a visit, they will give you an official nomination questionnaire, which you will be required to fill the nomination questionnaire and hand over a signed copy to the ambassador who then will submit your nomination.

You are free to choose a method of nominations whether you would like to enter online or fill out a hard copy which has to be signed, scanned and sent to the panel email:

Read the category information carefully and be sure to answer the questions fully. This is the basic information upon which to build your submission and the points of comparison with other entries, for the judges.  Being nominated is your opportunity to showcase the effectiveness of your brand, company, organisation or yourself.

The nomination process is simple and straightforward, it is important you read the guide to each award available on the nomination page.

  • Celebrate your past accolades with the judges if there are any, your involvement with the community and any other information that you deem will boost your nominations.
  • ensure you’re making a nomination in the right category
  • send in a detailed brief about the excellence & achievement of your nominee
  • How a real difference has been made by the nominee or in the case of a business it’s success and impact in its area of operation.
  • Include evidence of any legacy for organisations or persons in the community awards.
  • The judging panel will take into account information on the nomination form only, no attachments.
  • Provide your and your nominee’s valid emails for verification.
  • You can nominate in as many categories as you wish.
  • Nominations on August 19th 2018.
  • Nominate at:
  • Any person can nominate any other person for an award but people are not supposed to nominate themselves. There is no charge for nominations.
  • Send in your complete submission – but don’t leave it until the last minute.

Nominations close midnight August 19th and there will be no extensions. It is important you complete all boxes if you are filling in a hard copy, nominations that are not complete will not be entered. Once you have chosen your nominee & completed all boxes simply press SEND.

Our online nomination is straightforward and simple…Make sure you detail your nominations for the judges.

Please Select from the categories below and complete nominations form below & send.

Please email if you require any assistance.

Thank You for your nomination and hope to see you at the Glittering Gala Award Evening on Sunday, December 16th at the Bristol Marriott Hotel. Tickets available on

By entering you agree to our Terms & Conditions.


Please Read Terms & Conditions...

By entering you agree to our Terms & Conditions and agree to the information in your entry being shared with our judges, solely for the purposes of MTM Awards.

  • There may be ‘mystery shopping’ of entrants and you may also be contacted by a member of our team or one of our judges if they believe they need any further information or clarification.
  • The judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into. 
  • If you are shortlisted for an award you are expected to attend the event. Please do not enter if you are not prepared to attend.
  • There are no complimentary tickets available.
  • The MTM Awards, the organiser of MTM Awards and the Glittering Gala Award Evening accepts no responsibility for any consequential loss or damage incurred or claimed by any business, organisation or person entering the awards
  • MTM Awards makes every effort to vet nominees to the awards where possible, we do rely on the honesty, sincerity and truthfulness of all persons making nominations and those nominees nominated. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage suffered or claimed by any party as a result of a dishonest nomination.
  • If information comes to light subsequent to awarding of an award which affects the basis of judgement and awarding of that award, MTM Awards reserves the right to cancel the award and rescinds all rights to the usage of the award winners to including the branding of the award in whatsoever form by the recipient.
  • This cancellation will be gazetted on our website, social media platform and our associate magazine. Mast The Magazine.
  • The decision by MTM Awards will be final and not open to any appeal.

All nominees agree to these Terms and Conditions by entering the awards.

MTM Winners Pride

There is no greater feeling other than winning an award in a room filled with unique diverse communities and collecting your award from one of the celebrity guests.


Winners Benefits..
  • Winners join the South West & beyond elite business, organisations and persons
  • You are recognised as the best.
  • You add value and credibility to your business or organisations.
  • Winning induvial awards express pride in your achievements
  • Award winners motivate colleagues and staff
  • Award winners inspire trust in business. Inspire trust from your clients, in your business
  • Award winners generate business
  • Award winners create news & excitement in the media, including social media.
  • Award winners enjoy a lifetime experience of collecting an award.

There is no greater feeling other than winning an award in a room filled with unique diverse communities and collecting your award from one of the celebrity guests.

Please Go To The Winners page to view past MTM Winners  Gallery.

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